Here is What Madonna is Reportedly Going to Perform at the Grammys [SPOILERS]



Madonna will be joining Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and presumably vocalist Mary Lambert (since she tweeted on Friday that rehearsals were "THE BOMB") for a performance of the gay rights anthem "Same Love" at the Grammys, according to in-the-know bloggers and entertainment sites.

Us Weekly reports:

The "Material Girl" herself, meanwhile, hinted earlier this week that she would be performing during the live show. "My lips are almost sealed! I can't say anything more. #itsasecret," she wrote on Friday, Jan. 24, with a picture of herself covered up in a thin black veil.

She added: "It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys." (Last Thursday, the seven-time Grammy winner sustained a minor injury from dancing in high heels.)

No further details on the number were available.


  1. richard says

    Will Madonna just go away? Her career was built on using nudity and a fake bisexual image to appeal to sleazy straight guys who hate gays. Do we really need to admire somebody like this? I say “no”.

    Also, why can’t Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – who both deny being gay – get an actual gay male to sing along with them? What are they afraid of? Won’t the Grammys producers let them use an actual gay male?

  2. Max says

    Wow at all the hate!
    I remember back in late 80s/early 90s, she was one the rare ones telling us it was ok to be gay.
    You have as much in you as those conservative haters. You all should know better, seriously!

  3. Max says

    Wow at all the hate!
    I remember back in late 80s/early 90s, she was one of the rare ones telling us it was ok to be gay.
    You have as much hate in you as those conservative haters. You all should know better, seriously!

  4. bucko says

    Agree with Max and John…way too much hate going on. Having said that, I hope Madonna puts her ego aside for the evening and doesn’t try to overshadow Maryt Lambert’s contribution to the song. I just hope she shows up to show her support for the song by providing backing vocals w/Mary Lambert. No grandstanding, no making the event all about her. We’ll see…

  5. richard says

    There is no personal hate of Madonna. It’s a hate of what she did and how she got to where she got. She got to where she got by using gay men as a cover.

    She also got in the way of openly gay and bisexual male performers by convincing her gay male fans that she was their flag-bearer. I’m sorry but a woman who uses nudity and fake lesbianism to draw attention to herself is not – and never will be – a flag-bearer for gay men.

    Buzz off, Madonna.

  6. graphicjack says

    Madonna is such a racist??? Huh??? She dated men (and some women) from basically every ethnicity and is raising two African children, not to mention her daughter Lola is mixed race. How is she racist again? Gaga Monsters are so pathetic. Get a life.

  7. richard says


    Madonna never dated women. She had women as friends.

    However, what she did is play up this fake image of being sexually interested in women – through her Sex book etc – for the benefit of straight guys. She is not a true friend of the GLBT community.

    Any woman who plays up a fake lesbian image is NOT a friend of the GLBT community.

  8. Max says

    She never dated women, but she never denied the lesbian rumours in the 80s to show her support to the gay community. Supporting gays back then was not cool like it is today.

  9. Paulie says

    Towleroad really needs to stop posting about the Paula Deen of Pop. I hope the audience stands up and turns their backs to her tomorrow night at the Grammys in protest of her racism.

  10. richard says


    Oh, please, do you really think the lesbian rumors about Madonna were designed to help the GLBT community? Think again.

    These lesbian rumors were fanned by her PR team and by Madonna herself for the purpose of getting attention from straight guys who have a fetish for girl-girl action. They were not designed to help the GLBT community.

    Madonna reminds me of women who invent their “lesbianism” for the benefit of straight guys. She can go away as far as I’m concerned. She is no friend of gay men.

  11. steve says

    I have a hard time believing it’s just going to be “same love” – I imagine there will be a mash-up, medley of sorts…or just something else other than the same old version of “same love” – but who knows!

  12. Macguffin54 says

    Anybody accusing La M of “using” gay people to get ahead must be in their 20s or younger. Nobody older is stupid enough to remember falsely/believe (or to get others to believe), that aligning oneself with gay people HELPED anyone’s career in the 80s, 90s or even today. Nor have they ever been a fan of hers. Or they would know her brother, to whom she is/was/is/was (depending in how crazy he is acting on any given day) the closest to in her family, as well as her closest friends just before and during becoming famous. Not to mention her friendships (or more? Who’s to say??) with Sandra Bernhard, Ingrid Casares, Jenny Shimizu and others. How did she use ANY gay person to get or sustain her fame? She’s never pandered or looked down on us like so many other famous people of the past 30 years. And here she is again trying to raise awareness to a cause that she has proven is close to her heart. If you don’t like her, fine. But don’t make up lies about her.

  13. mitch reid says

    I remember that In Living Color parody of Madonna which made fun of “Erotica” by saying that Madonna was a “Gay Man Trapped In a Woman’s Body”.

