Indiana House Committee to Hold Hearing on Gay Marriage Ban on Monday

Indiana's House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on Monday, WIBC reports:

TurnerA House committee will debate the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage on Monday, along with a companion bill explaining what the bill wouldn't do.

Cicero Republican Eric Turner (pictured), the author of the marriage amendment, and Lizton Republican Jeff Thompson have drafted a statement of legislative intent, declaring that the amendment should not be read as undermining domestic-violence laws, preventing employers from offering health benefits to domestic partners, or interfering with wills or trusts.

Opponents of the amendment have warned the ban could have unintended consequences for dozens of laws. House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) calls some of those predicted problems "red herrings," but says some are legitimate concerns. He points to fears voiced by Indiana University that, as a state university, they could be forced to drop insurance coverage for domestic partners. Bosma says the companion bill should put those fears to rest.

Bosma has assigned both the bill and the amendment to the Judiciary Committee. He says he hasn't counted votes but hopes the legislation will pass.

More at WIBC

Gannett adds, of the companion bill:

That clarifiying language would appear to address some of the concerns raised by employers and others that the amendment would make employee recruitment difficult and make Indiana appear unwelcoming. The clarifying bill, however, seems to still ban civil unions for same-sex couples — a provision that some see as a step too far.

The amendment would need to pass two separately-elected General Assemblies and be approved by a voter majority in a public referendum before becoming part of the constitution.


  1. TampaZeke says

    I believe it already passed its first go around last year. If it passes this time it goes to the voters. The authors realize that if they have to start from scratch they will have no chance of getting through the process so they’re doing everything they can to try to distract people from the fact that it bans marriage and any other form of relationship recognition. That last part will make it harder to win at the polls but not as hard as it will be if they change the language to only ban marriage because that would negate last years vote and start the process all over again with the new language. These bigots know the direction that the country, and even deep red Indiana, is moving in. They have to get this done this year or they never will.

  2. *****overTX says

    What would make the voters of Indiana think that their constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage would be any safer from a constitutional challenge than the constitutional amendment in Utah? Why would the voters think that their constitutional amendment would not place taxpayer funds in jeopardy of having to be spent to defend such an amendment in federal court? Do the voters of Indiana think that there will be no one that is going to question their denial of rights to some Indiana citizens. Are the voters of Indiana not capable of looking around them and seeing that constitutional amendments like they are attempting to place in their state constitution are being challenged in multiple states? It amazes me that voters are still trying to install provisions into their state constitution which violate the principles of the Constitution of the United States.

  3. jamal49 says

    What is it with Republicans? Why must they continuously assault the Constitutional rights of American citizens, of consenting adults who choose to get married civilly? Who in the hell will continue to vote for any Republican when it is obvious that their hateful, spiteful attitudes will never change. Vote out every last damned Republican in 2014!

  4. Stefan says


    Polls show that Indiana voters are becoming increasingly opposed to this amendment. It’s mainly special interest groups which are pushing for it now.

  5. MaddM@ says

    special interest groups aka christian fundamentalists- they are entirely out of touch with reality and have a true, sweat-inducing fear that this country is going “to hell in a hand basket.” This is a result of the fear-mongering this cult uses to keep it’s members in line. General midwestern christian fundamentalists aren’t as tight of a cult as the mormon church in Utah but they are an organized force to be reckoned with.

    They’re kind of like the Borg or a hive of bees- whatever the leadership says this whole swarm of individuals follows based on “faith” in “the lord” which is always interpreted according to their leadership. If tomorrow Jerry Falwell and the like decided that they interpret scripture as the sky being green there would be a huge grassroots campaign about “the lie of the blue sky”

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