1. Howard B says

    While the sentiments are valid, IMHO I don’t see this song becoming a wedding standard anytime soon.


    Nice. The most striking thing for me is the kind of bridge it tends between gay marriage -there are so many youngish songs around- and old generations. That speak of cultural change, and that fact is more important than this song being adopted or not as gay wedding anthem.

  3. joel says

    A very nice song. Not surprised that Marsha Hunt, a victim of the McCarthy blacklist, would be able to create such a fine song. She was always a very talented actress who never reached the level of fame she deserved because of oppression and is obviously a creative person. She looks great for her age too.

  4. Michael says

    Wow, I am a fan of Marsha Hunt and to see this is so amazing. Kudos to her. Seek out her in the brilliant Film Noir Raw Deal to get a look at her before the 50’s blacklist took her away.

  5. Mitch says

    Doesn’t seem like a wedding anthem but I can easily imagine it as a part of a gay-themed, love story musical.