1. ratbastard says

    What are these people at MSNBC thinking? Is this their answer to countering their arch rivals, Fox? Where can a sane person get some sensible, straight forward news and honest analysis? It’s pathetic. And don’t answer with PBS, BBC, CBC, etc., they are likewise pretty sad.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    For straight forward news I go to BBC, France24, EURO News, even AlJazeera……they all give fact based news.

    I didn’t hear the original segment, I did see the apology.
    What struck me about the pic above was that all the boys were in blue , all the girls in pink.
    This is stereotyping with steroids. No one shall diverge from the imposed norm.

  3. H says

    Totally agree with rat bastard. They should SO fire her. Last I heard, MSNBC ratings were so bad that they REALLY can’t afford a liability such as her (and she’s supposed to be educated). Now, I’m a confessed/avowed/diehard/whatever liberal, and I DESPISE romney/paul/gingrich/o’reilly/hannity/limburger/all them other cats, but what Ms. Thing did on that panel TOTALLY smacked of what they’re infamous for and I was SO upset and highly embarrassed when I read about her and her panel!

  4. kdknyc says

    Why is it that the Fox crowd can ride roughshod, and Rush can go all ballistic on us.

    But when we do it to them, we convene a firing squad and help the Fox crowd fire on our guy (or gal).

    Why is this so?

  5. jersey says

    I love MHP and saw the segment when it aired. It struck me as so not her and I was shocked. That said I could tell her apology was genuine and I know she’s horrified that she put that photo up for mockery. Progressive liberals who accept everyone just don’t do this kind of thing. I seriously teared up with her during her apology to the point my partner noticed. Guess I have a lot invested in MHP and I love her show, it’s really great.

  6. Will G. says

    Ooooh brother, really?

    What MHP guests said on her show wasn’t so inaccurate. Insensitive and maybe poor judgement, yes. She apologized, (which FOX would never do), the idiot accepted. Time to move on.

    How many offensive and insensitive comments has the right wing (FOX, Rush, Hannity, Coulter, etc… spouted and no one says a thing. Unbelievable.

  7. Chip says

    I just watched the original clip, and yes, the joke made by one of the guests “one of these things…” is a little insensitive, but c’mon, it was funny. The joke would not have been made if there were only, say, 4 grandchildren, one of whom was black. The humor comes from the overwhelming white majority in the picture. There was absolutely nothing racist about it.

  8. Macguffin54 says

    I kind of agree with Chip in that Romney is lily-white and so anti-everything diverse that the sight of him with a black grandchild is rather amusing, especially in the context of there being SO many other lily-white children. And not sure why she is apologizing for supposed racist language. Her joke was a jab at the juxtaposition of seeing something so incongruous with Romney’s (and Mormon’s) images. It was a j

  9. Macguffin54 says

    (sorry, my phone posted my comment before I was done). It was a joke at Romney’s expense not the baby’s. Were it not for his image and the lily-white image of Mormons the comment never would have been made. If the photo was of a similar grouping of kids and Hillary Clinton or someone similar the comment would also not have been made. Romney has bred this monochromatic image of himself so he has only himself to blame.

  10. Gerry says

    @WILL G. completely agree. The root of the problem however is that the so called mainstream media spends the majority of their time with rumor mongering and idiotic divisive stories than doing any real journalism. Why are they spending time talking about that photo anyway… there is plenty of other real issues that need discussion. The reason of course is that the media is controlled by multinational corporations whose job is to distract people from any and all important issues. They do this by blanketing the airwaves with drivel and ridiculous apologies after the fact. Fox News and the conservative outlets of course just flat out lie, and if they do retract anything it is at 3 a.m. when no one is watching.

    I urge all of you to watch TYT and Al Jazeera…even the BBC is tainted these days…

  11. Drew says

    It’s not racist to say that the Romney family’s adoption of a black child is ridiculous, revolting, hypocritical and quite honestly, very disgusting. They have championed EVERYTHING that goes against helping the black community, and then out-of-the-blue, the adopt a black girl?! It’s literally a PR move to the extent I’ve not seen. It’s like every German family post-WWII adopting a Jewish child; just makes no sense and you can see through it. The worst part?- they’re playing with actual human beings now, these Romney’s, not just laws and insane statements.

  12. raul415 says

    Of course shouldn’t be fired and I don’t think she should have apologized after the twitter sorry.

    Has anyone at Fixed News ever apologized? Homophobic, racist, sexist stuff is the stock and trade over there.

