Maryland Lawmakers to Introduce Trans Rights Bill, ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Ban

Maryland lawmakers this week introduced bills to ban discrimination based on gender identity and expression and also harmful "ex-gay" therapy for minors, the Washington Blade reports:

MadalenoState Sen. Rich Madaleno (D-Montgomery County) will introduce the transgender rights bill in the state Senate. State Del. Luke Clippinger (D-Baltimore City) plans to bring forth the measure in the House of Delegates, even though the chamber passed a trans rights bill in 2011.

“We didn’t want to lose the opportunity to work with our House members,” said Equality Maryland Executive Director Carrie Evans.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee last March by a 6-5 vote struck down a bill Madaleno and state Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery County) introduced that would have banned anti-trans discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation. State Sens. Norman Stone (D-Baltimore County), C. Anthony Muse (D-Prince George’s County) and James Brochin (D-Baltimore County) voted against the measure.

Both Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller (D-Prince George’s and Calvert Counties) and House Speaker Michael Busch (D-Anne Arundel County) back the bill.


  1. Anna says

    Thanks for the update, Towleroad. I am going on the phone this afternoon to let my legislators in Ann Arundel know that they need to vote against the trans rights bill.

    Trans activists openly derided marriage equality in 2012. It isn’t that they refused to do damned thing to support it. No, they actively tried to defeat it. They urged the legislature to not to vote on it and then they urged the voters to turn it down. Trans activists are antigay, homophobic thugs. They use us for their own selfish purposes, and when we dare focus on something that they don’t care about, they try to “punish” us like we are disobedient slaves.

    It is a scandal that lesbians and gay groups helping to push their agenda when they attack us so blatantly. I will do everything I can to see that the trans rights bill is defeated. Payback time.

  2. Thedrdonna says

    Really? Do you have any evidence of this other than vague tumblr whining? Any evidence of actual efforts by a nonnegligible number of trans advocates? Nobody who makes claims like yours has ever been able to provide me with proof before.

  3. says

    DrDonna, it’s the same closeted hack making the same anti-trans comments, day in and day out. Ignore the coward. He’s a sad man with no power, no spine, and no brains. Ignore him like everyone in his life does.

    This is great news. Progress in the best sense.

  4. Thedrdonna says

    Oh, I know, Kiwi. I usually post that specific question when I see that specific lie, because I don’t want people to spread it further, without some verification.

  5. Michael M. says

    I was curious about this claim that trans activists attack or oppose marriage equality. I have seen it before. So instead of getting into a big name-calling contest about it, I took 10 minutes to run some google searches.

    Took me only about 2-3 minutes to get plenty of evidence that this really happened. It is not a lie, sorry to say. It seems that these attacks on marriage equality were going on for some time but they were especially focused on Maryland and New York state. Basically it comes down to that the trans activists think that LGBs should be focusing on transgender rights. Also a lot of them mock gay marriages generally saying that we are just playing house. Also one trans activist was upset because some transsexuals were able to get into straight marriages without anyone noticing and the focus on marriage equality drew unwanted attention to the issue. So for that reason, she wanted all gay people to be denied marriage equality.

    Pretty disgusting, selfish and outrageous IMO. Do the research yourselves. It isn’t pretty but we should know what the “T” is really about.

  6. Thedrdonna says

    Again, with the failing to provide evidence. I use google too, haven’t found anything like you describe. Care to link something?

  7. says

    Not sure which trans activists you’re talking about Anna/MichaelM–perhaps you could be specific if you’re going to make the claim on every T-related thead? I followed marriage equality closely in Maryland and NY and recall no organized trans opposition to marriage equality. Perhaps some people feel that marriage equality has been given too much priority in the LGBT movement, but that sentiment isn’t exclusive to transgender people. Many of my gay/queer friends feel the same way.

    In any event, most of us judge legislation on its own merits rather than opposing it as some weird retaliation for perceived slights. Very Chris Christie childish.

  8. RonCharles says

    All this bickering back and forth is stupid and counterproductive. The rights of everyone in the gay community should be protected, whether the people concerned are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgendered, transvestite-oriented, straight allies, family members of gays or friends of gays. There is no point whatsoever in groups tearing each other apart. … Oh, and Maryland should pass both of these bills@

  9. Trace McHue says

    Don’t know about all the argument above but I know that in Minnesota the transgenders didn’t lift a finger to help. MN United had help from gay and straight people from all over the state. We had unemployed people come in and help. We had a straight waitress drop off her tips in a jar. I knocked on doors with a straight college kid who had a term paper due. Everyone pitched in but we got nothing from the so called t in lgbt. Well, we won without them so good riddance to them imo. And now I should care about their thing in Maryland? Puhleeze.

  10. TheDrDonna says

    Trace, a quick google search shows Andrea Jenkins, an openly trans woman, has served on the board of OutFront MN since at least 2007.

  11. Trace McHue says

    So what? That group does trans stuff so no big shock that transgenders care about the stuff that benefits them and has a person helping that group.

    I am talking about the huge battle for marriage equality in Minnesota. The group is Minnesotans United for All Families. You can see all their donors on the Secretary of State’s website including organizations that donated not only money but also staff time and materials. You won’t find any trans group there because to be blunt they didn’t give a crap about us.

  12. Thedrdonna says

    OutFront is specifically cited as giving nearly $55,000 in donations to MN United. I’m sure there’s more, but I don’t have the time or interest to track down everything, so I’ll settle for simply showing that you are obviously discounting trans people due to prejudice. Have fun with that, you’re gonna get left behind with the Bachmanns.

