1. Jim in TO says

    KTLA provided great coverage of the float and ceremony. NBC covered it for a few seconds, with Al Roker giving a “shout out” to the new couple. ABC cut to a commercial just as the float was coming in to view (so they did not have to show it?).

  2. Tim says

    Not only did ABC not feature the float but when coming back from commercial break the camera shot prominently featured a cross on a different float in the foreground with the wedding float in the background.
    Would like to think ABC was trying to make an inclusive positive statement but it sure didnt seem like that.

  3. Enchantra says

    I wish this couple the best but surely they can understand why I was hoping that the parade couple would be young and robust rather than middle aged.

  4. Francis says

    ABC and NBC both essentially ignored the couple and the gravity of the situation occurring. I expected that, but it’s still disappointing. Very disappointing.

  5. EchtKultig says

    I dunno…call me a fussy old WASP but the idea of getting married on a parade float is horrifying on so many levels, whether the couple were straight, gay, or indifferent. Good for them though. I hope some so-called conservatives were outraged.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    The NBC coverage was almost laughable. Roker and Hoda whipped through the passing of the float with gray pains, they obviously were doing so only out of contractual reasons. Still, it was great to see the couple and the float in the Rose Parade!

  7. TampaZeke says

    So, to celebrate the very newly acquired marriage equality advances in AMERICA they featured a couple, one of whom is from South Africa (which has had marriage equality since 2006) and the other from Canada (that has had marriage equality nationwide since 2005)?

  8. anon says

    Why is the Rose Parade covered on all the major networks? They used to cover the Mummers Day parade in Philly (and probably still do), but it was hardly national.

    This was a clever stunt, but how clear was it to the onlookers what was going on?

  9. Nelson Álvarez says

    It was wonderful!! I was watching the parade on TV this morning down here in Chile (first time it’s on TV here) when sudenly I saw those people standing on what looked like a cake. At first I thought they were decorations, and when they moved I thought they were performers promoting gay marriage, but then the narrator (there was someone narrating in Spanish) said that the couple had just married live in front of us and I was ecstatic!! My family (a bunch of homophobics) were disgusted, but I was cheering and clapping in my mind out of sheer happiness. All my best wishes of happiness and joy for this couple. I hope my country will quickly move towards being a better, more equal society, too. Thanks for giving me hope! BTW, I loved the parade. Congrats to the organizers and participants for all their creativity and dedication.

  10. John Roberts says

    ECHTKULTIG – The world is a changing place. Even some Pasadena old money matrons see the fun of a wedding in the beloved Rose Parade. I went through a stuffy period and now, at age 50, if my partner asked to marry on a Rose Parade float, I would do it in a heartbeat. There is nothing wrong about celebrating love in a parade.

  11. sam says

    Leclair and Loots come across as attention-seekers. I also don’t like the suggestion that being gay is the cause of AIDS. It’s homophobic.

    Also, it’s crazy to suggest that being married stops promiscuity, the true cause of AIDS.

  12. says

    @Sam, the cause of HIV infections is unsafe sex, not promiscuity.

    But I agree that it’s a bit off-base to suggest that marriage is the solution to AIDS, as if it makes people immune or something.

  13. stevetalbert says

    I think it’s a terrible message that gay marriage should be celebrated like those groups do with hiv. Hiv is something to be avoided. Not glamorized like they do. Their float should have had 3 naked gays with KS bruises on crosses getting lashed by priests dressed in clownface and sorrowful drag queens weeping below them. All in plant material.

  14. EchtKultig says

    “Also, it’s crazy to suggest that being married stops promiscuity, the true cause of AIDS.”

    Yeah…I hate to have to say this…but I must. A friend of a friend (!) works for one of the Wall St. banks and is loaded. I’ve met him a couple times, he definitely thinks he’s all that but does very little for me. He and his husband got married a couple years ago and he told my friend recently that his sex life is better than ever. He asked what he meant…”Oh, I’m hooking up with a different hot guy every weekend. Some of them like 3 ways, my partner loves it too. I also have a place at work to do quickies during the week.” No, I’m not making this up. Obviously they were more into the tax and financial benefits aspect of marriage than the monogamy part! OTOH I know a couple married gay couple I’m sure are monogamous…and a few more that are (probably) somewhere in between.

  15. Randy says

    Is there video of the wedding? The station I was watching went to commercial as soon as the revolving LOVE cube became visible, and didn’t come back until the float was completely gone. No mention was made of it at all.

  16. sam says


    Sex is not automatically unsafe. It is unsafe if you do it with an un-healthy partner. The choice which leads to one having sex with an unhealthy partner is determined partly by the desire for promiscuity.

  17. Chris says

    Marriage encourages (though it does not prevent) monogamy. Something the gay community did not foster during the AIDS epidemic. Every little bit helps against the fight. To discount the beneficial role marriage plays is to take a step backwards in the fight against STDs in general. Please note that I said it encourages albeit it doesn’t prevent the spread of STDs.

