1. jmartindale says

    Public figures find themselves in that position because they want the adulation that comes with their success. To me, that suggests that they should expect and accept that their will also be an interest in their private lives. As a gay person, that also suggests to me that they should be honest and proud of their homosexuality. There is no need to make a big production of the announcement, but keeping their sexual identity a secret is the same to me as keeping in the closet. Public LGBT figures have an obligation to their community, in my mind, to be forthright and open about their homosexuality.

  2. Matt27 says

    @JMartinDale, I disagree. He or any public figure has every right to set the boundaries for their private lives. If someone wants to share his whole life, so be it. But if someone wants to keep it out of public eye, so be it. Boitano hasn’t been in a closet for his family and friends and had no obligation to tell the world about his sexuality.

  3. terry says

    It sounds like he’s going to take his closet to Sochi. He’ll do nothing but hang out and smile without ever hinting while in Russia that he’s gay. He wouldn’t want to upset Putin after all. Would a rainbow pin be too much to ask? Coming out in the US when it’s our brothers and sisters in Russia who need the love.

  4. Sam says

    Terry, do you think Russia is a land free of the internet?

    Also, do you (or Brian Boitano for that matter) think we’re all blind/deaf/dumb? Girl, we knew already. We knew.

  5. Out Gay says

    It is funny how people come out of thw woodwork (and come out as gay) for personal gain. I mean he is a has been. His coming out would have been more meaningful if he came out when he was competing.

  6. j.martindale says

    If we were not still in a nation where there exists a stigma on being gay, I would agree with you. But there exists a serious need for the public image of gay people in the U.S. to change. I think of it as a political obligation to the community. Regardless of how you phrase it, public figures who claim their sexual identity is private are still using the closet…to the detriment of the rest of their fellow LGBTs.

  7. TampaZeke says

    Don’t expect Boitano to suddenly grow a pair of balls when he goes to Sochi. He’ll use his decades of experience in the public closet to great effect in Russia showing Russians that good homos keep their sexuality to themselves and never speak of it or hint of it in public. He will make a better ambassador FOR the Russian law than against it.

  8. parkrunner says

    The dude fought Kubla Khan, an evil robot king and grizzlies in the Alps. If he cared about what you girls thought about him he wouldn’t have worn his TMNT cap.

  9. TampaZeke says

    MATT27, I think you want gay people to have special rights and privileges. No straight celebrity is given the kind of privacy that you think gay celebrities should have. Equality means equality: rights, responsibilities, benefits, costs, good, bad…

  10. oncemorewithfeeling says

    The words “come out” were never more ridiculous than when applied to the universally-understood-to-be-gay (even if that was somehow unbelievably unknown to him) professional figure skater (!) and weird-hat wearer Brian Boitano.

    How can you “come out” as gay when you’re so incredibly gay — from your profession to your appearance — that literally the whole world has already beaten you to it?

    Absolutely nothing has changed or will changed for the always-known-to-be-gay Boitano, except that now we know he’s so self-deluded he actually believed there was someone somewhere who didn’t already know his big “secret”.

  11. peterparker says

    I hate when celebrities say “Well, I’m a really private person, so I never wanted to discuss my sexuality.” It’s not as though anyone is asking about their favorite sexual position, whether they like top or bottom, are they big into fisting or are they vanilla, etc… Saying you are gay, straight, or bisexual still affords you a whole world of privacy regarding your sexual and romantic life. And yeah, it looks as though Miss Boitano is gonna take her closet to Russia.

  12. Bill says

    @TampaZeke : Mr. Boitano is a figure skater, not a movie star, and he doesn’t go around behaving outrageously in public. Are people asking other figure skaters about their personal lives?

  13. steven says

    There were plenty of LOL’s who went to Liberace’s performances in LV who swore he was just a straight boy being very good to his mother. Of course, that was more than 30 years ago. But it’s not hard for people to ignore the bad stuff about their pedestal idols. Look at any ‘christian’.

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