1. steve says

    having my wedding on the grammys is my idea of hell but if these people liked that – good for thtem.

  2. NotSafeForWork says

    It was great, just not quite sure why Ryan Lewis came out from behind the drum set and jerked Queen Latifah over to the left, unless it was because she was in the shot as the corpse of Madonna walked out to sing Open Your Heart.

  3. justin says

    @Notsafeforwork – Your comment made be lol. I was wondering why he was pulling on her as well.

    “The Corpse of Madonna” lolol

  4. says

    It was nice. I wish Madonna was a little less frigid, she came off like “what are these OTHER people doing here?”.

    I was touched when they started to show people in the crowd and there were grown ass men with tears in their eyes.

    It was a little odd to me that Queen Latifah was chosen to preside. I though that maybe she was going to come out publicly during the performance but clearly that didn’t happen.

  5. NotSafeForWork says

    @Justin…LOL…Queen didn’t move either. I great respect and love for Madge…just thought she didn’t look so good. The makeup reminded me of “Death Becomes Her” and that all white outfit and cane wasn’t helping one bit.

  6. jamal49 says

    @Notsafeforwork you might think of Madge as a corpse but just a reminder: she’s a very rich, very accomplished, very famous corpse.

    You should be so lucky.

  7. NotSafeForWork says

    @Brandon…I think I saw Keith Urban on the cut away with tears streaming down his cheeks


  8. Josh says

    Congrats to the couples, but did anyone notice that they would quickly cut any time one of them went in for a kiss?

  9. NotSafeForWork says

    @Jamal49…chill out Diva. If I wanted a reprimand I would call my father. I’ve been her fan since Day One. Wasn’t a comment about her age. I don’t think she looked good tonight. I can certainly say that.

  10. redhook says

    Hey GLBT people in Russia, Nigeria, Uganda – hang in there.This clip and event was inconceivable when I came out decades ago.Liberty and love prevail.Its coming for you.

  11. says

    Moving, historic…and a step back in that 2014 marks the THIRTIETH anniversary of Elton John’s brief marriage to a woman, and yet Miss “Queen NOT a Lesbian, Bitches” STILL didn’t have the integrity to come out? Make that “Same SECRET Love” for her… IF it couldn’t be one of the actual marriage equality heroes like Edie Windsor officiating because she’s not a celebrity musician, then why not now long-out Elton or Melissa Etheridge or k.d. lang? Latifah’s cowardly inclusion spit in the face of these gay couples courageous enough to declare THEIR love on international TV.

  12. American Dreamer says

    If you replay the shot of the couples exchanging rings you can see two shirtless gay bears in harnesses at the end of the line of couples exchanging vows

    I wish we could have gotten a closer view of them

  13. says

    I’ll admit, I got choked up.

    But does anyone see the irony of having Queen Latifah “officiate” the wedding ceremony?

  14. NotSafeForWork says


    First off, doesn’t everyone already know that Queen is gay? I thought that was common knowledge just like Jodi Foster. Also, what did you think of her gesture and emphasis when she said “all of us”? Didn’t that confirm her status without taking the attention away from the couples?

  15. Supes81 says

    No to Latifah coming out at the this performance. This wasn’t about her, or Madonna or even Macklemore etc..It was about the people and the unity and the love. As much as I love Madonna, so glad she just did her thing and didn’t try to own the show. I liked it, all the performers were there for one thing and it wasn’t themselves, it was great to see.

  16. Francis says

    I didn’t like the actual performance. I loved, and obviously found incredibly special, the marriages and the standing ovation and tears from celebrities in the crowd afterward. In many ways, this song speaks to the choir and the people who need to hear this message haven’t heard or won’t hear the message. But the fact a song about same-sex love, about equality, that same-sex couples, interracial couples, can marry on live TV, on the biggest musical event in the world, and be celebrated—who could have imagined even five years ago? Beautiful. Special.

