See Beautiful First-Person Footage Of Felix Baumgartner’s Space Fall To Earth: VIDEO

During the fall, Baumgartner not only broke the sound barrier, he also broke the world's records for the highest manned balloon flight, the highest parachute jump and the fastest free fall.

The action starts at 3:10.


  1. John says

    While a crazy jump like that sounds like something an Ozzie would do, Baumgartner is actually from Austria!

  2. Bill says

    That jump was a bit more than a stunt. Adjusting hand/arm/leg positions is important for controlling a free fall, and they had to design what is basically a spacesuit to make that relatively easy to do. According to an astronaut I once met, it is actually pretty hard to get work done in a spacesuit because of a tendency to inflate like a balloon. With the current spacesuits, you have to exert some effort just to hold your arms in any position different from that of an inflated spacesuit with no one inside.

    Here’s a news article about the technical issues:

  3. Chuck says

    Everyone else beat meet to pointing out the difference between Austria and Australia. But I’ll summarize it this way: kangaroos, or no kangaroos.