1. crispy says

    Isn’t Jonathan Groff dating Mr. Spock in real life?

    I like how his character is sort of a mess on this show. He tries to come off as put-together and claims to be looking for a real relationship, but then he gets drunk on dates (twice now!) and turns into a buffoon. I know too many men like that.

  2. crispy says

    Ohfuckoff, Will. Did you not catch the part where Raul Castillo says let’s go someplace else instead of back to Patrick’s house?

    I swear, if half the people who complain about this show could actually follow it, they might have some credibility.

  3. garryo says

    Seems like a regular pick-up convo to me. Not over-written or made more than it is. I like that.
    Not liking Castillo’s acting, though. Weak. This kind of story-telling needs very skilled actors, not just eye candy.

  4. Irritated by snobish know-it-all gays says

    Since some of you seem to know how it’s going to flow, please just go away and let the rest of us find out on our own, thank you very much.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    Ah, interracial couples are hot! And this is realistic too.

    I don’t think I’ll subscribe to HBO until Game of Thrones comes back but by then I’ll catch up on the whole season of Looking!

  6. Steve Talbert says

    I like how they pair up Groff with someone not that attractive so that the message of getting to know people without just judging by looks is stressed. I think it sends a positive message to young kids watching.

  7. Steve Talbert says

    I would probably agree that he looks better than the tall thin guy that the couple had sex with. His features are too creased, he looks a bit swarthy but not in a good way, and needs work on his teeth. That’s why I like the Internet. For every type there are a bunch of people looking for that and a bunch more looking for the opposite.

  8. Saturnalia says

    Well, I can tell you one thing: all this nonsencical naggiang and complaining about this show, led to dismal rating. The clue that networks will get is that they should not make any quality gay show ever, in fact no gay show.

    Yes it is gay mumblecore on tv, and it is great gay mumblecore.

    ANyone who do not like it can watch some other gay tv show that is more to personal liking.

    … Except there is none other, yikes!

    Three hundred thousand viewers only. Shamefull.

  9. gr8guyca says

    Unlike “Sex and the City” and “Girls” there is no strong, central person to hold the show together. Jonathan Groff is cute and nice to watch, but he isn’t a dynamic or interesting character. Perhaps he will become less bland as the show evolves.

    btw, I keep watching when he gets dumped on his date. When a guy is that cute/hot, does this ever really happen? He seems genuinely surprised to be rejected.

  10. Eric says

    This show should be renamed “boring” because that’s what it is – incredibly so. And its ratings sucked – less than 30% of its lead in “Girls.” Maybe its buzz will make up for that or more people will start watching, if not it’ll become “cancelled” in no time.

  11. jarago says

    You guys seem to be missing the point of the show- these are not suppose male model types but average gay men- I agree that the main character seems a bit dull.

  12. emjayay says

    We’ll see but maybe Groff is the weak link on this show. In this clip he seemed too drunk for a few seconds or ambivalent or something. And generally not that interesting. Maybe it plays better in context. If so many here (not counting the ridiculous usual naysayers) are saying the same thing, assuming the show has good people working on it they will be hearing and seeing the same things and if the director is as good as I think he will figure it out anyway and do something about it.

    Weekend as just chatty mumblecore plus sex, but the actors were great. No extreme scenes, just alive and listening and thinking and in the moment etc.

    Hopefully the director knows the difference. I wonder how many shows are already in the can. I have seen shows figure out things out and change things as they go along. They just need smart people and time. Kind of like during previews in theater, particularly with a new show with the writer there who can change the script as well.

  13. stevetalbert says

    No one is expecting male models. I think they look pretty average for chicago bars.

    It’s only had one episode, how can people say anything about it until maybe after the third or fourth episode? ?! Plus. Some shows have big changes after the first few if they are still in production and getting feedback.

  14. leprechaunvict says

    What is with people complaining that this show is “boring”? If you want Will & Grace or Queer as Folk, go watch your boxed sets or netflix or whatever. Why is subtlety so lost on viewers these days, I swear…

  15. crispy says

    @EMJAYAY: The entire first season has already been shot. It’s only 8 episodes long.

    One silver lining of such a short season, given the poor ratings, is that maybe Looking is very cheap to produce, and HBO will continue to fund it. First seasons rarely hit the mark… does everyone remember the first season of Sex and the City when Carrie would interview women for her column and they talked to the camera? They dumped that motif by the second season.

    I really like the show. But it is subtle. My guess is the people who call it boring need Real Housewives drama to be entertained.

  16. Pete Townsen says

    Raul Castillo is a BRILLIANT NYC trained ACTOR/Playwright with a stunning future and a stunning smile. He is one beautiful MAN if there ever was one.
    Embittered self-centered jealous queens can’t bother to SEE
    what is truly wonderful!!!
    The “character” of “Richie” and his soon-to-come revealing will astound spellbound loyal viewers who will be richly rewarded !!!

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