    Madonna opened many doors for gay men and lesbians.

  14. Jon says

    @Mitch Reid – Please! Madonna didn’t open any damn doors for the LGBT community; we opened our own doors. She’s never given a real damn about gays, she always just wanted their money. And when she married that homophobe Guy Ritchie, she completely ditched gays and wouldn’t even mention the subject. Then of course when she got divorced and her career was in the toilet (it still is), she ran back to gays pretending to care about them again. Wake up!

  15. jason says

    Mitch Reid,

    You claim that Madonna opened many doors for gay men and lesbians. OK, let’s see whether gay male singers have benefited from having Madonna around.

    Let’s look at the music charts from about 1983, the year that Madonna broke onto the scene. How many openly gay American male singers have hit the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart? One. That’s right – one. Adam Lambert to be precise. Such wide doors Madonna opened….

    The only doors she opened were for untalented female “singers” who use nudity and lesbian antics to get attention, the types of females who don’t truly give a rat’s ass about gay rights.

  16. Andy says

    She’s worth half a billion, but hasn’t donated a dime for gay rights or marriage equality. Her last charitable act was an AIDS benefit concert — in 1986.

    It’s great that she occasionally will speak some positive words or that she will perform Same Love. But that doesn’t really help all that much. I’d much rather she donate $1 million to help gays and lesbians in Malawi or throughout Africa than perform this or that song at an awards show.

  17. jason says

    Note how Madonna hasn’t spoken out – to my knowledge – against Nigeria and its anti-gay laws. Is she still cosying up to Africa? Does she not want to rock the boat so that she can adopt more African babies?

    Also, have we forgotten how she was part of this stunt where she and Britney kissed on the MTV music awards about 10 years ago? My, how we forget the cheap and tawdry….

  18. Eddie says

    I dunno- I think Madonna drew inspiration from gay people- that is what all artists do: they observe and express what they see around them- what influences them.
    She may not be the MADONNA of the ’80’s/’90’s, but I still think she’s an interesting artist.

  19. Joe says

    I want Richard & Jason to be my friends.

    Madonna is a hack. She made some great music (years ago) and should have gracefully walked off stage a long, long time ago.

    To put her up as some trailblazer for the gay community is a false romanticization of her career.

    She demonstrated just this week how ignorant and out of touch she is.

  20. Paulie says

    Sign the petition on Twitter to have Child Protective Services investigate her treatment of the two black children she stole. No doubt they’ve been subjected to racial slurs and mistreatment at the hands of the Paula Deen of Pop. For all we know she could be using them as servants!

  21. mitch reid says

    Madonna utilized gays as backup dancers on her tour as seen in the movie “Truth or Dare”.

    Madonna had Chi Chi LaRue star in her video Deeper and Deeper in 1993.

    Also her record label Maverick included several gay acts.

    Also she kissed Britney to support gay marriage in 2003.

    Watch and learn tonight.

  22. Mike says

    Mitch Ried, you truly are delusional. First of all, she hasn’t had gay dancers in YEARS. Even her own brother said that she no longer has gay dancers in her shows. Second, you’re stupid if you think she kissed Britney to support gay marriage; she did it for shock value to get attention since her career was a mess after the “American Life” flop. Third, as others have said, if she’s so passionate about gay rights, why doesn’t she put her money where her mouth is and donate some of her money to gay rights causes? Because she doesn’t truly give a damn.

  23. mitch reid says

    @Mike News just broke that Madonna is going to marry 34 gay and straight couples tonight live on the Grammys. Like I said before: Watch and Learn.

    Madonna stated that she kissed Britney for gay rights.

    How can any gay man not start dancing when “Don’t Tell Me” or “Where’s the party?” comes on the radio?

  24. GregV says

    “Let’s look at the music charts from about 1983, the year that Madonna broke onto the scene. How many openly gay American male singers have hit the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart? One. That’s right – one. Adam Lambert to be precise.”

    No, that is NOT right, Jason. Elton John had the Number ONE spot for the entire YEAR as a fully out (for 9 years) gay man in 1997… and he had numerous Top 10 (and #1) hits during years prior to that when he was claiming to be bisexual.
    Gay men sang the #1 hit of the year in three out of the four years from 1985-1988, though one (Elton John, again) was this time a collaboration with two other singers, and George Michael –like Boy George, Ricky Martin and NSync’s Lance Bass, who hit the top 10 in various years) was widely rumored to be gay but not officially out until later.

  25. GregV says

    Elton John had the Number ONE spot for the entire YEAR…”

    Actually, let me rephrase that: Elton had the best-selling single of ALL TIME and thst happened LONG after he came out as gay. He is in the Guiness Book of Records for that distinction.

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