1. danswon says

    “he looks so buff in his shirtless publicity photos.”

    no he doesn’t. he looks like any other podgy ugly middle aged man.

  2. jim says

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so blatantly stupid come out of Matalin’s mouth. She seemed kinda all over the place physically, too–what the hell was she ON?

  3. BillinSonoma says

    I saw Ms. Matalin on Bill Maher’s show Friday night …. and clearly she got surprised by a plastic surgeon somewhere along the way. Her performance was a cross between spooky and crazed …

  4. shanestud says

    And all her gay friends are probably glad they can still recognize her after her plastic surgery and the new hairdo. Mary Matlin has always been a little bit “taunt” and now she has taunt skin to match

  5. Charles says

    Yes, I list after his flabby man-tits, like two slices of pastrami hanging off his porty frame.

    He also has those creepily tiny nipples that are barely there.

    Oh and the head swollen with Botox: don’t forget the Botox.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    There is nothing to say here other then this woman has always been and will always be a complete bigoted idiot.

  7. jmartindale says

    All her gay friends are probably the self-hating, shallow GoProud crew whose gay identity begins and ends in the genital region. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear such dolts ooh and aah about a shirtless bigot.

  8. Will G. says

    Maybe Mary needs to see some of the hideous videos that resulted from this insane law before she opens her stupid mouth.

    Also, the “I have friends that think” line is getting really old.

  9. Bryan says

    It wouldn’t surprise me. A lot of gay people can be so dense/uncaring about situations if it’s not happening close to them.

  10. Will says

    Yes Mr. Putin is the epitome of the male physic which is why I have to keep a life sized card board cut out in my room and everytime I walk past I can’t resist a good game of ‘tune in Tokyo’

    Translation this woman has no gay friends

  11. jamal49 says

    I saw Mary Matalin on Bill Maher’s program the other evening and was appalled at how utterly hideous she looks. She appearance was practically cadaverous. Her hair was like a clown’s wig. Her face and makeup were an embalmer’s nightmare. Thus, for Mary Matalin to claim that she has “gay friends” is clearly a falsehood because if she did actually have any “gay friends”, they would have rescued her from her dreadfully tacky attempts to look like the Wicked Witch of the West a long time ago.

    I sometimes wonder why those “gay friends” comments that Mary Matalin or Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham aren’t challenged more often because those comments are pathetically similar (and just as offensive) to the ones uttered in decades past by anyone wanting to show their “tolerance bona fides” by claiming that “some of my best friends are black”.

    Perhaps Mary, Ann and Laura Ingraham ought to get together, start a GOP fag-hag club and get Ken Mehlman to be their token “gay friend”.

  12. Craig says

    When she appeared on Real Time on Friday, Bill mentioned she had some sort of accident. She was clearly on pain meds of some sort because she didn’t make any sense at all. Even her husband, who was also a guest, looked worried for her, pretty much burying his head in shame.

  13. woodroad34d says

    She was on Bill Maher on Friday and I think she took a fall and was in pain (she kept fidgeting with her lower back and wincing slightly). With that said she sounded like she was on a lot of pain killers…not to mention her face was frozen with either too much botox or the plastic surgeon tightened her face too much.

  14. JackFknTwist says

    Apart from how she looks……

    who are these so called gay friends ?
    let’s have names; let them be interviewed ; let them gives their views about ‘buff’ Putin.
    I would love to hear just one simple piece of evidence to support these delusional assertions…..that her gay friends are supposed to have..
    Grow up Matalin. The viciousness against our tribe in Russia is execrable…..even under the UN Declaration on Human Rights.
    Get with the programme…..yeah, programme.

  15. Rowan says

    It wouldn’t surprise me. A lot of gay people can be so dense/uncaring about situations if it’s not happening close to them.

    POSTED BY: BRYAN | JAN 19, 2014 2:12:49 PM

    This ^^^^^!!

  16. Randy says

    Mary had some sort of accident (where?) and I wasn’t sure whether it affected her brain.

    She’s always been Ann Coulter lite, so it looks like her brain is the same as ever.

  17. Ninong says

    What “gay friends” is she talking about? If they’re in their 60’s like Mary, that’s a little young to be losing their eyesight.

    I think Mary’s doing a little projecting here. The Repubs all admire Little Vlad because he gets away with stuff they wish they could get away with here.