  17. tinhouston says

    thought was awesome statement for equality. wonder what the ramifications will be in he am…….Keith Urban did have tears streaming down his face. good for him. i do not see how anyone couldn’t be affected by this.

  18. Critifur says

    Andy, who is the man in the turquoise sherwani? He looks awfully familiar (from my days in NY), so I am guessing you know him.

  19. says

    Very moving in so many ways…a truly historic and emotional event…but yes CBS did seem to cut away from the same sex couples very quickly. Many celebrities were in tears and Paul Williams’ (who co wrote Evergreen with Streisand and they both and won a Grammy for it in 1978) his heartfelt acknowledgement of the event when he accepted his Grammy was the icing on the cake!

    Times have changed and unfortunately I was born 25 years too early!

  20. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    I’ll bet that performance moved the public opinion needle a few more points toward equality acceptance. It was beautiful to see the positive reactions from other stars in the audience too. They have a strong influence on their fans (that’s why they get hired to do commercials).

    The country music crowd & rap artists have sent notoriously homophobic messages in the past. This year’s Grammys indicate the music industry has made great strides to put those attitudes behind them & unite all genres against bigotry in all forms. The fans will follow in great numbers.

  21. GayMarryMe says

    CRITIFUR- I think those are the two Home Depot guys from Utah, Spencer Stout and Dustin Reeser.

  22. sam says

    I don’t think these couples take their marriages seriously. They allowed themselves to be used as a gimmick. Of course, that parasite Madonna had to be there.

  23. Randy says

    I’m glad I saw it. Something like this would have been unimaginable in my youth. It sends an important message to LGB people around the world. (Still working on T, I think)

    But I do wish they had spent a little more time on the marriages, and a little less time on the stars.

  24. NotSafeForWork says

    Ok, now I feel bad. Someone just told me that Madge fell off of her high heels a few weeks ago and injured her foot. That’s why she was stiff and had a cane. I feel terrible. Madge, if you’re reading this can you forgive me? (Still hated the makeup though.)

  25. emjayay says

    What’s TR without some dickish comment from someone?

    Of course, the Macklemore song is sweet and great and both reflects and is influencing a bit the opinions of young people. Also, would not be a thing without People Get Ready.

    Madge looked fine. Not getting the cowboy hat though. Or the white cane thing. Or the Michael Jacksonish silver half a glove.

  26. FFS says

    Fortunately, no one takes your comments seriously, Sam/Rick/Brian Brown/Paid Republican Troll.

    Marriage is stupid and gross. It’s stupid and gross when breeders do it and it’s no less stupid and gross when gay people do it.

    But if being married to their woobie for however long it lasts blows their skirts up, you and Tony Perkins and all the kiddie diddlers in the Catholic church have no right to stand in their way.

  27. Francis says

    Same Love has been around for two years on the web and radio, Jonny. I think most people have already heard the song and know where they stand on it. I think the VMA performance changed hearts and minds, though, considering it was the first live performance of the song.

    Bigots will always be bigots, but we can take comfort in knowing their attitudes are not the popular mainstream position anymore.

  28. unruly says

    Keith Urban is from NZ (where it became legal for gay people to marry last year.) Why is there so much wonderment about him?

  29. antisaint says

    @NSFW – You mean like when she referred to the crowd at Pride as ‘her peeps’ and then later released a statement explicitly stating she didn’t mean to imply her coming out by saying it? She is closeted — fact. If Anderson Cooper had been the one doing the honors pre-coming out, people here would be ALL OVER IT, would they not?

  30. Mike Ryan says

    Now THAT was moving bringing tears to my cheeks. Astounding to watch – especially the couples being married – after all these years it has been the music industry who has helped move us along to this point. Thank them all for their dedication and love. Just great television.

