1. JimmyD says

    I’d heard it was airing and watched it. It was not so much well handled, more of: perfectly not a deal, big or otherwise. The idea of two moms was mildly addressed. It was cute.
    THis, coming off of the subtle (but not really) same sex couple in ‘Frozen.’ Yay, Disney!

  2. Ken says

    What MONA said! Big and dumb!

    If I were advocating hate, this would leave my knickers in a twist, too.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    That’s progress! And I’m happy anytime the not quite One Million Moms starts foaming from the mouth.

  4. tinkerbelle says

    Disney’s been doin’ the gay for a while, I’m just surprised that their audience hasn’t realized it. Take the 2 screaming queens in Ally & Austin, the Dad in Dog with a Blog is definitely on the downlow, the butler in Jessie (don’t ask how I know these shows). If they’re not pointedly gay in the script, it doesn’t mean that their behavior isn’t classic “stereotype” gay. Which is disturbing, as it doesn’t show a broader picture of normal gay life. But I suppose as long as they haven’t labeled it at all…

  5. GJP says

    It’s always easier to go with lesbians first, isn’t it.

    I actually think it will be a bigger deal once they have a male couple on the network, but I still recognize that this is enormous right now and super mainstream.

  6. savannah price says

    I hate good luck charlie this is innapropiate! What this is teaching kids that it is alright but its not forget Disney tru TV is for me and yes ji am a kid

  7. Renee says

    Me and my family have watched Disney channel for years because it was a clean environment… but after the new Good Luck Charlie came out portraying a gay couple, I am through. I have, as of now, lost faith in Disney channel. I don’t believe in gay marriage and don’t knowingly support gay marriage. Disney channel has differently went downhill.

  8. Gay Girl says

    I started crying from happiness as I watched this. I love you, Disney! Thank you so much for this.
    To all the people being very unsupportive (not even of just Disney; gay marriage in general) what if it was heterosexuality (being straight) was looked down upon? Marriage and love isn’t about gender in the slightest, it’s about being with someone who makes you happy. Both England and Wales will have legalized equal marriage’s in March and other countries have already legalized it.
    Stop being bigots and get over it.

  9. Cathee says

    Glad we missed it & now deleted from DVR !!! So sad it was such a funny clean family show !!! Good bye Charlie !!!! Not in my house!!!

  10. Michelle says

    So disgusted!!! I changed the show as soon as I saw what was going on. My daughter is only 6 and I’m NOT ready to introduce that issue with her yet. Bad Disney channel!!!!!!

  11. Mickey Mouse says

    Eric Allen Kramer is actually gay in real life. Suck on that, Michelle, Cathee, and Julianne! Guess you’ve been advancing the gay ‘agenda’ for years without realizing it.

  12. Julianne Benzel says

    When are you coming over to eat my pussy, Cathee, Renee, and Michelle? I just gave the brats some heavy-duty sedatives. Grandpa’s ass is spread wide in the basement, Ricky – we fed him corn this morning, just like you like it.

  13. Ricky says

    My breasts are so tender and swollen, on account of “Good Luck Charlie” and all the white baby abortions! O beloved Lord… Why have you forsaken both my burgeoning titties and the Disney Channel in such a time of need?

  14. GregV says

    @Michelle: If your daughter is 6 and you allow her to go to school (I wouldn’t assume that based on your comment), then she has already met a lot of kids with different family combinations.
    Some of her school friends are talking about going home to “Mom and Bob” or “my Mama who died and my new Mom” (you know, like the boys on The Brady Bunch) or going to visit their mother in Chattanooga on Spring Break, etc. etc. etc.
    I hear kids comparing how many mothers their friends have, and my niece was telling me recently about a TV show that “one of my grandmothers watched with me” (She considers her mother’s male partner’s mother to be one of her several grandmothers… and probably her father’s female partner, too.). She also consider’s my male partner as part of her family, and understanding our relationship was NEVER “confusing” or challenging even when she younger than your 6-year-old.
    People like you who think that it’s a confusing or adult subject that some families have two women are really confused yourselves (probably because you were misinformed about a lot of topics right into adulthood.
    If your daughter has any questions, it doesn’t sound like you would be the person to answer them anyway. It’s okay to say that you don’t understand some issues. Yo don’t need to “introduce her” to anything.

