1. TampaZeke says

    So what’s Rachel’s point here? There is nothing helpful to our cause in reporting this, “naner, naner, naner” gloat. The only thing she is doing is telling other states to make sure to request a stay of any court ruling in support of marriage equality ahead of time.

    This is very childish and counter productive and doesn’t reflect well on Maddow.

  2. Bernie says

    lol……Rachel’s point is that the AG in Utah was incompetent in NOT filing a request for an appeal in time……….I think it is hysterical that Utah is focused on stopping marriage equality and then advertising for expertise in fighting this……..the time, money ($2million), resources and emotions spent on fighting marriage equality is INANE!

  3. Daniel in MO says

    I would say that Rachel’s point is this is the caliber of legal expertise one gets when people elect officials based on positions on issues which require “belief” and not the facts of the case. The AG’s office did not even prepare basic legal paperwork on the off chance they lost. So one of two things most likely happened, #1 They were grossly incompetent. I find this a little hard to believe. Every other person in a state capital went to law school (slight exaggeration). OR #2 They truly believed that God was on their side and they were so convinced that they would win that to prepare for a possible loss would show a lack of faith.

  4. rroberts says

    Rachel is right on. My partner and I have been chuckling about the Utah AG bungle as well as chuckling about the whole Utah show. As @BERNIE noted, Rachel pointed out the incredible incompetence, and the Keystone Kops style antics going on. Sometimes laughable news is good news.

  5. zeddy says

    Well the AG “bugle” was probably just a political thing to make them appear like they are fighting this issue. When in reality, they are just making futile moves.

  6. kdknyc says

    Why NOT enjoy a little schadenfreude? We deserve it. And other states have, and most likely will know not to make this mistake again, whether or not Rachel points it out on her show.

  7. Craig Nelson says

    Nothing to say they’d have got a stay pending appeal. They probably wouldn’t have. I think they’d have probably got a temporary stay pending a hearing about about a stay pending an appeal to the tenth circuit (which they would have probably lost). Except the process would have been a little more orderly and the state would have appeared less chaotic and bewildered.

  8. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Rachel Maddow’s comment is an example of how HER OWN lack of knowledge resulted in an inaccurate news story (or commentary).

    In fact, almost no first year law student (including A+ students) will learn — or remember — that it’s necessary to file a request for a stay as part of the original pleadings. Rachel’s statement that this is “something that you learn to do as a 1L in law school” is a ridiculous statement with little or no basis in reality of law school education. It demeans her own credibility.

    I’m still thrilled at the result of Utah’s incompetence, but it had nothing to do with failing to do what you learn as a first year law student.

  9. Mike Ryan says

    There is MUCH to gain by shoving it in their faces. Other states, other AGs will think twice over the humiliation Utah is facing. Those of you whiners out there who keeps saying we should shut our mouths are nuts. We shut our mouths for decades and those times are over. We are simply not going to stand for it any more and we are going to hit back swiftly and hard.

  10. reggie777 says

    It’s amazing to what lengths the Rachel haters go to.

    I’m assuming that those who know for sure that first year lawyers wouldn’t learn a particular topic have in fact been to law school, at least for the first year. The real point is that it is a basic concept that should have been grasped early on. And definitely should have been used by the AG office.
    If you do not appreciate Rachel’s sense of humor, and style. Then… hey.. you don’t have to watch her.

    I trust her reporting. I love her style, her delivery. So, I watch her. No one’s forcing you.

  11. QJ201 says

    Lawyers, AGs, DAs, Public Defenders and Judges…all you need is to pass the bar, you don’t actually have to be any good in your job or have any legal intelligence.

  12. Chuckles says

    This was Rachel at her worst. Liek there isn’t enough real news to talk about. It worth 45 seconds at most, but, as she often does, she finds one thing and belabors it until I change the channel.

  13. anon says

    I think the delay was caused by the outgoing AG leaving town for the holidays when his term expired and the new AG not having a team in place while this was going on.

  14. renovato says

    Well even after Xmass and New Year, I’m still laughing about the incompetance of the Utah State officials, but they have NO case, so what to do.?
    They have Three, yes Three, defined unconstitutional rulings (in one judgement)against them as regards their denial of same sex marriage equality set down by the Federal District Court, any one of which would invalidate their constitutional ammendment and associated State laws prohibiting equal marriage of same sex couples!!!!
    They still do not seem to have grasped that reality.

