1. says

    I find public proposals to be very emotionally manipulative. You go above and beyond to propose, making it very public and almost back the person into a corner so they have to say yes. If my future boyfriend tries this I’m going to say no even if I do want to marry him. You take the romance out of it and it’s really manipulative.

  2. Mitch says

    That kind of mushiness and sappiness that is obnoxiously over the top but where you secretly wish to be the recipient! Well done. Hope the life together is as great as the beginning!

  3. Mark says

    Wishing them all the best – the thought is really nice and to each his own – HOWEVER:

    Mitch – I would NEVER want a proposal to be so pubic with a crowd watching….Shouldn’t a marriage proposal be between the two people getting engaged?

    It seems like everyone wants their own ‘reality’ show…Andy Warhol was correct about people needing their 15 minutes of fame.

    I agree with everything Derek said above – it’s almost like it’s done just for attention.

  4. dumbnhung says

    a bit of a reading exercise, and an environmental disaster (how many trees died for that proposal). I’d suggest texting in the future. But still cute, my eyes moistened.

  5. Derek says

    The cynical comments ruin what’s a cute moment between a couple people who obviously love each other. Maybe it’s not for you and maybe you couldn’t handle it and maybe in your world it’s tacky and maybe it was this or that or any other of a million problems you can find with it. But it’s not about you; so why not just enjoy a heartwarming story that distracts from all the hate and negativity in the world?

  6. steve says

    I’m really curious if these couples last – the ones that have these really public proposals… would be interesting to see a study on them and find out if they’re still together 5 years later. this kind of thing is not for me, but more power to them if it makes them happy. (I can’t even watch it because it makes me so uncomfortable, if I had to be in that position)

  7. Mark says


    You don’t need to read the comments. If it ruins a moment for you, watch the video and don’t read the comments.

    I did enjoy the moment and offered commentary – the whole point of the comment section.

    Your comment speaks of the same negativity you claim to detest.

    Hi pot meet kettle

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