Powerful Russian Orthodox Church Leader Calls for Referendum to Criminalize Homosexuality

The Russian Orthodox Church on Friday called for a referendum on the criminalization of gay sex, AFP reports:

ChaplinChurch spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin pointed to polls showing more than half of Russians viewing homosexuality as either an illness or a crime as a sign that the country was ready to revert to a Soviet-era homosexual ban.

"There is no question that society should discuss this issue since we live in a democracy," Chaplin told the online edition of the pro-government Izvestia daily.

"For this reason, it is precisely the majority of our people and not some outside powers that should decide what should be a criminal offence and what should not," he said.

Chaplin added that he wanted homosexuality banished from Russia:

"I am convinced that such sexual contacts should be completely excluded from the life of our society," said the Church spokesman.

"If we manage to do this through moral pressure, all the better. But if we need to revert to assistance from the law, then let us ask the people if they are ready for this."

Earlier this week Ivan Okhlobystin, the popular Russian actor, sci fi writer, aspiring politician, and creative director of the phone retailer Euroset, called on President Vladimir Putin to criminalize gay sex.


  1. Badlydrawnbear says

    Which we know means this guy is gay gay gay.

    Hey Russians, we learned years ago that the more homophobic the person the gayer they are.

    These anti-gay leaders you are listening to are just closeted gay men with a serious case of blue balls

  2. Paul R says

    He looks like a very fat Satanist.Can’t imagine this will happen, but if it does, it will just further isolate and ostracize Russia and its house religion from the rest of the world. Even Putin knows that.

  3. Chris says

    My Grandmother was born in the Russian Empire a few years before it collapsed. She was born into a wealthy family that lost everything after the revolution, including some family members that died.

    Even after the end of communism in Russia, and even more than 90 years after she left, she still hates Russia “for what it did to it’s own people. And what it’s own people did to each other”. As a matter of fact, just last month she blurted out “I hate being f*cking Russian” after a glass of wine, lol. 100 years young this year, and she still says that she would put nothing past her former country. When I asked her if she thought that Russia would go as far as to criminalize homosexuality or that something genocidal could ever happen, she simply looked at me and said “let’s just hope they never get really desperate or feel like they have something to prove”.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    No you don’t live in a democracy; All democracies protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority.

    You obviously haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.
    Russia is a fascist nationalist state.

  5. Acronym Jim says

    Michael W;

    I was going to suggest that he looks like a cross between Anton LaVey, Aleister Crawley and Tim Curry, but your comparison is more accurate.

  6. Paul R says

    @Acronym Jim: Aleister Crowley was who came to mind first for me, but then I looked up pictures because I thought of Anton LaVey too. It’s not so much physical similarities as it is the looks in their eyes (though the beard is pretty dead-on LaVey).

  7. MaryM says

    Paul R – you say “He looks like a very fat Satanist.”

    Stop smearing the Satanists – this is a very Christian man.

    Christianity is the force of evil here. Not harmless Satanism.

    In good news. Russia is meant to be holding the World Cup in 2018. That event is more popular than even the Summer Olympics.

    We have 4 more years to avert the concentration camps.

    After Sochi we must increase efforts to damage Russia financially for its gross bigotry.

  8. gr8guyca says

    “We believe that gay Russians will be happier and more comfortable when they can all live in the same area. They can work together and share common interests. It will be better for them if they don’t have to feel the disapproval of other Russians. So, for their own well-being, they are being offered free residences in new communities.”

    Translated: “We are shipping anyone who is gay to a concentration camp.”

  9. Buckie says

    It’s probably just me, but I can’t help look at these church leaders and think that they ARE the embodiment OF Satan.

    Lately I’m starting to think of the entirety of Christianity AS Satanic.

  10. Bill says

    Well, they could go back to an old Russian tradition and treat this prelate like they treated a sect called the Old Believers at some points in Russian history. Tsar Nicholas I, for example, imposed a double tax on them, plus a tax for having a beard. In other cases, they were less fortunate, with some being executed. If would be hypocritical of Vsevolod Chaplin to whine about such a fate if it was the result of a popular vote, given what he said about democracy.

    A group of Old Believers went up in flames at the end of the opera Kovanshchina. Send the prelate a DVD.

  11. says

    To answer the question of ANON above: the ROC continued to function, with the Patriarch in Moscow, but their numbers were very very small. The vast majority of people in authority in the church now had nothing to do with it under the Soviets. Instead, they are sort of like the old party members — it’s more political than anything else, and you can indulge your homophobic and xenophobic tendencies.

    Chaplin started working for the patriarchate in his teens around the time of perestroika — who knows what would have become of him if he came of age 10 years earlier. Party functionary, perhaps?

  12. Keppler says

    The Russian Orthodox Church provides us with a cautionary tale of what American christianity would become if unfettered by civil law. It’s worth remembering every time some canting hypocrite starts whining about how their religious liberties are being curtailed by the extension of civil rights to marginalized groups. Yes, Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer, and Fred Phelps, I mean you.

  13. jamal49 says

    @CHRIS I recommend an excellent book for you to read: Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy by Douglas Smith. I have read it twice now. Bless your Grandmother for her longevity. That bodes well for you!

    The Russian Orthodox Church has always been a force for reaction in Russian history. One would hope that there is some sanity left in Russia and Russians.

    I think Vsevolod exaggerates. There has yet to be real democracy in Russia. I fear for our LGBT brethern. One gets the sense that concentration camps, torture, isolation and even death penalties are the future for gay people in Russia.

    I hope the U.S. and other forward-thinking countries will take umbrage and take sanctions against Russia.

  14. emjayay says

    If he’s right about polls in Russia, that means about the proportion of people in the US (which isn’t exactly Sweden) who are OK with gay marriage going back at least four or five years, is about the same as Russians who would criminalize the gay. We may lament the ignorance of many Americans, but Russia is truly a nation of retards.

  15. S in SF says

    I agree with all the comments on his looks. Those crazy mean dead eyes. A real child of god there.

    I just hope the Olympics come and go peacefully. Russia seems like it’s got a lot under the lid. A really boiling pot on many levels.

  16. Daniel says

    Since the church leader wants larger groups to dictate the human rights of smaller groups then the church leaders must be subject to whatever the international GLBTA community deems appropriate as punishment, which can be carried out whenever and however necessary. After all, two people outnumber him as an individual and can vote away his human rights at whim – that is pure democracy in action and that’s what he wants, right? No human rights – just votes on punishment, right? He says democracy should rule so he should face the vote of his enemies, right? It is a case of be careful what you wish for – you may just get it.

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