  18. andrew says

    She has shown herself, once again, to be the total A##HOLE that she is. If her gay friends actually have names, they should step forward and speak for themselves. It is a bit tiring to hear from A##holes and bigots what their gay friends think. Out your supposed gay friends and let them speak for themselves.

  19. says

    Moderate conservatives want to run away from and never hear the words gay or LGBT. Hard to come out now and say you support equality when opposition to LGBT equality was their much championed success story for two decades. Now that public opinion has turned they can’t distance themselves far enough from it. So what do you do when confronted with the truth about the results of policies you’ve championed? Deflection. Or as Reagan called it ‘send in the clown’. Whenever Reagan was on the hot seat and wanted to avoid the topic the Republican strategy was to trot out Dan Quayle to say something stupid in deflection.

    Bizarro Matalin’s ‘shirtless Putin & my gay friends’ is pure GOP deflection delivered by a willing (and well paid) clown.

    Do a search and most of the headlines will echo this article. Not a real discussion about Russian human rights violation or the massive corruption with building SOCHI but ‘Matalin’s shrugs off anti-gay laws with friends like shirtless Putin’ is what you’ll get.

    The better part of that panel discussion was where this clip starts when David Remnick (the one good new hire NBC made for Russian Olympic coverage) was calling attention the the actual atrocities and the involvement of oligarchs and the ROC that Putin doesn’t want discussed. How does the religious right backed GOP respond to that … bring in the clown.

  20. pete n sfo says

    With the exception of the guy from the New Yorker, this entire panel appeared supremely out of touch with what’s happening in Russia.

    It was a perfect example of ‘gay-anything’ being completely off the radar of the privileged male (often white) society.

  21. Mo says

    I also saw Mary on Bill Maher and this just seems like an extension of that appearance. I haven’t had a lot of exposure to Mary but she seems like she has a screw loose. While her husband is a character with a wild persona at least he seems to be self-aware. She wasn’t exactly nonsensical on “Real Time” but she was rambling and not really saying anything of value. Kept dabbing at her eye. It made me wonder if her “accident” Maher mentioned wasn’t some kind of cover the way “exhaustion” is an excuse for celebrities to go to rehab.

  22. walter says

    never realized that they made such big turtlenecks on sweaters probably covering the scars from all the work she had done

  23. LJC says

    She seems likes she’s on some kind of medication. She was a mess, albeit a somewhat entertaining mess, on Real Time on Friday.

  24. says

    Her strategy worked.
    Every LGBT blog & activist along with all the major media ran with it.

    Instead of talking about the atrocities Russian LGBT face with the backing of Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Church & Putin’s crony oligarchs they’re talking about the clown.

  25. jersey says

    Putin is hardly “buff” he’s a fat, flabby slob. The man needs to get to a gym and stop eating all those potatoes and drinking all that vodka.

  26. bobbyjoe says

    Not only am I not sure Matalin has any gay friends, I’m not sure she has any friends at all. Why would anyone who actually cared about her let her go on tv– or anywhere else– in the condition she’s in right now? If she’s as wigged out on as many pain-killers as she seems, to where she sounds like she can barely form a coherent sentence and looks like a cadaver, she needs to be resting, certainly not making television appearances. I don’t even like the woman but I saw her on Bill Maher and it was so obvious that James Carville should have just said “honey, let’s go home.” Painful and embarrassing.

  27. Mike in the Tundra says

    I have a theory about this. There is a group of five gay man who travel around the country to be friends of homophobes.

  28. says

    She still has gay friends? Really? After throwing them under the bus during the 2004 Bush campaign? Really? That c888 has no shame. Also, look at her? Gay friends? We think not.

  29. anon says

    Has she ever looked at gay porn? Putin is not a gay fantasy figure even in the Z-list of porn stars.

  30. Andy G. says

    Saw her Bill Maher appearance as well. She appeared to be heavily medicated and thus even less lucid than usual. Mary, especially when you’re going on Bill Maher’s show, if you’re not going to bring enough drugs for the whole class to share …

  31. says

    Why doesn’t her jaw move when she talks. It’s not the surgery she’s always suffered from this “affliction”. Is it an attempt to appear upper crust? It’s annoyed me for years.

