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Do Straight Guys Have Gaydar? — VIDEO


Vlogger Mark E. Miller and his heterosexual bestie Donny discuss why some straight guys are oblivious to the presence of gays (even when one is your best friend for nine years).


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  1. Is this guy still talking about himself?

    Posted by: ohyouknow | Jan 20, 2014 12:38:51 PM

  2. No, he doesn't because on my gaydar he pings to high heaven!

    Posted by: litper | Jan 20, 2014 12:39:11 PM

  3. Straight guys have Lay-dar, steady all the time lookin' for a chick to bang.

    Posted by: Lay-Dar | Jan 20, 2014 12:43:14 PM

  4. I think that Andy sometimes posts this drek because he has a chubby for one of the guys in the video.

    Posted by: whatever | Jan 20, 2014 12:48:10 PM

  5. Donny actually reminds me of my straight best friend from childhood. Donny also seems to have picked up a couple of Mark's verbal mannerisms/inflections. (Not that there's anything wrong with it.) Seems like a nice guy.

    Posted by: Westerly Winds | Jan 20, 2014 12:50:39 PM

  6. "....I don't like chicks....". Really? Gimme a break. More "gay buds" nonsense.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jan 20, 2014 12:59:17 PM

  7. That's a lot of nervous laughter. He seems very shy in front of a camera.

    Posted by: anon | Jan 20, 2014 1:08:03 PM

  8. Much better than the video last week... I actually saw a human being past that beautiful, young exterior.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Jan 20, 2014 1:08:31 PM

  9. Honestly, this is neither informative or interesting. Who's editing this site. There is enough cute content online to make me think someone isn't doing their job over at Towleroad.

    Such a waste of time. BTW. They are both gay. One just happened to come out first.

    Posted by: John | Jan 20, 2014 1:10:09 PM

  10. Can someone explains me what exactly is the straight guy is wearing? Ugh

    Posted by: Betocreativo | Jan 20, 2014 1:13:58 PM

  11. Why do these guy's videos keep appearing on this site? How is this news?

    Posted by: Dana | Jan 20, 2014 1:16:52 PM

  12. Is Mark E. Miller a gay icon?

    Posted by: Bobby Hankinson | Jan 20, 2014 1:20:14 PM

  13. That was painful to watch.

    Posted by: scotto | Jan 20, 2014 1:21:00 PM

  14. Having just watched "Looking" on HBO, the guy on the right reminds me of Jonathan Groff. (Translated: cute and adorable.)

    Posted by: Gr8guyca | Jan 20, 2014 1:23:02 PM

  15. I think Mark likes to pass for straight. Wasn't he the same guy who was asking random people on campus if they could tell if he was gay or not?

    Posted by: Michael W. | Jan 20, 2014 1:24:57 PM

  16. Instructive to read some of these comments.

    What I take away from them is how deeply threatened so many of you are by the idea of a masculine gay guy and a masculine straight guy being best friends....and of the gay guy saying he "doesn't like chicks" and the straight guy being fine with it.

    This is the wave of the future and a glimpse into the new male culture that will render the entire "gay" culture of effeminacy obsolete....and that cannot happen soon enough.

    Posted by: Rick | Jan 20, 2014 1:29:37 PM

  17. Why is this on here? This guy wants to be Davey Wavey and totally isn't. Post something actually funny or interesting

    Posted by: Jmac | Jan 20, 2014 1:37:26 PM

  18. My parents have gaydar and they're both straight. It's something you hone when you actually interact with diverse groups of gay people regularly.

    Some people can only spot the gay men that ignorant straight people classify as "Stereotypically Gay" (note: i prefer the term 'Classically Gay', myself, thankyouverymuch)

    Savvy folks can pick up on the finer notes. The Blue Streak of Recognition.

    Oh, look! Rick The Closeted is here again today to make strawman arguments for his own cowardly lack of a spine! Nobody, anywhere, is "threatened by gay male masculinity" - wimps like Rick, however, are threatened by perceived/deemed "gay male effeminacy" - which means he's the most worthless wimp of all.

    hey Rick! I've been openly gay since i was a teenager. how come you're not Out yet?

    Wanna see some pics of me and my straight buddies? here's one of my with one of my best straight buds, marching in pride together. he's awesome!

    so, is "TODAY" the day you're gonna do the same, and show us all your oh-so-masculine self? no. of course not. you're not masculine, you're just a cowardly wimp who feel emasculated by the people your dad taught you to call "fems" are Out and Unafraid....and your own balls never dropped. Hehehe.


    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jan 20, 2014 1:38:25 PM

  19. MarkE Miller has about 140,000 subscribers and his videos are viewed, on average, more than 100,000 times. According to Google his YouTube Channel generates (payment from Google for GoogleAds) approximately $109,000 a year or $8.3K per month.

    He's a college student. Not bad for a twenty-something Google entrepreneur.

    I would say yes, he is a gay icon.

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Jan 20, 2014 1:39:11 PM

  20. I love reading bitchy comments from old queens on here. It reminds me of exactly what I won't be when I reach your decrepit old age. I'm in my 20's and loving life! Won't let my happiness get sucked away like all you suffering tools. Let these kids keep blogging and enjoying what they do.

    Posted by: Reality | Jan 20, 2014 1:42:32 PM

  21. to Reality's point - if you think your perspective is better, and your friends are Better Examples Of Gays And Their Straight Friends, then do what this dude did - click "record", then click "post", and then share the URL with us.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jan 20, 2014 1:52:16 PM

  22. Who are these girls who would actually go out with a guy who calls them "chicks"?!

    Posted by: Profe Sancho Panza | Jan 20, 2014 1:53:24 PM

  23. @Mike Ryan,
    Really? And he lives in that dump with the Budweiser logo on the wall?
    Hey, you know what? McDonald's sells millions (billions?) of hamburgers a week, doesn't mean I'd want to eat one.

    Posted by: whatever | Jan 20, 2014 2:05:08 PM

  24. @reality- really? A "bitchy comment" from a guy who makes it known he's in his 20s complaining that "old" people make "bitchy comments"? Dude, We're about the same age and bitchy people make bitchy comments regardless of age...Only a tool flaunts his age to make himself feel better...try posting something substantive next time instead

    Posted by: Dana | Jan 20, 2014 2:07:55 PM

  25. The straight guy & the gay boy are both adorable. Hopefully, all young men will eventually evolve to a level where they can be besties with each other & sexual orientation is no big deal.

    Posted by: JonnyNYNY2FLFL | Jan 20, 2014 2:16:30 PM

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