1. Quicksilver says

    @Johnny A colorful piece of cloth that is clearly signalling to the minors of Russia that we are targeting them for gay sex. Because this is all about the children.

  2. spg says

    OK, horrible and tragic abuse aside for a wee-sec, Is that the uniform of their cops? White with black dots? Looks like something cruella devile put together? Eh? Eh?

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    Amnesty International got its start after two men in Portugal were arrested, jailed and tortured in 1961 (during the Salazar dictatorship) merely for toasting “to freedom.”

  4. Gregory In Seattle says

    @B – “Tolerating”? The guy in the blue uniform, who grabbed the kid and held him until the police could take him into custody, is wearing an IOC uniform and presumably works for the Olympics.

    The word you want is “actively complicit.”

  5. Craig says

    Maybe he shouldn’t of run into the street while the torch was passing by. The guys dressed like dalmatians are torch security who removed him from the course. While what’s happening to gays in Russia is deplorable you have to also understand that there are severe security threats in the form of suicide bombers that are also putting the Russians on edge. They really aren’t going to take kindly to any demonstrations right now.

    That being said I’m sure all those children standing nearby (I didn’t see any) now have the gayz.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    That is one brave kid. Wish I were there to join him and simply wave my own rainbow flag. And I love how many there were taking photos and videos of the commotion so that this “gay propaganda” spreads more.

  7. Tom says

    Of course I’, boycotting the 2014 Hate Olympics. But, I’m so outraged and disgusted by the behavior of the IOC I may just give up on the Olympics entirely. The whole thing is too homophobic and comercial.

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