Sherri Shepherd Doesn’t Agree with Your Sinful Gay ‘Lifestyle’ But She’ll Join You for a Drink: VIDEO


Earlier this week, View co-host Sherri Shepherd sat down with Fusion's Alicia Menendez to try to clear up some of the misconceptions people have about her.

Said Shepherd:

"I think people feel I'm very judgemental. I think people feel I'm very homophobic. If they knew me, and knew my heart... You grow up being a Christian and you grow up believing homosexuality is a sin; you're going to hell if you're a homosexual. This is something that they teach in churches. So literally it is something that I grew up believing...I may not not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you. As you may not agree with my lifestyle, but you love me ..."

She added:

"I don't say [being gay is] a choice. If you tell me, 'Sherri, I was born gay.' Okay. I'm not gonna argue with you, because I can't tell you how you feel and what's going on inside. I'm trying to make it up to heaven by the skin of my teeth ... So if you tell me you're born [gay], I'm not going to argue with you. And I absolutely respect you for that. I just ask that people respect how I feel, and [I] respect how you feel and we can have a great dialogue. And afterward, let's go get a drink."