News: Planting Peace, Lobster, .GAY, Jennifer Lawrence

RoadNYT: Utah's 3 arguments, and counting, against gay marriage.

RoadObserver: FIFA stance on homophobia is failing gay footballers.

PayneRoadWhat is One Direction's Liam Payne doing on the edge of this building?

RoadJennifer Lawrence had the best photobomb of the Golden Globes.

RoadPennsylvania Rep. Mike Schloosberg, D-Lehigh and Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia, to host online discussion about gay rights and marriage equality on Tuesday at 7 pm.

RoadThomas Roberts makes "Way Too Early" debut: “And we are ready for this everybody!” Roberts said. “I am your new club president for news loving insomniacs and early birds.”

RoadDancer Anton du Beke wishes people would stop thinking he's gay: "Hannah laughs at that one and even Erin thought I was a flopsy when we met. It might be because I mince about, but a little mince never does any harm!"

RoadMad Men reveals when its final season will premiere.


LobsterRoadNew lobster species named in honor of Nelson Mandela. "The lobster, related to hermit crabs, has been given the Latin name Munidopsis mandelai. The sea creature was discovered in a relatively unexplored area of the South-West Indian Ocean Ridge, off the coast of South Africa, in 2011. The tiny new species, which lives 750m below the ocean’s surface, measures just 7mm from its eyes to its rear edge."

RoadLinda Harvey's anti-gay book is back up for sale at Amazon.

RoadWomen's Olympic figure skating controversy erupts after national championships: "Mirai Nagasu, a 20-year-old skater who finished fourth at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, took third place at the nationals competition this weekend. The only top finisher with Olympic experience, she was also the only figure skater not to fall or make a major error. But when the American women's team was announced Sunday, 22-year-old Ashley Wagner, who placed fourth, took the third Olympic spot. Nagasu was named as an alternate."

RoadPolitico: Hillary's hit list.

RoadZachary Quinto popped by the Global Performing Arts Conference in NYC.

MertzRoadMale model fix: Ryan Mertz.

RoadPope slams abortion: "It is horrific even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day."

RoadHigh stakes in .gay ownership battle: "Seitz said that in five years the .gay domain could generate revenues from $30 million to $100 million. If he wins the domain, his operations will be governed by a contract he would sign with ICANN. The proposed contract says that Seitz will return 67 percent of the profits from .gay to the community."

RoadAnti-gay donor pulls funding from Planting Peace orphanage in Haiti over group's work for LGBT equality. "Planting Peace has set up a Crowdrise fundraising page in order to generate the funding necessary to continue operating the orphanage in Haiti. If you are interested in contributing, head here."

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  1. Is Ryan Mertz related to Fred & Ethel?

    Posted by: Myackie | Jan 13, 2014 4:01:32 PM

  2. Whether Mirai did not fall, and regardless of how she places, the selection committee also evaluates a skater's capability. They'd probably rather have someone who may have fallen here but could potentially come out with a stronger, more difficult routine in Sochi than someone who is consistent but not that interesting to watch.

    That said, I'm not even sure Mirai can be considered consistent. Mirai has been less than stellar the last two years and Wagner has outskated her pretty consistently short of this weekend.

    Posted by: Sam | Jan 13, 2014 4:08:11 PM

  3. The Pope..."It is horrific even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day." .... like Adolf Hitler.

    Posted by: Ted | Jan 13, 2014 4:28:32 PM

  4. I agree with the pope. It's too bad so many innocent children die before they even had a chance.

    Posted by: Luke | Jan 13, 2014 5:51:42 PM

  5. Abortion is infanticide, a barbaric, immoral practice that should not be tolerated in a civil society.

    Posted by: Luke | Jan 13, 2014 6:33:28 PM

  6. Luke:
    We don't live in a vacuum like those priests in the Church. They are also against birth control which effectively condemns most of Africa to perpetual poverty. They really have an inhumane and distorted view of life.

    Posted by: simon | Jan 13, 2014 8:01:51 PM

  7. Let's think about how perverted this people are. They are even against the use of condoms. They think there is "life" even before the union of a sperm and egg.

    Posted by: simon | Jan 13, 2014 8:04:44 PM

  8. Donated to Plant Peace. They are redoubling their pro-LGBT efforts in the wake of this incident.

    Posted by: David R | Jan 13, 2014 8:22:03 PM

  9. @Sam:

    Moreover, Ashley Wagner is the reason that the U.S. has three spots for the ladies' at the Olympics and Worlds this year. The same can't be said for Mirai's international performances since Vancouver.

    Posted by: Jerry | Jan 13, 2014 9:28:34 PM

  10. I don't care for abortion myself, but until institutions take a more realistic approach towards sex education and contraception, as well as human sexuality on the whole, I see it as an unfortunate necessity. Having seen delusional parents of 11-year-old girls WHO'VE ALREADY HAD ONE BABY refusing to let schools teach their children about contraception, so self-assured that their daughters aren't going to be sexually active anymore -- AS THESE GIRLS ARE TAKING CLASSES IN A SCHOOL FOR PREGNANT TEENS...

    Posted by: Jerry | Jan 13, 2014 9:36:18 PM

  11. Luke, when abortion is illegal women die trying to do it themselves or get it done illegally. Not providing women with medical assistance to end an unwanted pregnancy is barbaric imo.

    Also, as others have noted, taking this concept to its extreme means not having heterosexual intercourse is also wrong since it too stops "innocent children before they even have a chance".

    Posted by: fern | Jan 13, 2014 11:11:50 PM

  12. From a few articles I'd read re: Olympic skaters, it's clearly a marketing decision--NBC has focused its attention on the more commercially viable Wagner in its commercials even before the competition. As much as we all want to believe the U.S. is color-blind, it's naive to discount the power of being WHITE!!
    Also, one article deemed Nagasu, "most enigmatic," which just means she gets less press!

    Posted by: Jon | Jan 14, 2014 1:46:42 AM

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