  31. NotSafeForWork says

    ANTISAINT- No, that’s not what I mean. If you don’t care for her stance, so be it. Send her an email and tell her how you feel. She has repeatedly made it clear that her personal life is just that…personal. It’s no secret that she is gay and she doesn’t have to confirm it or deny it. The show tonight wasn’t her coming out party nor was it intended to be. If you find irony in the fact that she was the officiant at a ceremony that included gay couples, then irony it is. Why can’t it be enough that all of this happened tonight, instead of not enough?

  32. gdn says

    I know at least one couple who got married just for the sake of this performance. They have no intention of living together.

  33. Felix says

    @ GDN

    So? We still deserve the right of a sham marriage just as all the straight citizens in this country. The fight is for equality.

  34. WW says

    It IS a ”secret” that Queen Latifah is gay because she WON’T deny OR confirm it. She’s welcome to her ”personal life,” but then why put herself out there as the OFFICIANT of a mass wedding at the Grammy Awards? Has she listened to the lyrics of ”Same Love”? She could’ve helped ”strip away the fear”; instead, she’s closeted and reinforces ”gay is synonymous with the lesser.”

    I’d also blame the Grammys. Of all the people to host ”Same Love,” why didn’t they choose a celeb who’s actually out, proud and even married? Neil Patrick Harris? Ellen DeGeneres? Elton John?

  35. says

    I don’t remember voting “Same Love” as the gay rights anthem?

    Macklemore using gays as a prop again I see. Great for the couples but hope they know they’re being used to propel his mediocre career.

  36. NotSafeForWork says

    WW- Who is it a secret to? You? Or the people in her life who do know? Point is it wasn’t about Queen Latifah tonight and it was’t solely about gay couples being married. The fact that a celebrity who may or may not be gay officiated at a marriage ceremony for a multitude of couples has no bearing on the subject. Would any other celebrity have to unequivocally prove they were straight before taking the same role or be barred because they were straight?

  37. Mike Ryan says

    I did not Keith Urban had tears running down his cheeks – but I also noticed they did not show one same-sex couple kissing. Not a one. The camera cut away when it was time for the kiss. Surprised. This was CBS broadcasting. Why the h*ll does Madonna need a cane? She was off key twice and the other singer brought her back in line. Was it Madonna who ordered Lewis to push Latifa wout of the way? WHY on earth was Latifa chosen to lead the segment. An out gay person, like NPH, would have been much better. This is the first time I noticed NPH’s ears. He had them altered when he was in his early twenties and you could sure see the difference tonight. He looks like an elf when shot from the chin upward.

  38. Scar2 says

    As wonderful as that was, there was also another gay-friendly song performed. Kacey Musgraves won Best Country Album & performed “Follow Your Arrow,” which is probably one of the most gay-friendly song ever played on country radio. Her performance may have been less-showy but she deserves notice too.

  39. Icebloo says

    Macklemore’s performance was AWFUL – I know the song well but I could not hear a word he was saying. Then they bring on Madonna who looked like a wax doll – WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO HER FACE ? In typical Madonna fashion she has to make it all about herself – why can’t she step aside and let other people have their time in the spotlight ?

    I think the idea of performing “Same Love” and then having people marry was good in theory but it just looked like chaos and it was a major embarrassment.

  40. JC says

    Madge was sounding a bit ragged tonight… she must have missed her normal infusion of hot Brazilian boy juice.

  41. Kent says


    The cutaway at 7:24 seems to show Keith with a tear on his cheek. Or maybe sweat?

    Madonna fell last week and injured her foot.

    Probably a stage director told Lewis to pull Latifah out of the way- it’s a live show…people will be off their marks. Madonna probably couldn’t see Latifah with that stage set up.

    Latifah was the officiant because – who knows?

    NPH, Ellen, etc., – didn’t have to be a gay person because this wasn’t just a gay wedding.

    Lots of irony ..intentional?

  42. anon says

    The problem with the Grammies is that it promotes the same bloated music distribution middleman system in the US just like American Idol. Clearly the industry is moving away from centralized distribution and publishing to more independent promotion, but you’d never know it from this show. These days consumers and artists are no longer slaves to the Top 40 format.

