1. Jack says

    This was the only 5 minutes or so that I managed to catch, and I was uninterested in watching more after this incoherent, rambling trainwreck of a speech.

  2. Cd in DC says

    ironic she was in Francois Truffaut’s Day for Night and Diane Keaton referred to him in her tribute to Woody Allen, amazed how Robin Wright ran in that dress but she got an audience with Meryl so good for her.

  3. Joseph Singer says

    Bigun: If you are going to correct people you should first correct yourself. If you remember from grade school there’s such a thing as a compound word. That’s where we get the word proofread rather than proof read.

  4. Joseph says

    Despite an illustrious career, Jacqueline Bisset has never been nominated for an Oscar or an Emmy; this was her 5th Golden Globe nomination. I suspect she absolutely believed she wouldn’t win — and was thus the most flabbergasted person in the room when she did. She’s 69 years old (made her film debut in 1965) and it was clearly a very emotional experience for her. This is why I love awards shows, when they go off-script and genuine emotion appears.

  5. aj says

    Sorry to say that her time on the camera is proof enough that she may never be awarded another award. She was incoherent, obviously too drunk to form a cogent sentence let alone thank anyone. For an actress with some 45+ yrs of experience one would have thought she could have simply said “Thank you”! Yet she rambled on, when she could speak, and what came out was sadly the end of her career!!!

  6. joel says

    Obviously she didn’t expect to win and perhaps she was a bit tiddly, so she was flustered. I thought she was charming and if you saw her speak to reporters afterward in the press room it was clear she wasn’t drunk just unprepared and happy. A slightly dizzy speech isn’t about to damage a nearly 50 year career.

  7. tinkerbelle says

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful. She doesn’t show signs of surgery (that I can see). She is a cinematic diva, therefore beyond the catcalls of normal folk. I heard she had been at the open bar (never thinking that she could possibly win) and this award WAS NOT expected. So give her some slack. And hope she will still get some great roles, she’s still got it in her. No, that sounds wierd, she’s still got a lot to give.

    Congrats, Jacqueline!

  8. says

    At the end of the day, Jacqueline Bisset like all of us is human and branding her a tizzy because she was caught off guard is hardly doing her a service. She’s been around for a long time, is a full on working actress even at the age of 69, who was actually surprised this time round she got to win an award after being passed over so many other times.

    Which draws the questions why do we hold Hollywood icons to such nearly impossible standards and allow them to be vulnerable from time to time or is that only allowed on screen…..?

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