1. Mikey says

    Can’t wait for the next season of Orange is the New Black. Laverne was a stand-out in a tremendous group of actresses.

  2. Patrick says

    Why do people like you enjoy looking so dumb?

    If you want to know “what’s the difference,” look it up. How hard would that be? You’re already online.

  3. Who? says

    @Patrick: The question was not interrogative; it was rhetorical, asserting by rhetorical device that there is in fact no difference between a dude-in-a-dress and a dude-in-a-dress-who-claims-he’s-a-woman.

    Happy to help.

  4. David says

    I hope everyone reads the comment exchange above. Trannies are taking offense that someone referred to this person as a drag queen. Now whenever anyone questions the logical soundness of “LGBT” you will invariably hear “But transgenders were at Stonewall!” They are referring to a small number of drag queens who were present at that event. So “transgender” includes drag queens when it is politically convenient for trans activists. Trans activists are the biggest liars in the world. They not only routinely lie about their gender to their sexual partners, but they lie about the definition of “transgender”.

  5. Sheena From Funky Cold Medina says

    @David: “They not only routinely lie about their gender to their sexual partners…”

    So you still aren’t over the time you picked up a guy wearing a dress in that bar at that sales convention, are you.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “That’s just a guy playing dress-up, trying to look like Michelle Obama.

    Close, but no cigar.”

    Oh, yeah. And when you play dress up you think you look like Jennifer Aniston. But everybody else looks at you and sees Phyllis Schlafly.

    And you know where you can stick that cigar, Miss Thaing…or do we need President Clinton to tell you that?

  7. Jamal49 says

    @Derrick–Phyllis Schlafly: Best post-anal oral gumming I ever had. Yo…don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, bro.

  8. Emily says

    I find this story to be terribly sad. The “Task Force” is now an almost useless organization. It is a drain on resources. This conference that it is conducting is pretty much the only thing it will accomplish this year. And the “accomplishment” is the holding of the conference. The conference itself has never actually created any change in 30 years.

    We really don’t need to spend $10 million and pay the executive director $250,000 to hold a conference once a year. We can hire a caterer to do that for us for much less.

  9. Brian Ceteras says

    Lol! She brought the house down? Well, it was kind of a stacked house. Half that room is transsexuals, crossdressers, genderqueers and an assortment of characters worthy of a Mos Eisley bar. This is a conference that gives out an S/M award. It is a conference that has pages and pages of etiquette rules about what pronouns to use in ordinary conversation and the use of deodorant.

    So yeah, Laverne Cox really brought down the house. The mad house that is.

  10. jamal49 says

    I feel almost honoured. Somebody has used my name to post a despicable slur against one of the better angels here on Towleroad, Derrick From Philly. Whoever the fake Jamal49 is, I doubt if even Phyllis Schlafly would touch you with a ten-foot bilge pole.

  11. SpaceCadet says

    I’m currently watching and loving Orange is the New Black and Laverne is great on the show.

    Silly homo trolls on here who don’t relealize they aren’t superior to transgenders. We are all equal.

  12. Jesus says

    And some folks wonder why trans* people feel so left out of the LGBT movement. Heteronormativity: you’re practicin’ it.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    @ JAMAL49,

    I always look forward to your comments…always (though we sometimes disagree on the value of religion)

    I’m not thinking about that fool, Rick. He even combined our posting names when he uses the alias “Jamal Derrick Enchantra From Philly”

    “Enchantra” humph. We know what his secret desire is.

    I always say, Rick’s English language writing skills are more than competent, but what he has to say makes him a pure fool.

    @ ” “@ David: “They not only routinely lie about their gender to their sexual partners

    So you still aren’t over the time you picked up a guy wearing a dress in that bar at that sales convention, are you.'”

    Posted by: Sheena From Funky Cold Medina | Jan 31, 2014 1:57:08 PM

    @Thank you, Sheena. I love to laugh–especially on a Friday afternoon. And yours was the best response comment of the entire week.

  14. David says

    Jesus, most transgenders are heterosexual, so I think they practice “heteronormativity” more than LGBs.

    However, I give you props for using the latest trans activist fad, the asterisk. You see, when you are inherently unstable and have neither an intellectual foundation or a moral center, you need a constant flow of fads and gimmicks to keep life interesting. So we have had the invention of the term transgender, the never-ending changes to the roster of supposedly offensive words, the concoction of terms like zie and zir, and now the asterisk. Next week, they will start using the Euro symbol or perhaps introduce a grunting noise as their next trick.

  15. Robert says

    Dear Haters,
    Please keep in mind that many of these comments are the very same things that conservative christian right wing evangelical republican straight people say about you. The very same things. How can you possibly be so blind, so narrow, and so self-involved?

  16. Felicity says

    I think the thing we need to remember is that the trolls, haters, and/or ignorant people read this (LGBT) blog and by ever speaking here they are automatically by default hypocrites. So their comments hold absolutely ZERO weight.

  17. FFS says

    @Robert: Our resident Towleroad troll isn’t the tiniest bit self-aware. Attempting to reason with him is like p!ssing into the wind.

    “Rick’s” hate boner is throbbing so hard he can hardly stand it. The trans* community must be doing something right.

  18. Jay says

    And I am suddenly reminded of why I don’t read the comments on the internet. I still don’t understand why this site hasn’t gone to a more finely tuned system after years of troll takeovers.