1. Matt27 says

    Homophobic reactions for this? I think it was a cute and many guys share there kisses drunk. Nice to see the actress, who also played in A Beautiful Thing.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I caught that too, Matt27. Nice to see her again. With this context and her smoking and reactions, it’s like an update of the same Beautiful Thing character.

  3. DMP107 says

    Ankerich: Let’s not rush to judgement. Losers can also be thin, or extremely fit. But they are losers all the same.

  4. Candii says

    That was sweet. However, I highly recommend you google his ‘daddy’ Danny Dyer naked. You won’t be disappointed. :)

  5. dam846201 says

    Having loved Gary Lucy since his Footballers’ Wives days, I’m excited to see him again, still as hot as ever!

  6. jamal49 says

    Curious as whether the lady smoking the cigarette also played the mother of the gay son in “Beautiful Thing”.

  7. bollox says

    There were homophobic tweets but only two complaints to the BBC out of 7.5 million viewers.

  8. Clive says

    The Gary Lucy “Danny Pennant” character is bisexual and has generally been painted as something of a user who’s always out for himself.

  9. John says

    EastEnders is barely worth watching without Linda Henry. She’s the main reason i watch the show these days.And yes Gary Lucy seems to get hotter as he gets older.

  10. MaryM says

    Beautiful Thing has given a lot of cast members to Eastenders. The mum Sandra plays Shirley (Linda Henry) – the alco slag and the best character in the show. Along with Tameka Epson who was Jamies’s friend. Not to mention Sandra’s best friend in the movie and the disapproving neighbor who plays the evil Aunt Sal. Eastenders rocks.

  11. L G. says

    to really worth much of a comment actually
    The Twitters ought to get themselves out of their computer chairs and take a walk outside …. see the world! Of course, the trouble is the Twitters are glued to a computer chair. Anything to make themselves far more important than they are!
    Scene is cute!

  12. Gary Gans says

    Happy New Year, Andy, and to Everyone.

    I have found it ironic how many cyber trolls are popping up on every mention of LGBTQ issues. They are relatively few in number, but it is a toxic group that tries to stir the pot, usually with no followers, no picture, and often numerous accounts so when they are removed they just sign on as another person.

    We are seeing the end of homophobia here in the UK, but there are still some, replete with crap spelling and grammar. Ironically “Faggot” and “Batty” are not your usual hate speech, bringing a nagging wonder if these are coming from a few bullies using their similar statements. (They drive me mad with their usage of “your” instead of “you’re” in their vitriol.)

    Never feed the trolls, unless you enjoy responding to endless harassment. Ignore, Report, and Block them. You have better things to do in life.

  13. pcheez says

    The coming out scene was really sweetly done.

    And I like it that leading up to his coming out, they dealt with being closeted as a issue, like how the lying affects other people.

  14. Retro says

    @PCCHEEZ – I thought the scene was really well done too. And for being new characters, I’m already interested in The Carter Family. I wasn’t that sure about Danny Dyer (as Mick, the father) but he’s already won me over. Looking forward to how this plays out, and I’m really glad they didn’t prolong the son’s coming out to his dad for a long time. Look’s like mum is going to be the problem.