    Harris-Perry is a breath of fresh air on cable news, this segment was dumb but offensive? After all, Perry is herself a biracial person.

    As with all cable programs I say stick to the facts (Perry, Maddow, Hayes) and a few laughs will follow.

    By the way, I refuse to take the bait of every little media lead outrage story for this year.

    I ask the rest of you to just say no.

  13. petensfo says

    MHP appears of mixed race so I’m surprised that the whole thing happened. Her apology seems genuine & Romney’s response is generous as well.

    I think many of the commenters here should recognize that our own behavior stems from what we know is right, that from whether someone else’s is appropriate or outrageous. It doesn’t matter if others apologized when they erred. What matters is that you do.

  14. Wendie Oh says

    Probably a couple of them will.

    This controversy is trivial. Where are the apologies from Fox pundits for all the offensive, lying crap they’ve spewed over the years and recently ?

    And ANKERICH, don’t pretend you’re SOOO offended. Liar.

  15. mark says

    I wonder how many ppl who call for MHP’s firing defended the Duck Dynasty guy’s racist comments or Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Chelsea Clinton when she was a child, or suggested Trayvon Martin deserved to be killed?

  16. simon says

    Wonder why he has so many children and grandchildren already and cared to adopt.
    That means another one to be raised by nanny?
    His model of one man one woman for raising kids definitely failed here. That woman is not likely to be his wife or daughter-in-law.

  17. Ha! says

    Put on your big boy pants and grow up… was inappropriate, she should have been fired. I don’t care who or what you are. Don’t go after someone’s children. Or grand children. I don’t care who they are.

  18. CB says

    I find it reprehensible when one political philosophy (liberal) makes a controversial statement they are forced to apologize, however when another political philosophy (conservative) makes controversial statements they use the Bible (as a weapon) and claim that they are being subverted, penalized and repressed because of their Christian beliefs.

  19. Paul R says

    I don’t find the original comment especially racist, and I’m usually the most PC person around. I asked my (black) boyfriend if he found it offensive, and he said no but could see how some people would—but that it was mocking Mitt generally, not the kid.

    One a side note, the trend toward family shots where everyone matches is creepy. A sister in law just posted a picture of her huge (40+ people) family, and they were all wearing the same red, white, and blue outfits. Disturbing.

  20. MickyFlip says

    I’m sure MHP didn’t mean anything but I feel her apology was absolutely heartfelt and I’m happy we all can move on.

    Now let’s talk about how gorgeous MHP actually is because she is absolutely beautiful.

  21. GregV says

    I feel sorry for her because she seemed to have fallen into that joke rather innocently.
    “What was MSNBC thinking?”
    Well, I can’t answer for them but for all I know they were thinking that the matchy Stepford outfits would be good for a punchline.
    It’s even possible that after the comedian made the comment “One of these things is not like the others,” they were momentarily ready for that to be a lead-in to mentioning how there’s one lone adult in the back who didn’t stick with the “girls-in-pink-boys-in-blue” motif.

    In any case, the context of the (rather lame and somewhat insensitive) off-the-cuff remark was to make fun of the Republican lack of diversity, NOT to victimize the baby as the pundits suggest.

    But it wasn’t an employee of MSNBC who even made the remark. Unlike at Faux News where the hosts regularly make insensitive remarks WITHOUT apologizing, it looks like the apologizing host’s only “mistake” was to briefly laugh (probably taking the remark in a certain context before having the time to think further on how some might take the remark).
    She aplogized with class and sincerity. The ideas she stands up for every day should be seen as the basis of her character.

  22. Perry says

    I love how some people are trying to justify what was said on her show. If it was done on Fox News people would be outraged. You don’t make fun of children and this goes to people/s racist feelings when children are adopted by a couple of a different race. What makes this even more disturbing is that she is biracial.

  23. Mike B says

    Count me up as one of the people who doesn’t get what the controversy is about. It was clear that they were discussing the irony of Romney, a repubplican conservative, with a black grandson. Especially with the history of the republican party, the lack of diversity, issues with minority groups, and the fact that only 6% of blacks voted for Romney and his campaign. 93% voted for Obama. Combine that with the family picture, which exemplifies the republican party, a sea of white people and only one black baby. The picture alone isn’t funny, it’s everything else that I mentioned. That’s what they were talking about and it’s unclear how that is supposed to be controversial. Maybe children shouldn’t be brought into the political discussion. But I don’t see any validity to the other parts of the “controversy”.

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