Mississippi GOP Rep. Steve Palazzo Launches Anti-Gay Facebook Campaign in Response to Grammys


Rep. Steve Palazzo (R-MS) launched a social media campaign on Facebook yesterday in response to the mass wedding at the Grammys, using the image above.

Writes Palazzo:Steve_palazzo

"Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn't value the same conservative beliefs we do in Mississippi. Last night's demonstration at the #Grammys is a perfect example of their disconnect."

Palazzo also enjoys deleting the Facebook comments of those who disagree with his bigoted views.



  1. Travis says

    Deleting Facebook comments he doesn’t agree with will probably take up a lot of his tone in the near future. I hope he enjoys his new hobby.

  2. says

    I may be mistaken as I’m Canadian….but…. doesn’t Mississippi have a rather sordid history of being terminally behind the times in terms of social progress and embracing basic concepts of Equality? 😉

    i think i remember Nina Simone singing a song about it at some point…

    And he couldn’t have picked a lovelier photo to choose to be angry about! LOL!

  3. Rich says

    I would say “fortunately, most people do not value the bigoted beliefs espoused by bigoted Mississippi Republican representatives”.

  4. Basic Logic says

    Of course the irony here is that it is Mississippi and Rep. Palazzo that are disconnected from the real world. And just as those who selectively use passages from “the good book” as a shield for their hate, he uses fails to acknowledge that straight couples were also married at the same time.

  5. Randy says

    “Palazzo also enjoys deleting the Facebook comments of those who disagree with his bigoted views.”

    The un-deletable internet is coming. It will change everything.

  6. Joe M says

    Truth be told, when I heard about Macklemore’s Mass Gay Grammy wedding, I rolled my eyes. That kind of stunt queen BS is annoying to me. But I gotta say, seeing how many bigot panties are in a bunch over it, I’d say it was time well spent.

  7. Leo88 says

    The real irony here is that MS is typically at or near the top of the list for out of wedlock births. Too bad their conservative beliefs aren’t echoed by their behavior. It would seem that MS problem isn’t too much marriage, but not nearly enough.

  8. adamth says

    Starkville MS – home of Mississippi State University – does not share Palazzo’s values. Seems like I recall Starkville recently passed a non-discrimination ordinance.

  9. says

    Well, get over your hateful self.
    I’ve been a GAY AMERICAN for almost 70 years and I’ve never backed down to a bigot and I’m not about to start now.
    You were born with rights we’re just beginning to get after decades of fighting, living in the shadows, being beaten and killed because we wanted nothing more than to be left alone and to live our lives as we see fit.
    If you cannot accept the fact that we’re just as deserving as you then perhaps it’s time for you to pack up and find a country more in keeping with your “values”. There’re a few I can think of where your skewed sense of superiority would fit right in.

  10. Jim says

    It’s true: Hollywood doesn’t have the same values as Mississippi has. There’s never been a lynching in Hollywood.

  11. Turing's Ghost says

    Gregoire: You are correct. There is a copyright owner of that image somewhere and I bet they will be in touch. Its not uncommon for bigots who stomp on other people’s civil rights to also not honor intellectual property rights (“knowing” copyright infringement is a crime in the US). Hope they follow up.

  12. TampaZeke says

    I went to his facebook page and posted, “I’m a Mississippian and the “values” I don’t share with you are homophobia, racism and other forms of bigotry that have ruled our state for far too long. I’m working for a better Mississippi where we don’t define ourselves by who we hate. I’m working for a better Mississippi where we value education and diversity and shun ignorance and bigotry; rather than the other way around. And I’ll be working to create a Mississippi that will refuse to elect bigots like you to represent us.”

  13. Bryan L says

    I was born in Mississippi and return there at least once a year to visit my family, all of whom are very conservative and very religious. However, they are all, without exception, very sweet, very loving folks and no one has ever said anything negative to me about my being gay. Then again, it’s never a topic of conversation and no one ever asks me personal questions about my life. It’s as if I’m from another planet and am there just to observe…and participate, but as something of an outsider.

    As for the state itself, I’m always happy to leave it. There is still a huge racial divide there, so much poverty and proud ignorance, and the political climate has always been poisoned with hatred of anyone who is different. I blame ALL of it on the Southern Baptist churches which continue to use the Bible as a weapon and an excuse for intolerance and bigotry.

  14. Matt says

    Palazzo is the same guy who got lambasted for voting against funding for Hurricane Sandy relief 2 months after the storm while previously voting for the same funding for his own district 5 years after Katrina. So… y’know, classy guy who really cares about people.

  15. Craig says

    I assume he’s talking about that BS wedding that occurred on ABC Sunday night. I fear that children will watch that and think it’s okay to date 24 women at once just to marry the least annoying one.

  16. jaker says

    @joe m. same. i called it corny and patronizing, but I’m really enjoying the exploding heads of regressives about it.

  17. Michel says

    I just wrote to him on fb to tell him he is an idiot.
    He will have to read it before he deletes it…

  18. says

    The right-wing drama-queen hysterics over the inclusive wedding only make the spectacle more important and worthwhile–so keep it up, idiots. Your inability to keep your desperate unhappiness to yourself only helps make our case.

  19. NY2.0 says

    Given Mississippi is one of the poorest, most obese and illiterate states in the nation you would think this congressman would have his hands full with more pressing issues.

  20. says

    Yes, many of the comments–and many from Mississippi–are great. Aside from the usual Bible-nutters, he didn’t get the response he was hoping for. The beauty of free speech.

  21. L G. says

    as “WE” here in Mississippi
    is he so arrogant (yes) to speak for an entire State
    well, “WE” think thous be an ….hole

  22. mdnc says

    What? You expected the guy to embrace Marriage Equality? They still think they should own slaves 150 years after the Civil War. Mississippi and much of the south are still living in the 19th century.

  23. Jack M says

    The big snow and ice storm they just got in the South is a sign of God’s disapproval of their ignorance.

  24. ThomT says

    Hey Rep. Palazzo – I suggest you hold on tight because marriage equality is coming to a state near you very very soon and quite possible (when the Supreme Court gains a full understanding of the Constitution) even to your beloved Mississippi. It’s going to happen – yep, it’s really really really going to happen.