Is Timor Steffens Madonna’s New Boy Toy? – PHOTO


Madonna is reportedly dating 26-year-old back-up dancer Timor Steffens.

The Daily Mail writes:

The young dancer joined Madonna on her recent family skiing trip to Switzerland.

In a number of Instagram shots, Timor is seen posing with Madonna's 13-year-old son Rocco, suggesting that he is already friendly with the family. Timor's Twitter account describes him as a 'Creative Director/Choreographer/Actor' and already has over 24 thousand followers – which is surely due to increase.

According to Radar, Madonna is said to have brought Timor along to designer Rudolph Valentino's private New Year's Eve Party in Gstaad, Switzerland.



  1. Strepsi says

    If I had the money and power to date my 26 year old backup dancer who looked like that, I would too. And if I had backup dancers.

    Go Madge

  2. JAMES B. says

    Madonna is a smart marketer. Doubt she’s actually sleeping with him. However, she does see talent and knows how to promote it.

    He stands on his own two feet. She likely supports his efforts while also getting a bit of press for herself. Smart lady remains smart.

  3. MaryM says

    Why would a straight, hot, young guy want to date a post-menopausal woman.

    At least he’s not a teenager so this ‘relationship’ is less creepy than the predatory teen-loving DLB’s relationship with Tom Daley.

  4. mike says

    Why on earth not ? I mean…you would as well…..i hope im able to pull hard body twenty somethings when im nearly 60…but i like jaffa cakes and red wine too much…..

  5. David says

    What terrible editing at the Daily Mail. Rudolph Valentino has been dead for ages and was never a fashion designer.

  6. Jerry says

    I say good for her if she is, but who cares? She can afford the best c*ck money can buy. It is very possible that she is just working with him, though, but either way it isnt exactly news.

  7. Christopher says

    Must be a slow news day. This is the type of dreck you would expect to see on Perez Hiton’s site.

  8. Diegop says

    You mean Valentino Garavani the fashion designer who has avhouse in gstaad or Rudolph Valentino the deceased Hollywood icon?

  9. arch says

    Christmas at Valentino’s chalet with La Madonna on the guest list must be just about the “gayest” event imaginable…

  10. snork says

    I’m really disappointed in you guys. It took 8 comments to comment on the blatant error in this article.

    Also, no s#!t the party was private.

  11. StevyD says

    I would like to ask Timor how he feels about old age creeping up on him.*

    * sentiment ruthlessly copied from Dame Edna’

  12. Molc says

    She won’t stop. Moves from one to another without so much as a ‘c ya’ She really is disgusting!

  13. Molc says

    She won’t stop. Moves from one to another without so much as a ‘c ya’ She really is disgusting!