1. David From Canada says

    I greatly admire both Brendon and Chris for their positive stance on gay marriage. Both of them are pioneers for equality in Sports. And I highly suspect that both of them were cut from their teams because of their support for gay marriage.
    I thought Chris Kluwe was hired by another football team. Was he? Whatever, God bless both of them for their support and kindness.
    They are pioneers in the Sports field who will always be remembered.

  2. Woodroad34 says

    Actually, I thinkChris did pull a ‘Tebow'; but as usual, Chris has always been more erudite and Christian in his behavior than wear-it-on-your sleeve Tebow. ‘Chris’ is a more appropos name, anyways.

  3. Belthazar says

    What BA fails to mention is MONEY, which should be the NFL’s middle name. First, Kluwe stats had begun to decline. Second and more importantly, if you can get someone as good, or even better, for a lot less money, keeping the organization that much more under the salary cap, a team is going to do it. Further, he was also release from the Raiders.

  4. CJ says

    @Belthazar – Kluwe had been asked by the Vikings to go for more hangtime, less distance, to help the cover team (and they needed help). So to say his stats declined isn’t really fair. Of course, money IS a big part of this – and the Raiders had a rookie punter too. Similar stats w/Kluwe in camp, but lower overhead.

  5. Belthazar says

    @CJ – But that does not change the general consensus that Locke is just been a better punter and has been much better at pinpointing the ball deep in the other teams territory. Further, Locke is better, younger, and cheaper – all plausible reasons for releasing Kluwe. Hence the Raiders release that you mentioned.

  6. Lamart says

    I have a good friend close to the Vikings who has interacted a lot with this coach and while he can’t confirm nor deny Chris’s allegations he did tell me, when there’s no cameras around, the coach is a disrespectful pompous tool to everyone around him and Kluwe has always been extremely genuine during his career.

  7. Klien says

    There’s far worse players than Kluwe who are part of the team or have been part of the team longer than him. The timming completely makes me believe Kluwe’s side.

  8. Two Dads says

    NFL has been catering to their right wing demographic for ages. The man who sang the Monday Night song made some horribly hateful remarks against Obama. NFL acting like it’s SHOCKING that there’s homophobia in their presence and systematic homophobia involved in hiring and firing practices just shows they aren’t willing to be real in investigating this issue.

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