Neil Patrick Harris Has an Epic Shirtless Margarita Adventure in Mexico: PHOTOS


Margarita #4: "Feeling great. Can't find my book…"



Margarita #7: "Yummy yum yum! Man, what's in these things?!?"



Margarita #12: "I's the life of the party!! Everybodyone is LOVING me!!"



Margarita #17: "Maaaybeee shud take break I shud maybeee. #ifoundahat"



Margarita #19: "……hic!……"



Margarita #W: "I swinnin laps"


Magachita #3, 4 mebbe? : "Bruuuglah dret scruh nuu rezzlooshun! Nigh nigh nowh. #annndblackout"


  1. Vint says

    I love the glass with the cobalt blue rim in the last picture (where he’s rehearsing for his role in “Sunset Boulevard”…)

  2. Randy says

    Today’s turning out to be a nice shirtless day. Too bad it’s already far, far below record cold temperatures where I am. (Six years ago at this time, we set a record high. I want that weather back!)

  3. Tristram says

    He should stick to reciting instead of writing material – though I do think he’s a decent guy.

  4. Daddy Doogie says

    Love NPH. Kinda hate to see him making light of over-consumption though. Impressionable young kids and all. And if you actually grew up with parents like this, well…it loses come of its comic sheen.

    @David Groff: AdBlock? Workin’ like a charm for me.

  5. Brion says

    The only way to look at this site is with adblock. But the annoying white pop up on the lower right and all the connection icons are sooper stupid.

  6. AdamTh says

    I’ve always liked NPH. Great talent, nice looking man, and he doesn’t have 43 tattoos….

    I know tats are in style now, but seriously – any more than 3 or 4 becomes a distraction, not an attraction.

  7. Ken says

    Oh yeah, definitely the gay equivalent of a Kardashian, cause you know them Kardashians can can sing and dance and act all at the same time, too, all of them, and make it look effortless. Peas in a pod.

  8. says

    Where in Mexico did NPH go? It looks like Puerto Vallarta (very gay vacation spot), to me.

    The Instagram thread is funny, but over-consumption of alcohol really is not.

  9. says

    I don’t think the Kardashians have an ounce of talent outside of self-promotion, and hooking gullible people into keeping them rich. Harris is LOADED with talent. Go immediately to YouTube, watch his opening number from the Tonys, and then come back and say that again with a straight face.

  10. I wont grow up says

    19 Margaritas, this guy is my hero, after that many, I’d be on my knees worshiping the porcelain fixture. But he gets to be on his knees in front of David. Yum!

  11. Abstemious says

    @Lush Jerry: Doogie’s Daddy has a point. Kids who don’t know better…well, don’t KNOW better. They don’t get the joke.

    And I for one sure as hell hope that NPH doesn’t start to ‘become’ is Barney Stinson character the way Charlie Sheen ‘became’ Charlie Harper. And then some.

    And NPH does seem to be around alcohol a lot.

  12. crispy says

    LOL at people on here who actually think he drank 19 margaritas. It’s like people who believe stories at The Onion.

  13. lewlew says

    NPH, actor, singer, dancer, emcee, proves his talents every time he goes on a stage of any kind. And that’s just his professional life. He is not known for doing nothing and being talentless. Why are people so bitter?

  14. Derrick From Philly says

    Laughing out loud at the alcoholics who don’t see that Harris is glamorizing alcoholism.