1. WOLF says

    Really?! We’re doing this now?!

    News: Bill De Blasio eats a bagel

    News: Bill De Blasio walks two steps down the sidewalk

    News: Bill De Blasio takes a deep breath

    Give me a break

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    And, of course, the media just HAPPENED to have reporters and cameras in the area. Purely by coincidence, of course.

  3. terry says

    If he can’t get his son to shovel the sidewalk how’s he going to motivate a city? Still better than Richie Rich Bloomberg. I’ll give him a chance.

  4. Robert says

    O, look, doth a princess rises, ascendant and splendid, lo, though, bitchy is queen who wears no crown.

  5. Hansel Currywurst says

    Bill De Blasio has chest pains…
    Bill De Blasio waits for an ambulance…
    Bill De Blasio in hospital…
    Bill De Blasio questions ambulance response time, vows investigation…

  6. tominsf says

    My god! What would the above commenters have to say about a picture of Fiorella LaGuardia throwing out the first ball on opening day? Of course it’s PR, but that’s part of the mayor’s job.

  7. WOLF says

    I have nothing against Bill De Blasio himself. I would’ve probably voted for him if I lived in NYC. What I don’t like is the “OMG he’s a human being, stop the presses, let’s watch him do stuff” swooning thing. I don’t blame him for that. I blame the media and Andy.