    I do hope her husband is right about the future. South Africa was banned from the Olympics for years because of human rights abuses. They have on occasion (though not often enough) taken a stand. It’s not unreasonable to expect a minimum of human rights from member nations.

  32. Just_a_guy says

    Bring in the clown indeed.

    She entirely made that up. What’s more offensive is the subtext of what Mary Matalin is saying:

    “Gays aren’t human anyway; why even TALK about their rights; they’re just sexual perverts, and don’t deserve the same respect as us real humans; look my joke about my gay friends liking Putin with his shirt off proves it; it’s ok to shoot gay people because they’re not really people.”

    I think she will do herself in with time. I think she needs the drugs to sustain her isolated view of the world. I don’t believe she has gay friends, and if she does, they are low, self-hating types. And even then, no wAy they cracked this gay-dehumanizing joke.

    Mary Matalin has extremely low standRds. Her husband is either a saint for putting up with her utter lunacy. Or maybe a sellout to her brand of endorse the full hate-driven GOP agenda by denying its impact.

    Either way, I’m tired of hearing from her. Nothing profound there. Absolutely nothing. Mary Matalin would be good at defending the holocaust.

  33. FFS says

    Well, if that’s true then it serves as proof that Matalin and the rest of her heterosexual compadres don’t hold the monopoly on stupidity.

  34. Bill says

    Buff? God Mary, you and your boys need to get out a little more. How bought tired, pudgy and about as sexy as a “wet, cardboard box”. (All credit for that last line goes to AUGUST, OSAGE COUNTY!)

  35. MFinBH says

    She was high as a kite and incoherent on Bill Maher Friday night. At some point, she gave a few of her memorized anecdotes she’s using on their book tour, but anything else she tried to say was slurred and incoherent. Gov. Jennifer Granholm – normally a pistol facing down the likes of Mary Matalin – was clearly aware that she was so under-matched, she courteously (or wisely) just let Mary dig her own grave.

    But the big giveaway was the “Overtime” (online)segment of the show. Normally it’s ten – fifteen minutes, but Friday night, as soon as they went online, it was clear Matalin was about to fall under the desk, and he wrapped in FIVE minutes.

    So while she supposedly had some sort of fall. If she fell and is on painkillers for that, they are probably oxycodone, because in high levels, that stuff won’t allow you to feel your own skin. A lot of people are suggesting plastic surgery. There would have been uncoverable bruising if that was done within the last 3 weeks, and she would have looked puffy, which wasn’t the case. Injectables? Botox may make one look like wax, which she didn’t. She looked her usual crone-faced self with a new perm. The only reasonable explanation other than oxycodone is that she had a ministroke leaving her with trouble moving fluidly, impaired speech and balance.

    Clearly, she and Carville just published a book and are contractually bound by the publisher (and their own financial success) to make the rounds on a book tour, but her appearances on Bill Maher and George Stephanopoulis’ shows probably served to damage book sales rather than goose them.

  36. Dan says

    I never agree with her politically and if were James Carville I’d have put a pillow over her head a long time ago. At least he’s funny and makes sense. She still wants to keep su@king Ronny’s k#*k. She was so scary on Bill Maher that my partner and I were concerned for her. Since we despise her there was something really messed up going on with her. I kept trying to google what was wrong with her but found nothing really. A bad facelift is one thing but she sounded like a crazy person (not her usual crazy republican person) but like she was drunk, high on oxy and ate was too many of those special brownies in Bill’s greenroom. I was embarrassed for her and for Carville who looked very concerned about her. I want to hear someone on that panel give their opinion on her sloppy mess.

  37. walter says

    her gay friends are probably all members of goproud or lcr which would explain their self loathing hate for gays

  38. Samantha says

    oh yeah, ok you guys don’t think Putin is hot?? could that be because you wouldn’t have a chance in hell to get him??/ and not only because he has a job…you are all so jealous …looks,power, tons of money….that’s your dream..granted one that will never come true…..I would say you would love to look like him wjen you are 61 but most of you would love to look like him now….and I don’t know is there such a thing as “gay eyes” because if you are seeing ugly & pudgy you must have special eyes…and how ironic for the group that demands acceptance from everybody that you discriminate on age… know the old saying Putin wouldn’t screw any of you w/somebody elses d**k…