1. Mike says

    Think that Robbie Rogers looks GREAT and makes for a wonderful way to start the day despite the asperity of some bitter old queens and trolls! His smile is unpretentiously cute and his skin just sort of marries the air . . .

  2. says

    Wait, what’s with the hate? Self-loathing? Maybe before he came out, sure. And many people went through similar feelings. But his coming out of the closet and then continuing to play the sport he loves has made him a role model, and it’s a role he has stepped into graciously. Plus he’s adorable as hell.


    This guy has the guts to come out while still an active player in a major sport and yet the nasty jealous self loathing old queens still spew their noxious comments………..

    He is a role model for thousands of Gay kids so pathetic that some of those above spew vile bile upon him for absolutly no reason………….

    Ugly jealously rears its truly ugly head….

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