1. Gigi says

    The worst part of this is that there are still many who support this idiot. It doesn’t matter how many times he messes up and embarrasses our fine city, the Fordites BLAME THE PRESS for reporting on his antics. They fall for his “everyone makes mistakes…I’m not perfect” line over and over again. The people who voted for George W. Bush — twice!! — have moved to Canada it seems. They like Ford because he seems “down to earth,” and is “someone you could have a beer with.” WTF?!?! That’s the kind of guy you want to be friends with in college, not one who is running your city!

  2. Jim in TO says

    Worse than this video was that he was there with Sandro Lisi, his former driver and alleged drug dealer. Lisi is a convicted felon and is currently out on bail on charges of drug dealing and extortion (both in relation to the mayor). You would think the “chief magistrate” of the city would avoid being out in public (or in any contact) with a convicted felon.

  3. Brian1 says

    Can you guys really hear a Jamaican accent? I just hear pure gibberish, like a really drunk baby trying to talk.

  4. kdknyc says

    What is it with these people who vote for someone because they seem like “someone you could have a beer with”?

    Really, these people most likely wouldn’t have a her with the common folk. And besides, I want my elected officials to be smart enough that they would rather use their mental firepower on solving problems, instead of getting drunk and embarrassing themselves and the public.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Isn’t it funny how Canadians have suddenly gone silent in bashing Americans for our crazies?

    From now on our response to any Canadian complaint about Americans will be, “ROB FORD”, and just like that, conversation over.

  6. TampaZeke says

    @GIGI, oh HELLLLLLL NO! You’re not gonna blame YOUR Rob Ford on Americans! You blame everything on Americans but you’re gonna OWN Rob Ford! He’s all yours. CANADIANS voted for him and it’s CANADIANS who continue to support him. I guess Canadians aren’t that different from Americans after all, aye?

  7. says

    He was voted in by the outer-Toronto equivalent of your Teabaggers – pure schadenfreude: his supporters merely love that “the big city liberal elites are upset”. nothing more. like sarah palin fans who love her idiocy and prejudice, not her actual policies, that’s the rob ford supporter.

    and to anyone who knows anything about human nature all you need do is look at poor MRS. FORD to see a textbook case of Battered Wife Syndrome. Yeah, I said it. It’s horrifying.

  8. D.R.H. says

    Hey Zeke, settle down, buddy. No one was blaming America for Rob Ford. Those two words, “it seems”, kinda cleared that up. Perhaps it’s your American education…

  9. Don says

    Did you Toronotonians not think of adding an impeachment clause to your city charter? They can be helpful at times like these.

  10. Knock says

    Don – Such power would have to come from the province. In Canada cities don’t really exist as a political entity; they are “creatures of the province”.