  43. Icebloo says

    Worst vocal performance of the night has to go to Pharrell Williams. AWFUL ! AWFUL ! AWFUL !

    He has NO voice and could not reach any of the notes. WTF ?! His record company say they plan to launch him as a solo artist – how the hell are they going to do that ? He cannot dance either. He needs to stick to being a producer. I was cringing with embarrassment for him.

  44. rhino79 says

    There are some very cynical, sad people commenting here. Making fun of Madonna and Macklemore like thirteen-year-old girls. Is it possible for you, just for a few minutes, to take off your brittle masks and just appreciate what was a moving and historical moment of television? Your compulsive sourness and evasion of actual emotion simply betrays your stunted emotional development and perpetual adolesence.

  45. SpaceCadet says

    I don’t know if anyone ever goes to the yahoo news webpage that often has stories on gay stories like this but there is usually a flood of negative comments (with positive ones mixed in too) such as in regards to this performance. I typically respond to the haters and let them know they are ignorant and on the wrong side of history. I would invite some of you to do the same although don’t be too surprised at that amount of hate and immaturity you’ll encounter there.

  46. brian says

    If these married couples were fakes, then shame on them. I don’t care what political point is being made. If it’s fake, it reflects poorly on those participating as well as the broader movement they espouse.

  47. rhino79 says

    @Brian… they weren’t “fakes.” They were all real couples who were asked if they would participate. Some are relatives or acquaintances of producers, some are actors who were contacted through agents, etc. Sure, some probably just wanted to have a story to tell, but they are real couples. One was Ryan Lewis’s sister who married her husband.

  48. says

    Well put me down in the “loved it” column. And I don’t think Madonna looked bad at all… just a little stiff. Considering how sue usually controls every iota of everything she puts on stage, I think it was just a little more chaos than she’s used to.

  49. BlahBlahBlah says

    I didnt notice it when i saw it last night but Ryan Lewis did totally pull Queen Latifah out of the doorway so Madonna could make her grand entrance. At one point Madonna looked at Mary Lambert and you could just see “Who the f*&k are you?” written all over her face.

  50. Mark says

    When the law in California changed last year, we strapped the dog in the back seat and broke speed records to get the marriage license. By then, we had been together 30 years, and this was going to be our time.

    Subsequently, a straight Jewish couple, also together 30 years, surprised us with a wedding gift. The gift was the entire wedding from top to bottom. They arranged for it, choreographed it, and paid for everything, because they said it was our time and also their time to see us happy.

    Last night’s Grammys was a gift to Marriage Equality and for the couples it became their time. It was their time, and it was perfect.

    There are too many people on the Grammy list to thank for this, but to each and every one of them, we thank you for a stunning performance, for making us cry, for being brave enough to stand up for what’s right and for giving us our time.

    And to Dustin & Spencer (you know who you are) Mazel Tov.

  51. keating says

    Lesbihonest: having a closet case (Latifah) introduce this segment was tacky and tone-deaf on the part of the Grammys producers. And that mass wedding was very Rev. Moon.

    Love the song, though!

  52. Critifur says

    @GAYMARRYME – no, I am pretty sure neither Spencer Stout or Dustin Reeser are of Indian descent.

  53. irishtxn says

    I have had the utmost respect for Macklemoreand Ryan Lewis when this song first came out. It moved me to tears then, but never so much as it did last night! KUDOS to all who performed this number. More KUDOS to Queen Latifah for coming out to perform the ceremony! Not totally impressed by Madonna’s performance though.

  54. Dc says

    Madonna reminded me of a late-career Mae West. She seemed buttressed into the outfit and her face was nearly immobile.

  55. Derrick from Philly says

    “Who’s the spastic albino in the string tie?”

