Ugandan ‘Scientists’ Say Homosexuality Caused By Recruitment, Adventurism

All that’s needed to turn Uganda’s odious “Kill the Gays” bill into law is President Yoweri Museveni’s signature. However, he has made good on his promise to study the law before signing it.

The bill — which was passed by parliament in December — penalizes anyone who aids or abets a known homosexual and punishes homosexuality with life imprisonment. It has LGBT Ugandans afraid for their lives.

MuseveniOne of the scientists Museveni hired for the study, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, concluded that “recruiters and promoters (of homosexuality) should be dealt with accordingly” and that “homosexuality [starts] as a result of adventurism," (that is, the willingness to try risky actions, tactics, or attitudes).

Museveni is rabidly homophobic: he considers homosexuality a curable abnormality caused primarily by Western “random breeding,” and adds that a strong economy can prevent homosexuality especially since gays regularly ensnare poor young people through prostitution.

Museveni reportedly said that South Africa’s retired archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights had discouraged him from signing the bill.


  1. WOLF says

    Can someone educate me on this? I claim severe ignorance on this subject. Why is a large part of Africa so impoverished and socially backward? Is it because of colonialism and/or evangelism putting off track tribal cultures? In other words, someone with the expertise on this subject, please kindly tell me WTF is up with Africa?

  2. Qj201 says


    Yes, colonialism…and christian evangelism…has managed to brainwash africans into forgetting that same sex behavior occurred on their continent long before european imperialism.

    It’s sad really given that Museveni really stepped forward to deal with the HIV epidemic (among heterosexuals) in his country in the 90’s…

    GW Bush got his entire “abstinence” agenda from the Ugandan “ABC” model of HIV prevention (Abstinence, Be Faithful, use Condoms). But of course GW only cared about the A.

    Lastly, a lot of the antigay BS in Uganda is being driven by American Evangelicals sticking their nose in (same in Russia).

    In fact, American Evangelicals have DIRECTLY LOBBIED legislators in Uganda and Russia…which is against U.S. Law (something about citizens interfering in the affairs of other nations). Not that anything will happen to these propagators of hate.

  3. Brian1 says

    Is this article written by an actual person, or just randomly assembled sentences from other sites? Your first paragraph says Museveni is the only person in Uganda keeping this law from being enacted, yet in your third paragraph you call him rabidly homophobic. In reading the articles you link to, which are infinitely more understandable, he comes across as no worse than a typical republican in the US, and what I would guess is an ultra liberal in a ugandan context. His main point is that homosexuality is genetic, not a choice so gays shouldn’t be punished any more than albinos. And he won’t sign the bill unless someone can prove to him that it’s not genetic.

    Your second paragraph seems ripped from some other post. it starts unpromisingly with “one of the scientists”, although no scientists have been mentioned up to that point, so no idea which “one” you’re referring to. And it turns out the person being quoted isn’t a scientist but an MP, albeit with a medical background. But he’s not related to the PM’s request for a scientist to prove that homosexuality isn’t genetic.

    Really a poorly assembled article that only confuses the issues.

  4. Jons says

    Oh the irony of a man from a third world country saying homosexuality can be cured by a “strong economy” WHILE accusing it to come from the West. I mean it’s either or.

    Because as far as I’m concerned, the map of countries accepting of homosexuality and equal marriage is pretty much the map of the richest, most technologically advanced and strongest economies in the world, while the map of homosexuality-persecuters is also the map of the poorest, most warlike, most chaotic and least democratic countries in the world…

  5. says

    The claim that homosexuality is a result of ‘Western decadence’ is patently absurd and shows the talking points taken directly from American Evangelicals.

    Homosexuals exist now and have always existed in every race, ethnicity, tribe, religion and global community. Absent a particular religious construct that breeds disfavor sexual orientation would never be a societal problem.

    That hope I took from his statement was that given the opportunity to examine real science Museveni would have ammunition to defend not signing the bill. He can with this one act help to dismantle the damage done by the very real rabid homophobes hiding behind religion. Desmond Tutu continues to be a huge help in combating the lies and ignorance spread by Scott Lively and fellow hate groups.

  6. Dan Cobb says

    Ah, the “scientists” of Africa… where would the world be without them! BWAAAAH!!!! HA HA HA!!!

  7. Dan Cobb says

    WOLF, Africa was primitive before colonialization and it is still primitive today. It’s the culture. Every think about how many millions of more years of evolution Africans would require before inventing something like the bicycle, leave alone the car, or tractor….
    Look at Detroit Michigan… at Watts, at East Saint Louis… primitive. It’s in the nature of the people. Look at Brixton in the UK.. or Saint Denis outside of Paris. They all look the same… like Lagos Nigeria or Accra Ghana. Just a simple, fact.