  13. Trace McHue says

    OutFront is not a trans organization. It is an LGBT organization that is run and funded almost entirely by LGBs. So of course it supported marriage equality.
    That has nothing to do with the question here, which is SPECIFICALLY whether TRANSGENDER organizations and TRANSGENDER activists helped us in this big battle.

    I’ll say it loud and clear: NO TRANS ORGANIZATION GAVE US A CENT OR DID A DAMNED THING TO HELP. And I saw no trans activists or volunteers doing anything to help on the ground.

    If you have any evidence to the contrary show it or shut it. Go to the Secretary of State’s site and look at our campaign reports from 2012. Find a trans organization or a known transgender activist on there. Please go and find one. Like I said before you will find everything from unemployed people to college students to retirees but you wont find any transgenders.

    Now you want us to spend our time and money for a trans bill in Maryland. Get lost.

  14. TheDrDonna says

    Marcus Waterbury donated over $1020 to MN United. I could find more, pretty quickly, but crossreferencing different sites doesn’t much appeal to me. Regardless, I was arguing against someone who was saying they should vindictively vote down trans protections. I don’t believe I said that you should spend time and money on it. But hey, however you need to spin things to justify your bigotry.

  15. Helene says

    I am soooo sorry to come late to this discussion.

    Trace, don’t waste your time arguing with this con artist. Allie and DrDonna are one tranny. She always uses multiple sock puppet accounts.

    You can see the con game of “LGBT” pretty easily. Trans activists approach an organization founded, funded and run by LGBs. They demand that the organization focus on issues of concern to heterosexual transsexuals and crossdressers. If the org is dumb enough to agree, they then use that act of charity as leverage to demand that the org put a trans activist on the board. So now the LGBs continue to give all the money and do all the work but the the trans activists now take credit for it, just as DrDonna tries to claim that $55,000 in gay money is magically transformed into trans money.

    This is a combination hijacking and fraud, all the result of LGBs extending charity to Ts.

    DrDonna/Allie – I give you some props for locating one trans donor among the sea of humanity that has donated to marriage equality fight. The tally has now officially gone from zero donors to one. The Ts gave $1020 out of the $12,000,000+ raised. What a huge asset you are.

    One could argue that Mr. Waterbury has a selfish interest in defeating the amendment, since he was born a female and is married to a female. So there is always the risk that MN or the federal government or some other state would consider his marriage to be a same sex marriage. But leaving that aside, I give credit where credit is due and LGBs should appreciate his $1020. That is exactly the amount LGBs should donate to the trans bill in Maryland.

  16. alliefoo says

    @HELENE Oh, so the 10 or so socks here aren’t yours? Well, welcome to the convo then. Actually, hate to burst your bubble but I’m not DRDONNA. I’m a bisexual CS major out of Northern VA. I’ve already linked to personal info of me on this blog a couple times.

    Secondly, nobody claimed outfront was a trans organization except trace.
    “So what? That group does trans stuff so no big shock that transgenders care about the stuff that benefits them and has a person helping that group.”
    You can’t even seem to accurately follow a conversation. Trace clearly had no idea who the group was (probably because she’s a sock and not from MN at all). All DRDONNA claimed was that it was that a trans woman sat on the board and she and the group has actively worked for marriage equality.

    Next trace claimed no trans person ever gave to marriage equality in MN. She said not a single one. The claim was made knowing how hard it is to go through a list of thousands of donors to find a specific type of person. She could have said no bisexual female ever donated and it’d be just as hard. Anyways, DRDONNA not only find one but one who gave over $1,000 which is a sizeable portion of anyone’s annual income and what do you do? You attack them for donating to marriage equality (that’s pretty sick that you would attack anyone who donates to SSM) be calling him selfish. Did you donate anything to MN marriage equality? No? Well then.

    So now the goal post is moved because yes, of course trans people volunteered for marriage equality and donate, claiming they don’t is just stupid. So now we have to find more? How many? 100 people? 200 people? $30,000 in donations? $40,000 Or is it not about reality and all about perpetuating your narrative?

    Also I was born in Rockville MD and spent most of my life living in Maryland. I’ve given hundreds of hours doing activism in the state because I intend to live my life there. I find it funny that some troll who has probably even even seen the bay is going to dictate to me what the activism is or isn’t like in my own state.

  17. says

    from the comments, take this hopeful truth to heart – the “anti-trans” poster, who uses many aliases, can’t back up a single claim of his.

    he’s the equivalent of the teabagger insisting that President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim Socialist.

    so, thanks for proving every else right :)

  18. Trace McHue says

    I am not moving any goalposts. I said no trans organization helped. That is true and I havent heard anything from you or Donna to show otherwise. Where was the TLDF? Where was the NCTE?

    On trans individuals I said I didn’t see any evidence from my time on the campaign or the campaign finance reports that anyone helped and I invited you both to show otherwise. Between the 2 of you, you came up with zero volunteers and one single donor. Thanks a bunch!

    I think this proves the point that transgenders as a group did not help. I am not necessarily buying into the idea that they tried to defeat us, but they sure didnt do anything to help us other than that one donor. So why should LGBs be prioritizing the demands of people who dont help us when we really and truly needed it??

  19. says

    “So why should LGBs be prioritizing the demands of people who dont help us when we really and truly needed it??”

    @Trace: How about because stopping discrimination based on gender identity and expression is the right thing to do? Just like stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation was the right thing to do. Furthermore, protection on the basis of gender expression also protects gay people.

    You don’t have to make a proposed law happening in another state a priority, but your anger over preventing discrimination is odd coming from an alleged marriage-equality proponent. Most marriage equality advocates I know believe that discrimination in all forms is wrong.