    Posted by: Derrick From Philly | Jan 27, 2014 12:02:27 AM

    Rick, you are such a coward. Why don’t write nasty comments using your own posint name which on this blog has come to mean nastiness.

  56. Eddie says

    It’s always great to see Madonna. The married couples were singing along to ‘Open Your Heart’- nice.
    Once again Madonna falls victim to what has plagued her throughout her career:
    “Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.”
    Girl can’t catch a break-

  57. Graphicjack says

    Once again Madonna supports the gays and once again you throw her under the bus… So ungrateful. If she was stiff, it’s because she is in pain… She fell and hurt her ankle last week dancing in heels… That’s why she has a cane But even with the injury, she still shows her support. Judging by the crowd and the couples, they seemed totally moved by her being there. So why do you have a problem with it? I thought her performance was quite good considering she had to alter the key and tempo of her song to mash with Same Love. All white is rarely flattering, but it was as horrid as others seems to make out. Heaven forbid someone ages… Especially a woman. Quick drive her out of town with pitchforks. If she hadn’t had surgery, you would be mocking her for jowls and a turkey neck, I suppose.

  58. Wow says

    Come on! It was a touching and heartfelt demonstration of how music can help to equalize and bring people together. “Madonna sang at our big gay star-studded wedding!” = priceless

  59. Perry says

    Apparently these couples don’t think their wedding is special and personal at all. They see as just part of a big spectacle. Seeking attention much?

  60. Zlick says

    Wow, I was prepared for the usual negative comments, but WTF? I’m glad I heard about Madonna’s injury before seeing this, or I, too, might have wondered why the cane as fashion accessory and why she looked kinda stiff. That she participated under thosse circumstances was wonderful. And I don’t expect people to not freaking age as time goes by, or to be at their best following an injury. Sheesh!

    Ironically, it was a Grammy performance many years ago that got me to admire Madonna in the first place. I’m not a big fan, but she put on a great show – as she did at the two subsequent concerts of hers I was inspired that night to see. It helped that I was there in the audience – boy, the Grammy’s are SO MUCH BETTER live, and I’ve never been able to watch them on TV after that one night I scored a great invitation to attend in person.

    So – considering how poorly I think most of the show’s musical numbers consistently translate to TV, I was happy this one came off as well as it did. I’m also sorry they didn’t show a lot more of the marrying couples, but the idea came across and it was wonderful.

    This is kind of a big deal, and to see people nitpick about whether the headliner was out or not, whether the singer of a freaking Rap Song could get all the lyrics to be comprehensible on live television, what an aging, injured superstar was wearing, or any other vapid minutia is really appalling and entirely pathetic.

  61. Critifur says

    @GAYMARRYME – I do now. Their names are Yawar and Jason, and I must have met Yawar when I lived in New Orleans, not New York. They are very striking. I wish them all the best. Congrats.

  62. PiFunk says

    Ok…. The couple in the first picture….. I’m happy for you both but…..

    WHY??? WHY??

    I want to marry the groom on the right. Lol.
    Why are all the cute guys taken?

  63. Zlick says

    I’ll take preachy over negative any day.

    And I’ll also say the two backstage crew member “adjustments” on camera were needlessly amateurish. It’s one thing to have such things happen on live TV; it’s another not to cut away to any of 16 other available cameras.

    (Re-reading my earlier remark, I don’t see what was “preachy” at all – it was 99% a criticism of the negativism posted here and elsewhere on the infamously negative interwebs about this event.)

  64. Chickletts says

    Well done! Madonna is rock royalty…and it was a nice gesture for her to participate. When i first heard what they were planning i imagined a tacky trainwreck, but it was honest and heartfelt. Kudos!

  65. Chris says

    Touching and emotional…no…lame, cheesy, and attention whoring? Hell yeah. Just like my exes friends gay wedding, planned for over a year, talked about and facebooked by them nonstop to the point of friends finally dropping them, just plain seeking attention.