Ewin Holyfield: ‘My Dad…Treats Everyone Like A Human Being…Even If They Are Homosexual’

Evander and Ewin Holyfield

So said boxer Evander Holyfield's son Ewin to TMZ. Unfortunately there's no audio of the statement as stresses and intonation could change whether Ewin's statement came across as naively optimistic about his father (gay or straight, he treats everyone the same) or even more denigrating (even the homosexuals get treated like human beings, even though they aren't).

The younger Holyfield was responding to remarks his father made on the UK version of Big Brother over the weekend.

Regardless, he seems to be as ill-informed as his father as he also said:

My dad feels that being gay is a choice … and naturally that's how things work.  You cannot procreate and make a baby with two women, or two men.  But at the same time, my dad is not going to judge someone for their sexual orientation.

Obviously, arguing that because gay sex doesn't lead to procreation it must be a choice is an argument so fallacious that it's a wonder he didn't try to support his statement with magnets and the commutative property. Also, Evander saying that gays are "handicapped" and being gay "ain't normal" is explicitly judging someone for their sexual orientation. It's all ok though; Ewin has a gay uncle, and Evander evidently treated him like a brother, so he can't be a bigot. Just like Sarah Palin can't be anti-gay because she has a lesbian best friend.


  1. V-8 says

    you guys need to get a hold of the audio to see if the kid has a gay accent… because, boy, he certainly has a gay face…. this is not a put down in any way, but we all know how some people protest too much…

  2. Hrm says

    I suppose if we said that since large portions of the african american community suffer from education issues, they must choose to be dumb, we’d have a much different reaction.

  3. Scott Mcg says

    Too many punches to the head, he is delusional and wrong. Poof be gone with your ugly self as you no longer exist. Homophobic maggot and your bastard son too.

  4. reggie777 says

    Can you imagine how awful it would sound if someone said “I treat everyone like a human being, even if he were black.”?

    Wow. As the old saying goes… “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” This applies to father AND son in this case.

  5. Eric says

    As someone that has had some training on how to handle the media, I believe you can tell a lot from how people with money handle the media. Anyone can make a slip and dig themselves into a whole. When they continue to just dig themselves deeper and deeper, it means that they haven’t even tried to learn how to handle the media, or how to handle a media crisis, or hired anyone to help them. If they haven’t asked for help, even as they realize that they’re going down in flames, it usually means that they are extremely egotistical and believe that they don’t need any help. If they *do* have help, they’re either completely ignoring their advice, again, because of ego, or have no impulse control, and just let their mouths dig them in deeper and deeper.

  6. c.c. says

    Evander has been on “The 700 Club” several times & probably gives money to the Pat Robertson types.He also hangs out with former Mr. Olympia Lee Haney who also has TBN & other religious right connections.When you take all of this into consideration does any of this really surprise anyone?

  7. peterparker says

    Ewin Holyfield’s twitter account name is @EHoly_Atl.

    If you tweet at him, be nice. He seems to enjoy retweeting hateful comments aimed at him.

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