Spaniards Hold Kiss-In to Protest Cardinal’s Remarks That Homosexuality is a ‘Defect': VIDEO


Earlier this week, Spain's new Cardinal Fernando Sebastian Aguilar made international headlines when he told a newspaper in Malaga that homosexuality is a "defect" which can be corrected.

AguilarSaid Aguilar:

"A lot of people complain and don't tolerate it but with all respect I say that homosexuality is a defective way of manifesting sexuality, because that has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation...We have a lot of defects in our bodies. I have high blood pressure. Am I going to get angry because they tell me that? It is a defect I have that I have to correct as far as I can...Pointing out a defect to a homosexual is not an offence, it is a help because many cases of homosexuality can be recovered and normalised with adequate treatment. It is not an offence, it is esteem. When someone has a defect, the good friend is the one who tells him."

On Thursday, approximately 30 people gathered at the gates of Malaga Cathedral to protest the newly-chosen Cardinal's remarks with a same-sex kiss-in.