  8. Derrrick from Philly says

    @ “WOLF, Africa was primitive before colonialization and it is still primitive today. It’s the culture.”

    Yes, and how civilized are those that threw Jewish children into gas chambers or shot down them down? And then put them into crematoriums. You’ve got a great track record on humanity yourself, b.tch.

    My God. I never realized that DAN CORN COBB was simply another alias of RICK. I must be primitive also. But you, RICK, are simply a small pale prick.

  9. SpaceCadet says

    Just ignore the racist troll above. Because obviously Europeans enslaving Africans was certainly civilized behavior. Because obviously the Egypyians building the pyramids and other engineering feats demonstrates how throughout time Africans are so so primitive.

  10. GregV says

    If I didn’t know better about how stupid and gullible our opposition is (and I do know better), this self-professed “scientist” could seem like a plant from the other side.
    It’s as if someone thought, ” I’ll make a bunch of ironic statements that anybody with a fully-functioning brain can easily prove false with 30 seconds of research.”

    As @Jons said, it is blatantly obvious that the map of countries with the highest standards of living vs. economic basket cases is very, VERY clearly exactly the opposite of what he suggests.

    And the idea that we are gay become someone recruited us all as prostitutes is absurd.

    It’s the equivalent of someone claiming that science says Jews grow horns and tails or that African languages are just odd sounds without sentence structure or meaning…the kinds of things too many Westerners believed were “scientific” 300 years ago.

  11. jamal49 says

    @QJ201 I’ve been screaming about this for a long time! American evangelicals actively lobbying foreign governments to pass legislation favorable to their agenda is against U.S. law. I’ve written my Congressional delegation via email and snail mail demanding that they investigate American evangelicals in Africa and Latin America and their active solicitation in various countries to pass extreme homophobic legislation. I’ve received only one response and it was tepid at best. This is a scandal waiting to happen and the State Dept. and the Justice Dept. should be investigating these.

  12. antisaint says

    @Wolf – if you have Netflix, check out the documentary ‘call me kuchu,’ it is streaming. Very informative. And if you can see, or find ‘God Loves Uganda,’ which I suspect will eventually be on Netflix, check that out too. The latter shows you the connection between the laws in Uganda and American evangelicals.

  13. anon says

    Saudi Arabia has similarly harsh laws, but they are not poor and they have all the modern conveniences. This is mostly about state run and religious schools pumping out tons of propaganda to the populace over the years.

  14. Dan Cobb says

    Saudi Arabia is a very primitive culture.
    CULTURE… yes, in the last two to three generation they have come into massive sums of money that have allowed them to pay foreign (European, American, East Asian) engineers to build modern, gleaming cities for them, but they don’t allow women to drive to become educated, they chop off people’s hands who steal bread, they force their women to wear potato sacks from head to toe…etc.
    The culture is massively primitive. Even bushmen from Papua New-Guinea look at Saudi culture and think: WTF!?!?

  15. Dan Cobb says

    Sorry folks, but Africa is backwards and primitive. It just is. Everything in Africa that is modern is European (and or American) in its origin. Physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, anthropology, administration, governance, democracy, mechanical engineering, sociology, electrical engineering, aeronautics, space exploration, vaccine development, structural engineering, architecture (beyond huts), infrastructure, art, music (other than percussive music), etc. etc. etc. etc.
    And to the guy who raised the specter of Nazi Germany -yes, the Europeans aren’t perfect for sure, but currently in Africa there are dozens of wars going on and the most recent genocides in the world have all taken place in Africa.. Can you say RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN, CHAD, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, ‘DEMOCRATIC’ REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO… etc. If you think Africa is so much better than the west… go and live there… I have lived in Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire and believe me, your smug criticism coming from a comfortable office in Chicago or Boston or NYC is the bratty snot in you talking. Be real for once in your life. And honest.

  16. Bill says

    Qj201 : it is not illegal in general to try to influence a foreign government. It is according to a law that is almost certainly unconstitutional if one is trying to influence a government regarding “disputes or controversies” with the U.S. government.

    The law in question is called the Logan Act, and was passed in 1799. There was only one indictment under it – in 1803 with regard to a Kentucky newspaper article that suggested that part of the Western U.S. become a separate country allied with France. No prosecution occurred. It was also used as a threat against Jesse Jackson, but nothing happened. has the details and the text of the law (it is only a few sentences long).

  17. Daniel says

    This has to do with LGBTA people not getting revenge against the top human rights violators on the planet and how that makes those violators think they can get away with anything. Like before Stonewall, when the LGBTA community forgot the power of not putting up with these human rights violations.