Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1489

GRACE JONES AND PHILIP TREACY: Entering a party at the Chateau Marmont.

WILD TURKEY: Corners UPDS driver.

THE MCDONALDS DIET: Can you stomach it?

THE SOYLENT DIET: Can you stomach it?

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    The only good turkey is a dead….well, I won’t say it. There are probably some Turkey lovers out there.

    If you are a turkey lover– during the next heavy rain, snow or sleet fall– go outside and open your mouth pointed to the sky.

  2. Chris says

    The McDonalds video is very misleading. As a scientist, it is obvious this was a very uncontrolled experiment. No documentation what he ate before the experiment and no exercise til after he started. Noting the shape he was in when he started he underwent caloric restriction and an exercise program. This doesn’t document that McDonalds that can be part of healthy diet as much as that his diet and lack of exercise before the experiment contributed to bad health.

    This man is a sorry excuse for a scientist as he changed many variables at once and is claiming a result from them. I will also add that Morgan Spurlock of supersize me fame did the opposite in his documentary by moving from a healthy vegan diet with exercise to no caloric restriction at mcdonalds and limited his movement.

  3. Robert in SF says

    re: McDonald’s diet

    I agree with Chris on this overall.

    The point I took from Supersize Me wasn’t about McDonald’s being bad for you overall, just that the modern lifestyle and all Mickey D’s all the time (or too frequently, with supersizing options when offered) was bad for you.

    I also remember Spurlock emphasizing those points about people exercising less (i.e., walking less, reduced physical labor), and focusing on convenience foods and getting convinced by advertising, leading to bad decisions and bad health. It was about the modern life of relying on fast food, not on how to choose wisely.

  4. anon says

    Supersize Me was about the class action lawsuit that was planned against McDonalds in NYS around the time the film came out. He was eating about 5000 calories a day, which will make anyone fat. The lawsuit went nowhere. The science teacher here was just teaching his kids basic nutrition calorie counting.

    Details about the film and what lead to it:

    Here’s another such case:

  5. Randy says

    Cisna does not represent a proper scientific study, and it’s hard to see what legitimate and meaningful conclusions, if any, could be drawn from it. Even in the best case, it’s a single data point.

    But rather than simply changing his diet, and rather than simply eating what McDonald’s tries to sell him on impulse, he instead ate within guidelines that most McDonald’s patrons do not choose for themselves, or even look at (obvious just from looking at them, or at the menu) AND he started exercising 45 minutes each day.

    If you want to know what effect McDonald’s has on people, you can’t ALSO mix in the effects of exercise. And you need to eat there how most people eat there, not how a nutritionist would eat there. Try ordering their oatmeal in the drive-through; you’ll be late for work.

    Since their association with Russia’s brutal attack on gay kids, I have not at all missed their food, and saved a lot of money actually.

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