1. Mike Ryan says

    I predict a hit on the Sochi games – perhaps a devastating hit and warn/alert all Americans who just can’t seem to stay away to be cautious, stay within your own confines and out of the more trafficked areas if you have to go out. Your job is to get through these games quickly and with little harm, you aren’t there to party down in the streets of Sochi.

  2. C.J. says

    I know it’s the Olympics, but I would be terrified to be going to these games if I was an athlete.

  3. Rafael says

    The IOC should cancel these games. It is the responsible thing to do. Innocent people shouldn’t have to die.

  4. redball says

    CARMELO, you islamophobic piece of shyt.

    that’s like painting all christians as fundamentalists who kill abortion-providing physicians.

    CHECK YOURSELF, racist.

  5. says

    Hey Redball. You’re blind. Those terrorists are white. Open your eyes. You don’t sound superior when you equate mistrust of Islam with race, you sound ignorant. Especially with all the different images of Russian terrorists you can find.

  6. redball says

    @STAN SCHULZ: i anticipated the exact ignorant comment you just provided :).

    to wit, read this, educate yourself, and shut the up cuz you’re WRONG (god, i love being right. *dusts shoulders off*):

    “But as Heresy Club’s Alex Gabriel writes:

    Asserting that because Islam is a religion and not a race, one can never discuss it (or treat its followers) in racist ways makes about as much sense as saying that because ballet is an art form not a sexual identity, it’s impossible to say anything homophobic about male ballet dancers. Hip-hop musicians and immigrants aren’t races either, but commentary on both is very often racist – or at least, informed and inflected to a serious degree by racial biases.”


  7. Ryan says

    Russia was always a bad idea for a lot of reasons. Gay athletes or equality-supporting athletes are NOT safe, but the dirty secret is no one else is there, either. Russia has a lot of these kinds of attacks and there are far more terrorist groups active in that country than almost any other in the world.

    There were far safer localities for the IOC to pick and localities that support equal rights for all. The IOC clearly does not care about its athletes or spectators and only about the $$$ these countries put up — much of which I wouldn’t be shocked to find out is pocketed by key members of the IOC in suitcases.

  8. says

    Things were going much better under Medvedev. Then VVP returned with his machismo and retaliation against families. So it’s worse. No amount of money or security will help now.

    And capetom, strange as it may seem, some Russian nationalists claim it’s all the same – gay, terrorist, Chechen, because it’s all part of the global American led plot to destabilize Russia. See? We’re big pals with Islamic terrorists in their eyes.

  9. says

    @ Redball. So you’re saying that because you can assume that their might be racial connotations behind criticism of Islam that we can shut down criticism of this religion based on the assumption of racism on the critic’s part. Nah. I’ll go along with Richard Dawkins’ view on the topic instead. It’s a religion just like Christianity. It’s not exempt of criticism no matter your assumptions.

  10. redball says

    @STAN: ” Nah. I’ll go along with Richard Dawkins’ view on the topic instead.”

    I’m just clarifying for everyone that you’re going along with a known Islamophobe’s view on Islam.


  11. todd says

    It is a fact that Russia has had some serious conflicts with prior USSR held states. Mother Russia doesn’t ever take kindly to losing a child so that it may prosper under its own identity. This has led to lots of conflicts with Russia and prior USSR governed states and provinces.They have pushed hard and now there is an axe to grind. Let’s hope it’s not ground at the Sochi Olympics.

  12. says

    @Redball. “I’m just clarifying for everyone that you’re going along with a known Islamophobe’s view on Islam.”
    -Thanks for clarifying that. LOL.