  15. Vera K says

    Why? I thought the show was about the little blonde brat, just ANOTHER reason to NOT watch the CRAP that is on Disney these days !!

  16. Tracie says

    I am amazed at how many people are offended and angered by a gay couple on Disney. Have we learned nothing from the past? It doesn’t matter if you support or don’t support gay relationships, how about we teach are children to be tolerant of things that are different than what you teach and believe. This is how bullies and bigots are made. It is time to start teaching our children to except the differences in people, no matter what race, religion, or orientation they are.

  17. LAME says

    Gay is wrong. This is another reason why I won’t let my children watch new stuff on TV. They’ll have to watch stuff that doesn’t have gays in it. Thanks to this garbage.

  18. ThisShowSucksBalls says

    Since they put fags in it, I’ll just stop watching it. I already know several people who’s not watching anymore ’cause of this trash.

  19. Lily says

    Hey guys. If gay/lesbian couples are inappropriate, then so are the kisses, straight couples, and more. It’s just 2 people who like eachother in all of what I just mentioned, you damn homophobes!

  20. Erin says

    I am so proud of The Disney Channel for showcasing same-sex parents on their show Good Luck Charlie. This episode started a great conversation between my daughter and I about how love is love and family is family. It’s nice to see and made me very happy. It is important to approach issues that children see, especially when it is likely that they will have peers who have parents that are gay. This episode shows, rightly, that there is nothing wrong with that and that all families may be different but love is the same. It is sad that there are still close-minded people who do not support this, but I think it is a great thing and I say good for you!

  21. Michael K says

    I am not a “homophobe”. Why should I, my family, and other youngsters be subjected to gay relationships? Who actually believes that it doesn’t matter if a couple is gay or straight, it is the same relationship “two people that love one another”?. That is crap. reading through the comments, those that support this tend to be more vulgar and and angry at those of us that do not support this. There are two historical cities that have been destroyed for this activity. I am afraid that we are heading that same direction. You can’t believes it is ok to do something just because someone else did. Do you want to be a terrorist, rapist, pedophile, or murderer too? One man and one woman.

  22. Benjamin Newells says

    Nobody is saying Asian and African countries need Diversity.

    So why are they saying only White countries need Diversity?

    That’s because “anti-racists” only have a problem with White people.

    Because “anti-racists” want a world without White children.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White. Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.

  23. Gene in L.A. says

    It seems terribly ironic that people on this website commenting on two moms appearing on a Disney episode are using imagery and language I would never subject myself to, let alone a child I was rearing. It seems hypocrisy is alive and well. Sad.

  24. Chelsey says

    This is just sick. I am very disappointed and disgusted. I do not believe in homosexual relationships and I would never want my child to ever watch Disney Channel and ask why that kid has two moms. Way to young to be having that talk.

  25. ely says

    I am an engaged lesbian. I have been with my partner for three years. Not to mention I’ve been lesbian for a longer period of time. My baby nephew has been apart of my life from the start. His parents surely have no problem on it. He is 6 now and knows the difference. . .

  26. ely says

    So for those who are so scared Neff top stop. I hate when individuals have the nerve to say hurtful things about my “type” . . .

  27. Racheal says

    Really sad that kids have to be subjected to adult issues. Yes this is an adult issue. If gays were so opposed to the opposite Sex they wouldn’t be able to have kids to drag into their messed up lives in the first place. And then have to justify their desissions by dragging my family into it. You can’t have it all.

  28. Anonymous says

    I used to watch this show all the time. Now it makes me wanna puke(I almost did, the first time I heard about this!)

  29. its ok says

    I don’t think its inappropriate its teaching kids that they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they r and love who they want to love simple as that