1. dj says

    They were off their game. Not as funny as they could be or even are.

    Though I liked the women and gay men watching at home and George Clooney not dating his own age jokes. The rest were just eh

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    The two of them were fantastic!

    And Andy, you’re right. Tina has a gorgeous figure. And that’s coming from a queen who has never had a sniff of vagina…well, not since I was born.

  3. Mike B. says

    I enjoyed it; I thought their performances were spot-on. Were we expecting something edgier, more offensive, perhaps more profane? Their role here is as Golden Globes hosts; they were great in their roles.

  4. tinkerbelle says

    They are the only duo who can get away with this kind of roasting. I would die for Tina Fey, and after Parks and Recreation (of which I finally saw most of all 6 seasons) Amy Poehler; I finally get her. And I am SO happy she won her award. The best.

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