1. Bernie says

    this guy’s brain is defective and there is no help for him….and again, I will ask, what pill someone gay should take for their alleged “defect”?

  2. trees says

    It is defective to enjoy sexual pleasure given by God only for procreation. It is fulfilling God’s gift by enjoying it to the fullest, to find spiritual bliss, express love to a partner, or just to have fun.

  3. james st. james says

    Dear Cardinal Aguilar: Is there a cure for arrogance? When did you acquire this condition? Before or after your elevation? What makes you think that you know enough to have opinions about human sexuality? All those years of not having sex? Oh, you rascal, you’ve been doing it? With whom? We want names. Well, at the very least, I hope they were all Catholic. You better not have terminated any pregnancies. The pope doesn’t like that, not one bit.

  4. Bob K says


    San Francisco
    New York
    and so forth?


  5. JackFknTwist says

    Do they ever tire of just making stuff up ?

    Limbo;where the babies go
    Original Sin;
    Assumption into the sky;of Jesus and Mary
    Declare themselves infallible; 1870 Council
    Nine Choirs of Angels; pure medieval crap.

    Each of these they have literally invented….without any basis in any text whatsoever.
    Now they want to tell us we are defective ?
    Seriously ?

  6. Simon says

    The “intrinsically disordered” part was from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They are too embarrassed to call it by its real name. They are literally amendments to the Bible which supposedly contains the “words of God”.

  7. CodyJ says

    The only thing ‘defective’ is his hatefull look,and BTW, he needs to use a LIGHTER shade of lipstick..he closely resembles the late Bela Lugosi from ‘dracula’ (1931)

  8. Rob says

    Look around and a little deeper. It is my guess and assumption that this guy has a has a trail of either hiding child raping priests or doing the raping himself. When ever these higher ups start spouting off they are hiding something.

  9. Simon says

    At the time the Bible was written, they had no idea what blood pressure was. Therefore Bible did not mention anything about blood pressure or high blood pressure. Even the Church theorists think it is a bit silly to add “blood pressure” to their Catechism. May be the scientific facts about homosexuality are less developed. They think they have a chance to weigh in without appearing too stupid.

  10. Tarc says

    Well, we already know that cardinals are awful monstrous people that live their lives by a purely imaginary, mostly random set of nonsensical rules (which they quite often ignore behind closed doors) that should probably be tried in a court of law for the damage to the human race they cause. why would it surprise anyone that one bald face lies? He’s scientifically illiterate, proud of it, and quite happy to harm anyone that gets in the way of the promotion of his cushy-job creating nutjobbery.

  11. Simon says

    To see how offensive it is, he could have said something like this:
    “A lot of people complain and don’t tolerate it but with all respect I say that black color is a defective way of manifesting skin color, because that has a structure and a purpose, which is white is the color preferred by God…”

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