  18. Mr. Terry says

    Twice the voters of California declared and defined marriage as a union between man and woman. Religious context aside, no child is raised by their parents to become gay. The nature side versus the nurture side seems to be the modern day scapegoat as to say I had no choice in being who I am. I am a heterosexual male. I chose to date a woman. I chose to create a child through the bonds of a woman and her uterus. And of course I did it through the course of marriage. I chose intercourse with the repercussions, penalties, and joys of family hood. I could have easily chose the lifestyle of sex over what I have now. Inserting religious context, from my reading of the Bible and other scriptures, the creation of family and raising of the children to know God is one of the main purposes of marriage. Those who protested the parade and the gay marriage ceremony in it are merely protesting the failure of two men to live to fulfill the measure of their creation. Marriage in simple Biblical terms is to procreate to create a family. Marriage in gay ceremony eliminates procreation and simply focuses on sex. Sex is an integral part of marriage. Procreation is an integral part of marriage forgotten by the modern court system. Marriage is a means to grow as an individual, couple, and family that should not be considered equal to homosexuality wrapped in a nice package. Sex is a selfish and sometimes perverse act that cannot by itself bring individuals closer to God. However, sex and procreation in marriage should more likely create godly experiences and opportunities. My wife and I proudly boycotted my 3 year old daughter from watching the parade this year. We would have sat on the grass on Sierra Madre, but when an event, known as a family event, has a committee that decides that on the 125th year should celebrate the decimation of family creation by substituting traditional marriage with the mockery of a legal definition of marriage, and call it the real thing; then a father and mother must protect their daughter and boycott the parade. No sitting on the grass with a barbecue, and no television from which to view. But what good is a boycott without at least saying some words. Thank you television stations who decided to cut to commercial, or to avoid drawing attention to the unneeded float and its display. Thank you for helping parents have a good new year.

  19. Mrs. Terry Robertson says

    In other more relevant news, AHF’s float won the tournament’s Isabella Coleman Award for “best presentation of color and color harmony through floral use.”

  20. AZXPAT says

    Dear Mr. Terry Robertson,

    Short version, you are an idiot.

    Somewhat longer version, your statement about marriage as an opportunity to grow is exactly why gay people wish to marry. Your statement that sex is an integral part of marriage but that gay marriage only focuses on sex is ridiculous. Take your “god” out of your argument and you haven’t a rational thought or actual fact to support your position.

    Shortest version, STFU

  21. Luke says

    I attended the parade in person and was very close to where they got married. The crowd seemed thrilled for them, clapping and cheering and many screaming congratulations to them. Proving perfectly that the vocal minority is just a minority and should not be taken seriously. This was a delightful moment in the parade.

  22. Dallas Dude says

    It was so beautiful. They got so much support from well adjusted members of our LGBT (don’t let the internalized homophobes who are self hating ever matter. They are insignificant and often suicidal.) Loved seeing this historic moment and especially the crowds wonderful reception.

  23. Tile505 says

    If you guys are wondering, this article has been linked to a conservative site, hence why you’re getting the conservative negative responses to this AWESOME event. Conservatives are getting cancer over seeing us in all aspects of life and it’s a beautiful thing.

  24. Mark says

    So important to see this and see gay couples featured in different mass media outlets. I loved every bit of it. And congrats to their float for winning one of the top prizes.

  25. John says

    Mr. Terry Robertson…

    If you honestly believe everything you wrote here then I have an immense amount of pity in my heart for you. I really do. You were probably taught this cruel way of seeing your fellow beings during a period of confusion/sadness/whatever. When the time comes for you to face judgement for all the cruel things you’ve said, done and written during your time on earth I will pray for mercy to be extended to you. ’cause, you know, I’m one of the good Christians.

  26. lars says

    Conservatives want us to be invisible. That’s the key to understanding all this opposition to male homosexuality. They want us to be invisible.

    The reason they want us to be invisible is because we remind them of their inner homosexuality, particlarly the men. Conservative women fear their men finding male bodies attractive and sexy.

  27. andrew says

    Conservative folks and religious people in general should be supporters of gay marriage. Marriage and monogamy, even serial monogamy, tends to make men, even gay men less promiscuous. Less promiscuity means less STD’s which means less of a drain on our tax dollars and health care system.

  28. CA Guy says

    We need more visible presence of gay couples like this all throughout television so conservatives know they won’t be winning this culture war, no are we going anywhere

  29. Zia says

    Mmmm love this. And to know conservatives are getting a heat attack over it? ANYTHING that angers conservatives is a huge, huge win in my book. Keep on smiling boys. Looked great today!

  30. Justin C. says

    Christians think they rule society. Christians, have a seat. Outside your church doors, most of society views you like scientologists…..a joke. Have several seats actually.

    Congrats to this float winning a top prize!

  31. Justin C. says

    If you all get a chance, go on KTLA facebook page and express your support for the coverage of this. They are getting some nasty comments by a few Christians, and we need to show our gratitude for the station (who also did a fantastic job covering prop 8)

  32. Perry says

    Another example of American’s desperate desire for fame, even in the most intimate moments of their lives. I’d say the same thing for a straight couple.

  33. Davey J says

    Congratulations to the couple. I watched the KTLA broadcast. Did anyone else notice or protest the other “marriage themed” float just ahead of AHF? was in the parade for the 1st time and featured an older straight couple who married after meeting on their site.

    The float immediately following AHF was “Jesus Welcomes All” sponsored by Luther League affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), a conservative denomination currently at odds with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) who now has a local Bishop who is gay and partnered.
    as a gay ELCA Lutheran, their float’s theme is in keeping with the direction that ELCA is going. However, I’m sure the LCMS people were not thrilled with their positioning in the parade because they apparently meant to say “Jesus Welcomes All Unless You Are Gay or Not Like Us”.

  34. Doug Hairgrove says

    Did anyone notice the extended interview given to the president of eHarmony as his company’s float was passing in the background?

    We watched on ABC because the coverage was to be 1/2 hour longer than the other networks. Never again!

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