TV Stations Cut Away From Rose Parade Gay Marriage

Aubrey Loots and Dany Leclair

On New Year's Day Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair made an historic moment by being the first gay couple to wed atop a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Spectators cheered, providing a mass affirmation for the couple, but not everyone present shared the crowd's enthusiasm and support.

Specifically, several TV stations filming the parade cut away from the float, and they weren't small stations either. NBC, ABC, and HGTV all cut away, while radio station KLTA went to silence during the AHF float, but allegedly "effused" over the eHarmony float.

None of the offenders have offered up any explanation as to why they cut away, but feel free to contact NBC, ABC, HGTV, and KLTA via Twitter to inquire why they did what they did.


  1. john says

    What should have been the most important day of their life and nobody decided to dress up for it? Not even the vicar? Maybe that’s why the stations didn’t show it – it didn’t look like a wedding at all – more like 3 friends doing karaoke. Maybe the photo is misleading..

  2. Christopher says

    The picture here is NOT of the actual wedding. The guys were dressed and the minister was in a robe. This is not the first couple to marry on a Rose Parade Float–just the first same-sex couple. And, as the theme for the parade was Dreams Do Come True, it is very appropriate for the first parade after gay Californians Dream could come true.

    And I’ve met one of these guys. A sweeter, non-attention-grabbing guy isn’t out there. For the haters out there: How would you feel if you knew these guys? Have a heart!

  3. Vint says

    @REALITY CHECK: Television thrives on tacky, attention-whore displays. That’s not a reason they’d look away from it, it’s a reason they’d tape it in glorious hi-def with surround sound and broadcast it in slo mo instant replay around the clock.

  4. Paul says

    We watched the KTLA TV broadcast here in LA. Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards were the hosts from their location in the broadcast booth. They occasionally tossed to Micah Ohlman down on the parade route. One of these tosses occurred when the AIDS Healthcare float went by. KTLA showed the float and the couple. Micah was effusive in his praise of both. Add to this, the Rose Parade Organizing Committee was steadfast from the get-go that a same-sex wedding was a splendid depiction of parade theme of “Dreams Come True.” If the KTLA radio broadcast didn’t have Micah’s audio, it was probably the result of a technical glitch. Also, the KTLA broadcast is the premier feed for rebroadcast around the world. So if the AIDS Healthcare float was cut, this was a local decision — not a KTLA decision.

  5. Jake says

    Good for those stations that cut away from this tacky, degrading mockery of marriage. I am also glad that a lot less people got to see a crass presentation of a same-sex marriage that could have swayed more people to be against same-sex marriage. Negative representations should be quashed, not showcased.

  6. david says

    I watched and recorded KTLA’s broadcast and so how does….
    Micah Ohlman: “Take a look at this spectacular wedding cake introducing love is the best protection from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They are the winner of the Isabella Coleman Award as you mentioned Steph for best presentation of color and color harmony though floral use. So as the folks at the foundation started to think about ‘what dreams come true’ means to them Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair’s story took center stage. Aubrey and Danny have been together for over a decade and this morning their relationship becomes legally recognized in the state of California by way of a Rose Parade ceremony, and you may have caught the white doves being released, they were released just as they came around the corner onto Colorado Blvd. This floral display, every groom or brides dream, roses of creme de la cream, white, green, red coral, peach and orange enhanced with tulips, orchids, amaryllis, hydrangeas and vines of curly willow. Congratulations and our best wishes to Aubrey and Danny on their wedding day.”…
    from KTLA constitute “went to silence”?

    Please Mr. Walters get your facts right!!

  7. Bobby says

    I thought NBC not only showed the float but Al Roker sent his best wishes on air to the married couple.

    At least NBC did not do like ABC and swoon over eHarmony’s float AND interview the eHarmony bigoted owner.

  8. NotSafeForWork says

    I was anticipateing the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Float and purposely watched HGTV due to the live, no commercial broadcast. I was a bit annoyed that HGTV cut away so quickly, without describing the float, what it was made of, etc., as they had been doing with the other floats. Kudos to the female host who mentioned the guys were “about to tie the knot” or “say their I do’s”, I don’t remember exactly what she said, but she got it in there before the cut away. Ironically, the two male hosts, The Property Brothers, were conspicuously silent.

  9. Reality Check says

    @Christopher: “A sweeter, non-attention-grabbing guy isn’t out there.”

    This is shown to be untrue by the fact that he got married on a float during the damn Rose Bowl Parade.

    Pure tack. Almost to the point of parody.

  10. TampaZeke says

    I watched it on NBC and they DID NOT cut away! They congratulated the “couples” on the float. They didn’t specifically mention that the couple on the float were getting married and that they were a same sex couple but they didn’t cut away.

    Knowing this fact I have to question the entire claim of this post.

