1. Chris says

    What a coward. On the run and didn’t intend to return to Russia? He should have manned up and accept his punishment for his crimes. Glad he was caught.

  2. theo says

    Vanity muscles, trimmed scruff, tank top and tight pants? Mary, please. I can only imagine the self-loathing that courses through his veins while he rides his favorite dildo.

  3. JackFknTwist says

    Coward scum and an obvious closet twisted phucker.
    The necessity of constantly protesting against these fascists and political fascists is obvious.
    Everyone protest now ! To our own politicos to our governments outside embassies… the Olympics.

    We cannot let this happen to our tribe again.

  4. andrew says

    Isn’t it obvious, to nearly everyone, that these vigilantes who are engaging in these homoerotic tortures are themselves closeted homosexuals? Whether it is these vigilantes, Roman Catholic hierarchs like Benedict XVI, fundamentalist bible hate spewing preachers, street thugs beating up gays or legislators trying to enact anti-gay laws, they almost all have one thing in common: THE CLOSET. Sadly, the closet creates and sustains these mutants. Healthy and self confident heterosexuals do not behave like them. Unfortunately, they are our closeted and twisted “brothers and sisters”.

  5. andrew says

    @KEVINVT: I don’t know much about Scott Lively. I do know that many of the leading opponents of LGBT equality are closeted homosexuals. In their twisted struggles against their own homosexual urges they seek to destroy out and proud LGBT people. The struggle is usually not between “macho” and “effeminate” gays but between Out and Closeted homosexuals.

  6. Bryan L says

    Kevin, “…they almost all have one thing in common: THE CLOSET.” Seriously?

    And, Andrew, “The struggle is usually not between “macho” and “effeminate” gays but between Out and Closeted homosexuals.” Huh?

    You know, guys, such wildly exaggerated assumptions are really kind of offensive. The homophobic bigots who are out there, trying to destroy us one way or another, are most likely under the influence of a vile, religious dogma or are poorly educated and grossly misinformed or just plain crazy.

  7. SpaceCadet says

    Glad the loser was caught. The irony is not lost on me that he looks gay himself. I’m actually surprised Russia is going after him. If they successfully prosecute him, perhaps that will discourage further vigilantism.

  8. andrew says

    @BRYAN L: So many times the loudest and most hateful voices against LGBT equality are, and have often been shown to be, closeted homosexuals. Many of them are under the influence of religious dogmas, some are poorly educated, others are crippled by social or familial forces. These are the things that keep them closeted. Living in the closet and trying to suppress their homosexuality, which they have been taught is evil, warps and twists them, so they strike out at what they hate most, their own homosexuality and the out and proud homosexuals they despise. Rarely will you find a healthy heterosexual self confident in his sexuality ranting against LGBT people.

  9. Andy says

    This is very good news, but Martsinkevich is just the top of the iceberg. There are so many more sociopaths in Russia who also need to be imprisoned. They start off torturing animals, then they move to gay people, then the next victim is…?

  10. JAMES B. says

    That video is horrifying to watch. It’s everything we have fought in this country to put behind us. The Russian Olympics should be cancelled on the basis of Human rights violations. Get them where it hurts, their wallets and on the international stage.

  11. whataboutnow says

    ANDREW; maybe an anti-gay troll, trying to IN himself by posturing as gay, to spread poison and falsities.

    “Isn’t it obvious, to nearly everyone” – Leading question.

    “they almost all have one thing in common: THE CLOSET.” – Baseless overgeneralization to demoralize.

    “Healthy and self confident heterosexuals do not behave like them.” – I guess that depends on one’s stipulative definition of ‘healthy’ and ‘self-confident’…

    “Unfortunately, they are our closeted and twisted ‘brothers and sisters’.” – More demoralizing discourse that is mostly not true.

    “I do know that many of the leading opponents of LGBT equality are closeted homosexuals.” – Baseless assertion. Notice use of the word ‘homosexual’.

    “The struggle is usually not between “macho” and “effeminate” gays but between Out and Closeted homosexuals.” – More narrative trying to suggest that the majority of the opponents of gay equality are themselves closeted.

    “Rarely will you find a healthy heterosexual self confident in his sexuality ranting against LGBT people.” – Notice how Andrew plays up the numbers of closeted anti-gay gays and plays down the numbers of anti-gay straights.

