Dennis Rodman Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un: VIDEO


Former NBA star Dennis Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un today at an exhibition basketball game featuring a team of American basketball players.


It's the latest in a series of bizarre videos to come out of Rodman's trip, the other two being confrontational interviews with CNN host Chris Cuomo and a group of reporters at the Beijing airport, all of whom demanded to know why Rodman won't address human rights abuses with the North Korean dictator.

The basketball game was a birthday gift for Kim Jong-Un. Critics of Rodman are now suggesting that Rodman may have brought illegal luxury gifts to the North Korean leader.

One Free Korea writes:

Writing at The Weekly Standard today, Dennis Halpin informs us that Dennis Rodman (no relation) was bringing more than his august presence to Kim Jong Un’s birthday party. Halpin, citing a “diplomatic source” he understandably won’t name but says is reliable, claims that Rodman was also carrying “several hundred dollars’ worth of Irish Jameson whiskey,” “European crystal, an Italian suit for him, and Italian clothing, a fur coat, and an English Mulberry handbag” for Kim’s wife, Ri Sol Ju...

...In his article, Halpin notes that bringing luxury goods into North Korea is prohibited by U.N. Security Council resolutions (several of them, in fact). Those sanctions were first imposed in 2006, after North Korea’s first nuclear test, as a response to Kim Jong Il’s obscene luxury purchases as his people went hungry.