1. Paul R says

    Probably half the women I’ve ever known have “turned” bi after getting drunk at least once or twice. So I’m not endorsing that stereotype/parody, but it’s not uncommon.

    Most of my male friends are straight, and a far smaller share of them have done so. Some will kiss me, but they’re just being playful. (They initiate it; I never would.) But I’ve messed around more seriously with three horny, drunk straight guys (all remain so today), and those were mistakes. Doing so damaged our relationships, and they were all terrible in bed for lack of experience. Stick with gays.

  2. Andy says

    The “questionable taste” is what makes it delicious!

    Look, its obviously a smaller scale project, than say, Call of Duty. There’s not millions of dollars in work being done here. Someone who can code a game is having a bit of fun on home turf.

    And Devon Devastation is an awesome character name.