‘Burn Gays in Ovens’ Actor Resigns from Phone Retailer Euroset Following Outrage


Ivan Okhlobystin, the popular Russian actor, sci fi writer, aspiring politician, and (now former) creative director of the phone retailer Euroset, has resigned from his position following the headlines he made for his remarks about gays.

Wrote Okhlobystin about his departure:

Given the incessant threats, provocations and insults from sodomites towards my friends, associates and their families, I have insisted on my dismissal from the job of “Euroset” creative director. People close to me do not have to suffer from my public stance which I will never give up. Sodom and Gomorrah must be destroyed!

You may recall that he told a cheering crowd in December that gays should be burned alive in furnaces. Okhlobystin's remarks prompted a coalition of Russian LGBT activists to urge Apple to cut ties with Euroset, where the company recently began selling its phones.

Earlier this month, Okhlobystin urged Russian President Valdimir Putin to criminalize sodomy.

[via Queer Russia]


  1. Paul R says

    Yet he seems like such a sterling example of character. I can’t imagine why he’s being persecuted so harshly.

    And he clearly understands the true parable of Sodom and Gommorah.

  2. says

    He moved on immediately to represent a clothing company, “BAON”, and he’s even on their front page:


    The latest from the fascist’s pages is a plea not to organize a gay pride march on Jan. 19, which is the Epiphany / Baptism in Russia. There IS no plan for a gay march, but an anti-Fascist march to commemorate the murders of Markelov and Baburova. Nothing to do with gays.

  3. GreatLakeSailor says

    “Not only does he sound like a real piece of work he looks like a j*ck*ss”

    He does sound horrible, but as for his appearance, he’s an actor and this picture is from a movie set. It fits our preconceived notion of what a scary Russian should look like. I think that a disservice. Far more insidious is his everyday look – a (fairly) hip looking Russian guy (that has hate seething through his veins). That’s a lot scarier to me.






  4. Jamie says

    I guess he never bothered to read the part of the old testament where it says those tattoos put him at the front of the line for hell himself.

  5. northalabama says

    why do people forget that “beliefs” are simply that – beliefs. no need for facts, or context interpretation, just believe what you want, then attempt to force it upon others.

    he should research and study more about sodom and gomorrah before proclaiming himself their spokesperson, and he might learn something.

  6. Bill says

    If he thinks that “Sodom and Gomorrah must be destroyed,” then the obvious question is “When did they come back?” And why don’t satellite photos show those cities? Are they villages like Brigadoon in the film/musical? And if he gets his ideas about geography from musicals, what does that suggest about his “tendencies” given certain stereotypes?

  7. Michael Heynz says

    Title SHOULD read:

  8. Mike Ryan says

    “… I have insisted upon my dismissal …” They canned your silly a** you homophobe. Here’s hoping you have a heart attack tomorrow.

  9. walter says

    the biggest homophobes always turn out to be the deepest in the closet. this one will turn out to be put in’s boyfriend

  10. BrokebackBob says

    He is only one of the new radical Neo-Nazis who want to cleanse the Earth of all groups that do not conform to the “super-race” of young Russians. They must be dealt with harshly or WWIII will be the WWII of the 21st century.

  11. ratbastard says

    Russia, a savage country and people. Sorry, it’s true. Russisn gays: get out while you can, don’t be like the Jews who stayed in Nazi Germany.

  12. says

    He’s not exactly down.
    He’s the “creative spokesperson” for another firm that sells clothing.

    And he’s doubling down on the anti-gay rhetoric.

  13. canuck duck says

    Russia really is the cannibal of nations. Eats it’s own, sh&ts them out. No wonder it’s in such permanent decline.

  14. Tristram says

    @canuck duck: So true. For anyone familiar with Russian history, it’s just Generation after generation of the same frigging thing.