Juan Pablo Galavis: Gay Version of ‘The Bachelor’ Would Not Be ‘a Good Example for Kids’ – AUDIO


Juan Pablo Galavis, TV's 'Bachelor', was asked by Sean Daly at The TV Page what he would think about producers creating a gay version of the show.

Says Galavis:

"I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV."

Galavis then points out a manager or pr person at the interview named Peter, noting that Peter is gay and he respects him but still can't fathom two men doing the same thing that a man and woman do.

Continues Galavis:

"…Obviously people have their husband and wife and kids and that is how we are brought up. Now there is fathers having kids and all that, and it is hard for me to understand that too in the sense of a household having people. Two parents sleeping in the same bed and the kid going into bed. It is confusing in a sense. But I respect them because they want to have kids. They want to be parents. So it is a scale. Where do you put it on the scale?  Where is the thin line to cross or not? You have to respect everybody’s desires and way of living. But it would be too hard for TV."

Finally, to sum up his remarks, Galavis calls gay people "more pervert in a sense."

Listen below:


  1. Nick says

    America reality television needs to be the standard bearer of what is moral and just and this fame whore is just the perfect spokesperson for family values……
    He is a piece of work. Keep it real Juan. I bet you cannot wait to tell your spawn about how their daddy spent time with 20 plus females, broke some hearts, pretended to be interested in their vacuous lives and then got to pick a lucky winner to be dad’s “lucky lady”.
    My head hurts thinking how wrong this is but at least gay people weren’t involved…..save the children indeed!

  2. Elsewhere1010 says

    Ladies? He’s all yours, if you want him. And can handle someone who can insult a man to his face with a big, big smile and then claim that he respects that individual…

  3. northalabama says

    is his show on pbs? never knew the bachelor was children’s educational programming.

    yes, let the children watch this jackhat and 27 women, sorta like traditional marriage in the bible, concubines and all…

  4. Chris says

    He’s on a SHOW where women are paraded in front of him for his choosing. I don’t think THAT is a goo example for kids to watch. Women are not cattle. THAT is perverted. Oh IRONY.

  5. Dback says

    Well, at least he’s not completely mean spirited or homophobic-but he definitely needs to spend more time around gay people to get his preconceptions debunked. I’ll admire him a lot more if he does something like that instead of living in his pretty little bubble. (And yes, as others have commented: nothing like a man looking for love on tv to lecture others about love and morality!)

  6. says

    Well said.

    Calling this ‘reality’ is like Republicans calling themselves the party of Lincoln while yelling secession.
    Or Scott Lively calling himself a follower of Jesus while promoting the murder of LGBT.

  7. Mark says

    wait, what? I am just devastated! I SOOOO value the opinion of a vacuous (look it up Juan Pablo, it has more than 3 letters in it)celebrity whore. Here is an individual who thinks it’s desirable to televise a COMPETITION for his future spouse. And I give a rat’s ass what this idiot thinks about my family? Believe me, I would NEVER allow my children to watch his sorry, pathetic show.

  8. says

    It’s funny because I was listening to my fav radio station the other day and they were gushing how nice Juan Pablo came across, let’s see if they have a change of heart when this breaks seeing as the host of the show have been pro-equality and gay rights in the past…well except that one chick whose from south carolina but she’s usually an idiot anyway.

  9. says

    Says the single man with a kid who dropped his ex and is now whoring around with a house full of women, looking for his next piece.

    He’s a Norman Rockwell painting come to life.

  10. Matt27 says

    I hope there will never be a gay versio, since the straight version is so horrible, it should be canceled already like majority of ‘reality’ television.
    The current show is good example for kids? In what way? It’s a trash show.

  11. says

    Funny how ABC was getting sued a few years ago because their show “The Bachelor” had no bachelor of color in over 20 seasons and when they finally do he’s as white passing as possible. Seriously if you told me this guy was white with English routes and his name was Stewart, I’d believe it.

  12. Chris says

    LOL…as someone commented above….he thinks a gay bachelor show isn’t a good example for kids…..but a “knocked a woman and had a kid but won’t marry her but instead am out dating multiple women at once instead of the mother of my child” bachelor show IS?

    Lol….he and Bristol Palin need to start a “Stone Casters Who Live in Glass Houses” club.

  13. Chris says

    Shouldn’t he be doing everything he can to marry the mother of his child instead of pimping himself out on television? He has kind of a one-sided view of what is a good example doesn’t he?

  14. dommyluc says

    A fugly rich guy with an IQ smaller than his shoe size and who whores himself out to women on a 3rd-rate reality TV show gets to question my morality. Well, isn’t that special!

  15. Just_a_guy says

    Dude is an fing ingnoramous. If he had more influence he’d be a bit of a monster.

    Parents should not expose their kids to Juan Pablo Galavis.

    He’s disgusting; I could only bear to listen to 10 seconds. Puke. Also, boldfaced lies.

  16. Randy says

    I don’t want to see a gay version of the Bachelor (although we already had it with Boy Meets Boy) because even though straight people have destroyed marriage, I like to think it means something to those of us gay people who do get married.

