‘Mayor’ of Sochi’s Olympic Village Defends Russia’s Ban on ‘Gay Propaganda’


Svetlana Zhurova, a gold medal-winning figure skater and Russian MP who voted for the bill banning "gay propaganda" is the "mayor" of Sochi's mountain Olympic village, and recently told the independent Russian TV channel Dozhd that she "voted to stop people promoting it to minors," Buzzfeed reports:

Zhurova claimed that many European politicians who oppose the law had told her in private that they actually supported it and that Russian celebrities who support the law had been told by their sponsors to stay quiet. She added, “I just think they shouldn’t show a cartoon on TV — excuse me, I have two boys — where a king loves another king.” She went on to tell a “joke” about the law: “If someone says he’s Napoleon, he’ll be taken straight to the appropriate institution. If he says he’s a woman, then basically nothing happens to him, he’s fighting for his rights.”

IsinbayevaYou may recall that Yelena Isinbayeva, the "mayor" of Sochi's sea-level Olympic village caused controversy back in August when she ripped Swedish high jumper Emma Green Tregaro for painting her nails in rainbow colors in solidarity with LGBT people in Russia.

Said Isinbayeva:  "It's disrespectful to our country, disrespectful to our citizens because we are Russians…We consider ourselves, like normal, standard people, we just live boys with women, girls with boys … it comes from the history. I hope the problem won't ruin our Olympic Games in Sochi."


  1. HadenoughBS says

    The more I know about the anti-gay “Soviet hosts” of the homophobic Sochi Winter Olympics, the more I know I cannot watch them on complicit NBC. The IOC’s support of gay-hater Putin and his games is outlandish and unforgivable.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    “I hope the problem won’t ruin our Olympic Games in Sochi.”

    Huh, It’s a bit late for that false hope. These Olympics have done more to draw attention to the “problem” of equality in Russia than one could have imagined.

  3. excy says

    The hits keep on coming. If these Russians are trying to kill the Olympic movement they are doing a great job. I hear all this nonsense about the Olympics being non-political in nature. By their words these Russians are contradicting this premise.
    Meanwhile Russian LGBT individuals face violence and oppression on a daily basis….because once your government passes legislation like the anti gay propaganda law…it is open season to attack vulnerable minorities.
    I am sure that the IOC is regretting the day they selected Sochi as the host city.

  4. Mike Ryan says

    Svetlana – get this through your thick Russian head – there is NO RESPECT for Russia whatsoever. None. Nada. Russia is despicable and I, for one, intend on boycotting the Sochi Olympcs as well as the upcoming World Games, also taking place in Russia – AND won’t spend one dollar on any vendor supporting the Sochi Olympics.

  5. C.J. says

    @Jay – I thought the same thing! It seems like the more this is going on, the more attention the LGBT community is getting. Russians are just a little obsessed.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Yes dear it is disrespectful of your laws and your country because we don’t respect your laws and your country.

    You are after all a nation of fascists and bigots.

  7. Mike says

    Is something lost in this translation here?!!! So many bigots are unable to explain their bigotry in a manner that even remotely approaches logic. Napoleon? It’s sad and frightening.

  8. bandanajack says

    i would imagine those european leaders who privately tell her they support the bill live right alongside sarah palin’s and michelle bachmann’s gay friends.

  9. John Freeman says

    It figures that the people appointed to these positions would be Putin toadies. If they were liberals, they would not get the job, so there’s no surprise here. It does not alter the fact, however that both these women are despicable, hate mongering bigots (and I’m working hard to be polite).

  10. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    what else is she gonna say?

    On another level, I find it oddly comforting that this type of idiocy isn’t something indigenous to pracitioners of American religion.

  11. Randy says

    “If someone says he’s Napoleon, he’ll be taken straight to the appropriate institution. ”

    If someone wears a funny egg hat and claims to speak to an invisible sky daddy, he gets to be Putin’s friend, admired by the people.

  12. Ryan says

    I hope the ratings suck for Sochi and the whole thing ends up being an economic disaster for NBC and the US Olympics. Then maybe they’ll force some reform at the IOC that fixes its bigotry.

    Hit them where it hurts ($$) and they’ll learn tolerance real quick.

  13. jar says

    What does our US delegation of tokens have to say about this? Huh, Billie Jean? Brian? How about a public condemnation of these sentiments? Show us that you are not simply being bought off to provide a nice face for NBC.

  14. FFS says

    Fox News breeds its own particularly infuriating brand of willfully uninformed ignorance, but . . . this?

    This is what comes from living in a society that cares nothing for the freedom of the press or for free speech, for that matter.

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