Gay Marriage Hunger Striker Trestin Meacham Apparently Eating Again, Wants Pizza


The Supreme Court's decision to halt same-sex marriages in Utah pending appeal was apparently enough for Trestin Meacham, the wingnut who was on a hunger strike, to start eating again.

Meacham tweeted:

"I've been disappointed with the lack of pizza people have sent (only 1) Please feel free to send more today."

Of course, Meacham said hunger strike was to persuade the state of Utah to exercise the option of "nullification". He may need to stop eating again if the 10th Circuit chooses to uphold Shelby's decision.


  1. CPT_Doom says

    I look forward to anti-Mormon activists going on hunger strikes to protest Utah’s inclusion in the Union and demanding their states nullify that decision. Hey, sauce for the goose…

  2. Nick says

    Typical lying religionist, said he would never eat again until nullification.

    He lied, plain and simple.

  3. litper says

    That idiot should know that eating a whole pizza after fasting will likely result in death. Not that I’m complaining.

  4. stevetalbert says

    “He got a real pretty mouth ain’t he?.. That’s the truth. You gonna do some prayin’ for me, boy. And you better pray good.”

  5. Steve says

    Sotomayor: YOU CHICKENSHIT!

    I don’t give a damn about Trestin and his publicity stunt.

    Sotomayor was qualified to rule on this and could not figure out fair from unfair: she referred it to the full court. What a shame she is.

  6. says

    Sotomayors opinion on the stay wasn’t revealed. the one thing we do know for certain is that she didn’t issue it herself. Utah requested that if she was not going to issue a stay that the entire court be asked to rule.

    Deferring to the state for a stay actually does our struggle some good in the larger spectrum because now the state can’t claim bias.

  7. says

    Sorry, Skippy – you have to be on a hunger strike for something dumb and offensive for me to pass the hat to send you a pizza.

  8. says

    No, Travis – don’t stop! You were almost there! If you had starved to death, Jesus would have snapped his fingers and made that icky gay marriage go away!

  9. nilvere says

    hi guys ! I’m french, and i’ve been married with my beautiful husband for 6 months now. Hold on, you’ ll come over !
    Even if hatred and intolerance are strong, they will never be the winners : come on ! if the frenchies have done it…

    Love from France.

  10. Vegas Dave says

    Just wondering if Trestin is related to the late impeached governor of Arizona, Evan Meacham another crazy Mormon right-winger?

  11. Randy says

    “He may need to stop eating again if the 10th Circuit chooses to uphold Shelby’s decision.”

    True, but unlikely. The 10th Circuit’s decision is irrelevant. No matter what happens, it will be appealed to the US Supreme Court. And this time, they will be certain to ensure that any decision in our favor is stayed, and either the 10th Circuit or certainly the US Supreme Court will grant that stay, as they did this time, because apparently the court doesn’t actually need any reasons for a stay (as they gave none).

  12. BlahBlahBlah says

    @ Steve It is my understanding that had Sotomayor denied the stay on her own the state could have then appealed to any Justice (including Scalia) who would have granted it anyway. The best chance for getting it denied once and for all was to refer it to the entire court. Maybe you should make some slight effort to be informed before you start calling people names