1. james st. james says

    I get the same vibe from Christie that Nixon gave off. The feeling that he was too good for the job, inadequately paid and a sense of imperial power. It doesn’t take long for that to cause trouble. Good thing it happened before he got to Washington.

  2. anon says

    The investigation of the Sandy relief funds started last summer, but it wasn’t going anywhere. The problem is that Congress appropriated funds that include both direct and indirect relief (and this is why this type of funding should not be done as emergency legislation). Whether you take money from one fund or another is largely a question of judgment not law. The real scandal is that funds for homeowners have been held up and in some cases have gone to more politically powerful communities at the expense of smaller towns. In NY, the funds are distributed by a state relief agency and follow a well defined process, but in NJ it’s completely political and haphazard.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    I love the fact that every consecutive picture I see of Karl Rove shows him quickly sliding into to Jabba the Hut territory.

    After the 2012 elections debacle, where he was clearly not the political wizard he claimed to be, why in the sky dietys’ name is this man still remotely relevant?

    As to Christy, Rachael Maddow’s theory seems by far the most solid, yet NOBODY is following this line… is it because it was provided by a… WOMAN? Who happens to be… a lover of other women? I am totally mystified.

    In any event, Christy should go down like the piece of useless ballast he physically represents. OR, should be nominated so Hillary can take him down… in the name of Rachael Maddow (among others).

    Signed, a gay man who actually likes women (as long as they don’t touch me or get in my bed).

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