    No wonder this jerk had to go on a TV show to find a mate. He’s a loser.

  17. NE1 says

    lol this is the one show my 86 year old grandmother watches and talks to me about.. so i’m guessing she’s gonna agree with him. my take on it is ABC can go f–k themselves. they do this with dancing with the stars too, gays are only allowed if they dance with opposite sex partners and put up with Bristol Palin and a barrage of anti gay publicity.

  18. Kieran says

    Lucky for this guy he won’t have to worry about anybody protesting his homophobic remarks—–all the dopey gay groups are preoccupied protesting gay athletes who want to show up at Sochi.

  19. Stephen says

    He thinks that gays should not be married and raising kids and he thinks that gays are in a sense inherently perverted. This means he is either a homophobe or a queer theorist.

  20. Jerry says

    God intended us to choose our heterosexual counterpart from a group of whores or himbos assembled before a studio audience by tv producers. Duh. That’s not confusing for kids at all.

  21. Jedi says

    Re: “‘Finally, to sum up his remarks, Galavis calls gay people “more pervert in a sense.'”, I’m sure Juan Pablo Galavis meant “pervert” as in “promiscuous” (English is not his first language) but it doesn’t excuse his remark.

  22. crazycorgi says

    Yet he thinks it is perfectly acceptable that children be exposed to his womanizing on the show: making out in a hot tub with multiple women at one time, lying to them, playing them for sex, etc. Yeah, it’s perfectly acceptable to raise children to behave as he does, and for young girls to learn to expect that behavior from men.

  23. Bernie says

    IF anyone with a good reason can explain to me why seeing or knowing gay relationships exist, how it hurts children?!?!? I really don’t get it! And, the comment about gays being pervert is maddening!

  24. William Candia says

    Quite frankly more than disappointing, your answer is rather stupid and ignorant….generalizing is the worst mistake mankind can do!…haven’t we seen enough of that through history??…oh, probably you don’t read history books!

  25. Michael in PS says

    Keep in mind there is little reality in reality TV. A friend was on one of these dating shows (just looking for screen time, with no intent of finding a husband) and she was told upfront that she’ll make it halfway through and then be eliminated, which is exactly what happened. Little doubt same holds true for all reality shows; they are all somehow scripted, prodded or outright fake. So for Juan Pablo to pretend he’s looking for true love, nope don’t buy it.

    Even so, dude will make out with multiple (opposite-sex) partners over the course of the show and, potentially, have overnight dates with a handful of ’em – hey precious daughter, dad might be nothing more than a man-whore, yet it’s the gays who are perverts. He, and every other Bachelor and Bachelorette before and after, should keep their (pretty) mouth shut when it comes to anything in term of right or wrong.

  26. Zeta says


    POSTED BY: ANKERICH | JAN 18, 2014 12:48:14 PM

    Given that ‘Juan Pablo’ is white as snow, and Mormon heaven promises white skin to good little brown skinned heathens… it just might be.

  27. ratbastard says

    I don’t effing care what this gay clone thinks. Seriously, doesn’t this guy look like he’d be right at home snorting adderall and amyl nitrate at gay sex parties,wearing an oversized gold dildo medallion? Who wants to place a gentleman’s bet that he shaves his pubes, body hair and uses gel to the groom his eyebrows?

  28. ratbastard says

    He could easily pass as Spanish. Spain is a white European country, with many snow white natives. He can also easily pass as South American. Why do some people think all Latin Americans are ‘brown’ ?

  29. QUE NO says

    Wow, that sounds like a dumb guy trying to sound smart, thoughtful, philosophical even…but it definitely is a more conservative perspective! I guess he won’t be getting the best dressers, stylists, and make up artists to prep him for any more Bachelor show/events.

  30. AmericanDreamer says

    I think it is ridiculous that the media is paying any attention to this guy’s personal views given the absurbdity of his low brow reality show

  31. jake john says

    More than just the “pervert” comment he also seems to be suggesting that seeing two married men in bed and having their children sleeping in that bed would somehow be offensive and wrong.. He’s calling us pedophiles.. THAT is what we should be most angry about.. And incidentally he never mentioned this part of his statement in his apology..

  32. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    ABC — whoremongers deluxe. I’ve never watched this show…hell, I don’t watch any “reality shows”. They’re boring as hell to me. But this whole bachelor/bachelorette crap is the worst. It’s like legalized prostitution, and so damn demeaning, I’m embarrassed for the people desperate enough to appear on it.

    That said, if this twit doesn’t like the idea of a gay bachelor show, then why is he on it? Because he screams, baby. Is he just trying to hide his closet?

  33. EYE ROLL says

    Yes, because the Bachelor is THE gold standard of what children should watch! Why aren’t religious conservatives protesting this show? The Bachelor and Bachelorette have made a complete mockery of marriage. Conservatives need to stop blaming “the gays” for the destruction of straight marriage. They are doing such a great job of it on their own.

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