1. eorge Deeming says

    Maybe because you’re all bigots. We’re not asking you to partake in any LGBT ceremony — all we’re asking you to do is provide a service that you advertise is ‘open to the public’ and for which you charge a fee. We are willing to pay the fee. We are a member of the group known as “the public”. By not providing the service and trying to excuse yourselves with some lame assed reason…well…you’re bigots and should not have a license to practice in the public venue. If you just want to be open to a ‘select group’ then you are free in this country to do so as a private concern but NOT to hold any license or maintain any establishment that is ostensibly open to the public.

  2. todd says

    They will never understand that the reason they SHOULD be discriminated against is they out and out hurt people. They want people to get hurt. That’s why we are enacting ways to protect ourselves from these cretins….I mean so called Christians.

  3. Randy says

    Religious exemptions to the law (any law, whether marriage or property tax) should be resisted strongly and consistently.

    If the law is to mean anything, particularly in our case, it must apply to everyone equally.

  4. Lexis says

    The irony being that the “sin of sodom” was actually inhospitality and not being kind to strangers, so these so-called Christians are now actually promoting sodomy.

  5. rroberts says

    You hateful gay people are making us Xtians look like mean-spirited people and that’s just not fair, not fair at all. Didn’t we just say that gay people are made in the image of god and deserve respect? Just what do you want?? Seems like everywhere we turn now, we are being bullied by gays who demand equal treatment, and some of those gays call us names and some have even turned other Xtians against us, like that United Methodist guy that performed a marriage for his gay son – good thing he was defrocked. You all should read more Bible stuff and learn about kindness and compassion. After all, we have a right to our religious viewpoint. If we want to make a wedding cake for dogs, that’s our business ’cause God surely wants married dogs in Heaven. He just doesn’t want you.

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