    The closeted anti-gay gays are a reality but a minority. The cause of anti-gay animus and the majority of its hosts are straight. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. If in doubt, do your research for yourself. :-)

  12. vonneumann says

    I guess if ECHTKULTIC is right, then gays wrote the abrahamic religions in the first place, the pathologization of and generation of the term ‘homosexuality’ was generated by gays, all the hysterical moms and ‘million concerned moms’ group are gay, all the anti-gay groups like the ones that Right Wing Watch monitor are gay, all the anti-gay protests’ members are gay, all anti-gay mobs that stone and hang people are gay, all anti-gay laws that are passed are by gay legislators, all gay bashings are done by gays, all anti-gay police brutality is perpitrated by gays…

    If ECHTKULTIG is right then all the anti gay religious, anti-gay right wing authoritarian, anti-gay macho, and anti-gay just-worlders are themselves gay.

    Hey, if ECHTKULTIG is right maybe gays are the MAJORITY and straights are the MINORITY!! Either that or this person and people who believe this person can’t imagine numbers and also can’t interpret a study.

    A study that measures the ‘thou doth protest too much’ effect cannot be generalized to the extent that this person has.

  13. andrew says

    @WHATABOUTNOW: I’m not an ant-gay troll “posturing as gay, to spread poison and falsities”. I am an out and proud gay man who does volunteer work at an LGBT Community Center. I stand by the general gist of my analysis of homophobes. I will change “almost all” to many have one thing in common: The Closet. Indeed it is true that so many times the loudest and most hateful voices raised against LGBT equality are closeted homosexuals. It seems equally true that few healthy heterosexuals, confident in their own sexuality, are homophobic. The homophobes are more likely to be those insecure in their own sexuality. I am curious as to what name you usually post under. The tone of your post and some of your phrasing is very familiar. :-)

  14. EchtKultig says

    Nice try Vonneumann, but of course you ridiculously distort what I’ve said here in the past and what research shows to be true about homophobia.

    Of course most people are heterosexual. Unfortunately, MOST of world’s minds are also poisoned by religion. Was useful to humankind during our cave-dwelling days. Not anymore. Religions, thought of as self-sustaining collections of memes, had many tricks in their bag to keep their followers in line. Scapegoating those that seem different is one of them. (Not limited to the Abrahamic: take, for example, Hinduism’s stigmatization of leprosy, which is believed to show a sinful past. That goes back thousands of years)

    One of the reasons gay marriage had become so rapidly accepted among less religious Americans is of course, the average straight person realizes they did not choose their sexuality, just as we realize we did not choose our. MOST of the hardcore anti-gay, of course, believe we are just “choosing” to do these evil things. How could they so strongly believe that in the bottom of their heart? Well, of course, if THEY had chosen NOT to do those very same things. Is every US evangelical a closet case? No, but I’ve known a shocking number that seemed like it. For a couple years as a young adult I had part-time job that bought me in contact with various churches to install audio equipment. I remember a Baptist church in the DC area where everyone who worked there gave off a closeted vibe, and I to this day am convinced that the minister was trying to engage me in a dialog about my sexuality so that he could um, spend some private time with me. Almost every closet case I’ve met since in the corporate world wore either right-wing Christianity or Mormonism on their sleeve. (And in the rare case of the secular closet case, we had a couple moments where his wife seemed to indicate that their situation was an open secret)

    Actually I can quite believe some of the writers of the Bible were gay. What did you do 2000 years ago if you didn’t really like women? Find a supernatural explanation for it (a temptation from the devil) and convince others likewise. Paul was unmarried, and frankly some of his writing – to the degree you can discern a personality – seems like a big drama queen’s take on things. (not only the anti-gay bits)

  15. EchtKultig says

    BTW in past postings here I’ve identified several categories of psychological pathology that lead to anti-gay hysteria. Closetedness is clearly the dominant one but there are others. For example with child sexual abuse being rampant in some branches of Christianity, it’s quite possible many people develop their homophobia because they attribute such incidents to their attackers being gay. When in fact the vast majority of people who commit child sex offenses – whichever sex is involved – identify as straight and believe themselves to be.

  16. Bill says

    @SpaceCadet: It is no surprise that Russia is going after him: The way he’s dressed looks like propaganda (elsewhere in the world, advertising) for an SMBD-themed circuit party. He could be arrested in Russia for just walking down the street dressed like that.

  17. ross says

    One thing they keep leaving out is if you watch the videos and inderstand russian you will hear a underage boy looks like 13 talking to tje target about what the gay predator wants to do and odfer them and that is evidence that target is a.pedofile that lokes boys whixh means he is gay, sure they emphasiZe on the gay part then they should but in the end after all those people are pedofiles its just hard for the polictily corrent crowd to admit to that so they just ignore that part more them they sh poo ild and focus on tje anti gay part!!??

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