1. woodroad34d says

    This has to be P.R. redux on Romney’s side. He wants people to forget how odious and harmful he is. Sorry, nothing he says or does or how many “behind the scenes” documentaries he does…I’ll never forget the monstrous Romney.

  2. james st. james says

    So Mitt just told everyone he will support the Republican candidate without even knowing who it will be. Or who the Democrat will be. Isn’t that the very definition of a knee-jerk political party hack?

    What the hell is Mitt up to? Quite a few public appearances lately for someone with no political agenda. Is one of his country clubs about to elect a new president?

  3. Bob K says

    We actually KNOW that the host of the Tonight Show has to give the appearance of non-partisanship.

    I personally don’t like how Jimmy calls everyone his friend, performs with everyone, and upstages them.
    He is a giant HAM.

  4. bierce says

    Fallon gushes shamelessly over everyone and everything, which makes him the perfect host for that odious superannuated fawning schmooze-fest, The Tonight Show.

  5. Richard says

    There’s nothing funny about Mitt Romney. He’s still a homophobe, still an elitist, and still an egotist who cares only about his family and other people who resemble rich, white, Mormons.

  6. andrew says

    I think that Mitt Romney is a good man. I didn’t vote for him and I am sure glad Obama won. We don’t need to vilify those with whom we have strong disagreements. Many of the posters on Towleroad just don’t understand that.

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