1. YSOSERIOUS says

    Nice to see someone realize their parents did the best they could and learn to forgive them. I also respect the difficulty of not following your parent’s methods when dealing with your child.

    It is very hard going from physical and emotional abuse to appropriate parenting. It is doable, I know, but it isn’t easy.

  2. jazzy says

    He should be happy his father was even around at all. 85% of all African Americans kids are born out of wedlock. It’s the epitome of single mother culture.

  3. says

    wonderfully done, Mr. Daniels. when we share our stories we make people feel less alone.

    I wonder if he’ll ever work on a film adaptation of any of E. Lynn Harris’ novels – also dealing with the gay black male perspective. They’re rather wonderful.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “85% of all African Americans kids are born out of wedlock. It’s the epitome of single mother culture”

    Yes, and 5% of Gay men are born mentally defective. You are proof.

    Of course, I adore Lee Daniels and his achievements. But I know the neighborhood he grew up in West Philadelphia. I don’t think it was really “ghetto” ghetto. His father was a Philadelphia police officer.

    Like I said, I love Lee Daniels.

  5. says

    @pedro Because some how Arsenio managed to get to a point of having absolutely no body fat and heat from those stage lights no longer affects him.

  6. says

    Don’t know how you find the energy to deal with our in house
    ‘inclusive-challenged’ troll but I’m glad you do.

    Lee Daniels just hit the tip of the iceberg here. More. Please.

  7. antisaint says

    I saw this entire segment when it aired. Despite my overall misgivings about this new launch of the Arsenio Hall show, I continue to watch, and I’ve been noticing he’s been asking the kinds of questions that will hopefully get discussions started among his viewers at home.

    He discussed Dan Bucatinsky’s book “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?” when he had him on, and talked about Andre Braugher’s character on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ He had Magic Johson on (again) and they discussed both his health and his son’s coming out. Very cool.