  11. Paul says

    Another factor is that toward the end of the parade, where the AHF float was located, they were clearly well behind schedule to get the entire parade in during the allocated two hours. A factor in this was that this year, some of the entries stopped and did a show — stopping being the death of a good parade. Which then stole time from the end of the parade. Bob and Stephanie commented how quickly everyone was moving and were struggling themselves to keep up. So some entries slipped past with barely a mention. KTLA’s Olhman spoke like a sprinter, and got it all in. No doubt in part because they’d tossed to him, and these were the lines he’d been given to deliver. Whilst the other announcers had responsibility for both before and after — and without a moment to consider, had to decide what to skip. “. . . congratulations to the happy couple . . . and here’s a marching band that’s traveled all the way from . . . “

  12. Steve says

    What a bitchfest this thread is.
    Congratulations to the guys. I don’t watch network television, so I guess I didn’t miss anything. HGTV (Happy Gay Tranny Vision) is being ridiculous.

    Jake: When you fart, does your butthole drip with tears from your eyes?

  13. Brian1 says

    So it seems like the story is pretty much made up, complete with wrong names and email addresses for people to complain to. Which is a good thing, because it seems like nobody did anything wrong. I know if I were running towleroad I’d take it down and start over, but this site seems almost proud of the many mistakes they constantly make and the many disgusting commenters the site attracts.

  14. Tony says

    HGTV did not cut away – they were broadcasting the KTLA commentary by Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards. The float was clearly shown and they offered their congratulations to the two men.

  15. Daniel says

    It’s also the placement of the broadcast cameras and their respective booth’s location along the route. Several station like ABC, Univison, HGTV and a couple others are on Orange Grove Blvd where the floats are staged, right before the turn onto Colorado Blvd which is the main parade route. KTLA, which is the broadcast which is fed to many stations and other countries has the prime spot on Orange Grove Blvd. If a float has anything special to show off and it’s only going to happen once, it will always happen in that spot.

  16. CB says

    Sorry Towleroad, bogus reporting. I recorded the HGTV bcst and they did not shy away from the marriage. I respect your site, don’t start a controversy when it is not there!

  17. ernest1960 says

    HGTV gave the same amount of time on this float as most of the others, including mentioning the couple’s names and saying they were just about to say their vows. It felt like Nancy O’Dell wanted to say more but couldn’t because of time constraints. No intentional cutting away or silence. Get it right.

  18. Dr Johnny says

    I watched and recorded in Atlanta both ABC and NBC as I was curious about the coverage being on the Atlanta GLAAD leadership council. Here, ABC completely skipped the float and NBC showed the float but failed to mention a same-sex couple was in the marriage setting. I was highly disappointed on what could have been an eye-opening experience of positive change for America in 2014.

  19. Jim in TO says

    As others have noted, I watched KTLA live and they gave excellent coverage. Apparently in the replay KTLA did cut the at least part of it out. I also recorded ABC (Buffalo NY) and THEY went to commercial when the float came by. Not sure if this was local or network.

  20. Chris says

    “A sweeter, non-attention-grabbing guy isn’t out there.” Actually a “non-attention grabbing guy” would not have gotten married on the Rose Bowl parade. He would have done so in a ceremony attended by family and friends just like millions of other couples, gay and straight, have done.
    That doesn’t mean anyone should have cut away, or dismissed the float, but trying to pretend this wasn’t a fame whore move is just willful ignorance. The float would have been better served with one of the now married couples who fought for our rights by protesting, campaigning, and filing lawsuits.

  21. barryearle says

    I watched on HGTV, too. And while they were not effusive, even though the float was a prize winner, and moved on rather quickly compared to other floats, they did acknowledge the float and the wedding cake without mentioning the couple being married were gay.

  22. Christopher says

    For all the negative nabobs: You know this was not the first wedding performed on a float at this parade? Did you yammer on about the other couples? I’ve heard of people having all sorts of unusual weddings. Even one where the bride and groom were wingwalking on bi-planes. Yep, groom on one, bride on one and vicar on another. Not my idea of my wedding, but it made their day just that: Their Special Day. Would not carp on at them about it for anything. Can’t we all just get along?

  23. Buckie says

    Our media constantly lies to us by omission, and just 7 corporations run ALL US media.

    The gay aspect of it is trivial.

    We are lied to and actively deceived every single moment of every single day.

    Wake up and smell the catfood.

  24. gab says

    It was not the right medium for their marriage..they obviously just want to be televised..otherwise they would have had a ceremony with close friends and family …

  25. Cassandra says

    It sounds like there is some editing of the broadcast going on at local levels – such that in some places, some people are seeing footage – coverage of the float – that was not broadcast in other locations.

    It will be interesting to watch this play out.

  26. Carrie says

    I watched the rebroadcast on the Hallmark Channel and they didn’t cut away when the AHF float went by. In fact Hallmark aired exactly what KTLA broadcast with the same Stephanie and Bob commentary. I still don’t understand why ABC which is supposed to be the most LGBT friendly network channel would cut away. That makes no sense.

  27. Craigy says

    Good, glad they did-Im all gayed up, enough already! Youre gay, ok, be proud about it, privately-DONT shove it down EVERYBODYS friggin throats daily!

  28. Dr.Theopolis says

    In fact, Micah Olman, the v.o. anchor at the time of the AHF/marriage float never used the word “married” – I watched it twice. He did congratulate them, but never said the word “married”. Hard to think things are changing for the better when a LEGAL, one word sentiment can’t be expressed for fear of alarming or angering others.

    KTLA positively gushed over the religious float that immediately followed the AHF one; I can’t recall now if that was the e-Harmony one or not.

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