1. Tristram says

    Yet another country with MASSIVE social and economic problems in which right wing politicians use gay people as a scapegoat or distraction from the real issues.

    Hitler – Jews
    Nero – Christians
    And on and on….

  2. MickyFlip says

    Now what kinda tanky juju bambaklaat we got here? I’ll give him due on the beats and his flow. One thing about the “Rasta” faith. There are many levels just like Christianity itself. Which it stems from. So I’m not surprised in the least by the hatred stemming from the music. However, it does send a negative message compared to Jah’s positive vibe.

    Granted, to be fair, Bob Marley wrote a song called “Midnight Raver’s” with some lyrics that I do find personally troubling. However, I’d also like to believe if Bob Marley was indeed alive today. He would end up standing up for the cause of equality for everyone. Including the LGBT community. Because Bob Marley would understand the plight of suffering when he truly sees it and realizes the importance to be equal.

  3. MickyFlip says

    Oh, and yeah… I know Buju Banton still is undergoing his… exile(?) well. However, I do hope he comes around too because…well, tbh, I very much like his music as well. I mean Til Shiloh is a beautiful album.

  4. Jerry says

    Par for the course in Jamaica. They don’t like gays. Period. I don’t go spend money there nor do I support the culture. Very simple.

  5. MickyFlip says

    @Jerry Yes and no. I work with a Jamaican who knows I’m a “Batty Boy” but was extremely surprised by my knowledge for Jamaican music and my love for Bob Marley/Peter Tosh/Wailers music. So…I guess I’m saying I broke through to him after getting to know each other. He still goes back to Jamaica but he does let his family and friends know about me. So…well, at least there is some positive change. He insists I should check out his country.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    Well I think it’s great that at least this Jamaican festival doesn’t allow homophobia from its performers. That is a step in the right direction.

  7. L G. says

    Good for the promoter! Takes balls IF he sticks with it and doesn´t fall for the “I apologize” crap.

  8. DannyEastVillage says

    looks gay to me. guess that explains it.

    meanwhile, he can swagger that it doesn’t bother him, but incidents like this get the message across. It takes time but it does the job.

  9. t j jackson says

    Many years ago I went to an all star reggae event at the ACC in Toronto on Pride Weekend.
    Pride organizers asked that performers hold back on their anti-gay lyrics but of course, a few ignored that plea.
    The show was packed and many lesbians and gays were in the audience.

  10. says

    I’m with Sam here. The dude is definitely banned from the next STING Concert Series unless he absolutely promises not to sing anything anti-gay again. Like, really REALLY promises.

  11. jamal49 says

    @TRISTAM not just homophobic right-wing politicians. This garbage is directly the result of homophobic, right-wing christian evangelical effluvia and christian fundamentalist filth polluting and corrupting a multitude of Caribbean cultures.

  12. superbombasticbubblingplastic says

    I disagree with MickyFlip on several things.

    1) If the majority of the ‘levels’ of the Rasta faith are homophobic, and any levels that aren’t are deadly silent, it really isn’t useful to try distinguishing between them.

    2) I do not believe that Bob Marley would stand up for LBGT equality. Maybe he would say that they shouldn’t be treated the way they currently are being treated. You know, LGBTs are fired from their jobs, their homes are burned to the ground, and they are forced to live in the streets. Then when ‘good’ Jamaicans complain about all the jobless homeless LGBTs, they’re driven to live in the sewers. Police go into these sewers and if they can find belongings unattended, they burn them. ‘Good’ Jamaican citizens know that LGBTs are forced to live in the sewers, so for fun they go in and if they can find anyone sleeping, they set them on fire. If LGBTs are seen in the streets; ravenous mobs hunt them for sport, hack them up with machetes, and burn them. Bob Marley would be against that maybe, MAYBE, but he wouldn’t stand for equality.

    3) The reply to Jerry is missing information. I think it’s sad for Micky Flip to refer to himself the way Jamaicans refer to him “Batty Boy”. Did this Jamaican colleague decide Micky Flip was worthy to live because he knows about Jamaican music and musicians? When this person goes back to Jamaica, does he say that gays deserve equality or does he just talk about the curio batty boy that likes the culture that loathes him? He insists Micky check out Jamaica; I don’t think he should and if he does I hope he doesn’t end up another statistic.
    I agree with Jerry. Par for the course; they hate gays. Period. I don’t respect or support their culture. And that IS their culture because so many of them keep harping the point without any dissenting voices.

    I also agree with T J Jackson. These anti-gay cultures demand we ‘respect’ their hate culture, but when they visit us, do they temper themselves in any way? No.

    I hope ROMANHANS’s comment was a joke. ‘He should be banned unless he absolutely positively super promises with a cherry on top…” Sorry, no double-decker promises. Jamaicans are liars when it comes to LGBTs. We’ve seen it over and over. You can’t trust liars.

    I agree with DH too. Ugly culture, ugly people.

  13. david says

    Bigup Kalonji for burning them out if you read the bible carefully GOD HIMSELF tells us to stone them, their blood will be upon them etc. God hates them im with god