  15. Craig Nelson says

    Fact is there was the inherent assumption all will be well (from their point of view) a bit like Mitt Romney on election night – again, all will be well.

    I don’t think Utah is unique here but I do think Utah may be unique in the degree of religiosity in the state and state government. This may affect people’s way of thinking that compels people somehow to overlook the possibility of losing. The downside is that therefore you don’t prepare for that eventuality until it happens. The upside is that maybe after it has happened one’s faith helps one come to terms with what has happened.

    In the ranking of states by religiosity there is marriage equality in three states – Utah, New Mexico and Iowa (all by court order). Only Mississippi has greater religiosity than Utah.

    All the 13 states that have legalized same sex marriage are in the bottom 25 for religiosity and 10 of the bottom 15 have marriage equality by different routes. Religiosity is of course not the only factor in this, having democrats control both houses and the governor is a big factor as well. Still I think such high levels of religiosity in Utah must have had an impact on their ability to react and understand they could lose.

  16. Buckie says

    It’s not gloating at it, it’s pointing out how incompetent our opposition is.

    It extends WAY beyond simply being blinded by religiosity.

    It shows a profound lack of organization and ability to accomplish most basic tasks.

    What does this mean for us ? It means we shouldn’t let our guard down and we should support the competent people we have on our side, because there are a whole of of same-sex couples that still want and need to wed all over the country that need our ongoing help.

    “Religiosity” isn’t why this is happening, isn’t why this has been handled incompetently.

    This is happening because the top people in their respective fields KNOW that this is about our constitutional rights having been trampled on for decades. THOSE people aren’t interested in defending a sinking ship.

    We’re actually the ones that are blinded by our own type of religiosity. We should be pressing on for the progress that we don’t even seem to recognize among ourselves.

    We should be more aggressive and demanding compensation for the oppression we’ve suffered.

    We should be demanding Reparations.

  17. says

    @Craig Nelson It’s not only religiosity, but specifically MORMONS, and Mormons have been the biggest opponents of marriage equality since Hawaii 20 years ago. Prop 8 and NOM are really their inventions.

  18. says

    The main point of her story, whether or not you dig the snarky delivery, is that Utah’s AG’s office was like the 3 Stooges through this process. #1 had to leave office cause of innumerable scandals, #2 (the interim guy) wasn’t ready with a stay request when he should have been, and #3’s initial statement about the case and the request for a stay was an incomprehensible Palinesque word salad. The request before Sotomayor also irrationally makes reference to discredited studies about child rearing. So, yes, they’ve screwed up.

    But, ultimately, we shouldn’t win this because of their incompetence but because the Constitution is on our side. When marriage equality comes to all 50 states, that will be why. Though it is fun to watch Utah flailing in the wind.

  19. Bill says

    I thought Rachel Maddow was way too harsh regarding Utah’s new attorney general. The guy had held that position for only a few weeks and this is not the only case his office is dealing with. There’s a lot for him to do just to catch up with the status of currently active cases. He’d have to rank-order them, with the ones where an adverse decision could cost the state a lot of money probably being on the top of the stack.

    Aside from that, I think she nailed it regarding how funny it is that “Heavenly Father” (to use the lingo from “Latter Days”) was apparently nodding off as well. Hey, if you are a good 13 billion years old at a minimum, it is no surprise!

  20. JackFknTwist says

    Attorney could have asked for a ‘stay’ once judgment was read; a request for a ‘stay’ does not and should not be included in the pleadings…..9it would only demonstrate a weakness in your own argument).

  21. simon says

    In filing for a stay, Utah’s officials said that the ruling is an “affront” to the state of Utah as if the courts flicking care. Of course they never thought they could lose. Again they think they can win in higher courts by filing appeals no matter how much it costs. If they have carefully analysed the appeal’s court rulings for the denial of stay, they should have reached the same conclusion as Christi and given up. You simply can’t expect these people are capable of rational thinking.

  22. says

    Love & adore Rachel.
    But. She’s capable of better than this. Of all the wonderful stories coming out of Utah since Shelby’s decision she could have used but producers chose to spend an entire segment on mocking the lawyers.
    Raise the bar Rachel.

  23. J.R says

    Rub it in their face! they rub it in ours when fighting our CIVIL RIGHTS. This bull crap about us having to always act like prim school girls who never react with passion and are always classy little school marms is homophobic. These bigots deserve to have their stupidity rubbed in their faces

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