1. Paul R says

    Odd and cute. I’m sure that most people will swoon over the Built One, but I like the Matthew Perry One.

  2. Ricardo says

    I’m personally so excited for Ellen hosting the Oscar’s. I feel she’ll be fantastic, and do an incredible job.

  3. dommyluc says

    To quote Inigo Montoya of “The Princess Bride”, concerning the use of the name “Cream Pies”:
    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  4. Mitch says

    Well done! I hope the next time I seem them is on the Ellen show – unless, of course, any one – or all – of them would like to stop by my house in the meantime! Well done!!!

  5. andrew says

    That was fun to watch. They will get on her show. Ellen may be a lesbian but she is always showing off shirtless muscular guys to her audience. Bill’s shirtless scenes alone will get them a spot on Ellen.

  6. scudpipe says

    Straight guys love lesbians (according to every sitcom I’ve ever seen) and they know what their name means. I recently found out what it means myself and if you think about it, it may have started as a straight term first.

  7. James says

    More of the New Minstrelsy. White guys imitating Black guys. And in this case, gay guys imitating straight ones. And none of it very convincing.

  8. Randy says

    James, I see nobody imitating anybody in this video. They’re a unique musical comedy group, and they’re pretty good.

  9. Ben says

    Compare these normal, vibrant males to the freak show called “Prancing Elites” that was highlighted here a few weeks ago. It is like observing 2 entirely different species.

    Without denying my gay sexual orientation at all, I am happy to say that I respect and identify 1000x more with these guys than with the sleazy prancing circus act.

  10. 604Brian says

    Ya.. the name of the quartet. Anyone not knowing what that term refers to.. use the google and find out.

    That Bill boy in the vid is TOO gorgeous.

  11. Markt says

    James – It’s meant to be humorous. It’s a parody. If they were convincing in the way that you seem to want it wouldn’t be funny at all. You probably don’t understand this post but just know there’s a world out there where people can come together and enjoy their differences,

  12. John says

    Seriously, Ben? So, according to you, the Cream Pies (a group of whites) and Prancing Elites (a group of blacks) are “2 entirely different species”? Wow.

  13. leprechaunvict says

    The twinkish one in the blue shirt is cute, but as for the general song/video, meh. Sorry boys, calling yourselves “Cream Pie” ain’t gonna get you noticed even if you’re trying to be scandalous.

  14. Markt says

    Is this Towleroad or Stereotype city – No – I mean self-hating stereotype city. The “gym rat” is an athlete – an assistant coach for a college basketball team and a great soccer player. But he is also charming on video and moves well. What a bunch of self-hating turds that can not celebrate others’ successes; making assumptions to make themselves superior – only in their own minds. Why does this blog even bother I wonder.


    Always stealing from the Blacks, but always hating on them all the same. Damn, SMH!!!!!

  16. Ben says

    MarkT – Are you a troll or a parody? I contrasted the way this group and the “Prancing Elites” conducted themselves.

    If a group of vibrant, normal Black men did this nice video for Ellen and a group of sleazy, bizarre white men did a hypersexualized dance routine in female clothing for a Christmas parade, you can be sure that I would say that the two groups were like 2 different species.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    This was cute and all four gays…I mean, guys were cute.

    there are some mean-spirited b.tches on this blog. Go somewhere and die, will ya’. Tell me where ya’ at, I’ll come and help kill ya’.

  18. D.R.H. says

    This just in – ANGRY, bitter trolls outraged by attractive, motivated men refusing to join their pity parade.

  19. Brittany says

    The short one can’t sing and his facial expressions look weird. He shouldn’t hold them back too much with that big boy leading the quartet.

  20. Scott K says

    Really cute song and even cuter singers! HOWEVER: Have you ever noticed than no men are EVER picked to play in any contests or games or giveaways (except if you score 12-days)on her show. Personally I think she is sexist.