1. Homo Genius says

    Im sorry but I just have to giggle every time I hear the gays are shoving things down their throats…

  2. ToThePoint says

    This a**hat does not seem to realize that he has homosexuals in his own family, whether he likes it or not. ALL families have members that are gay – some of which are kids who are being persecuted within their own families. His words and attitude seem to suggest that heterosexuality can be taught but it is inherent just as homosexuality is inherent. So what he is saying is he and others like him, don’t want members of their own family being shoved down their throats. Well, a**wipe, we exist and deserve to exist equally and with dignity. No one if forcing you to be gay or endorse gay activity. Just asking for respect, which you obviously have NONE for anyone, but those like yourself. His obvious anger will continue to contribute to his own miserable existence, which I could care less about, but respecting others that are not like you is the AMERICAN way and the HUMAN way. He lacks humanism and maybe that should be a capital offense. Oh and, Mack, the constitution was written to protect EVERYONE, especially those of whom you disagree.

  3. Frank says

    Looks like the “Gray Dawn” episode of Southpark. All we have to do to stop this rebellion is to lock up the Country Kitchen restaurant.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    Could he please mention “shoving things down his throat” yet one more time? Sigmund Freud just called and it’ll take just one more anti-gay closet case making this analogy to backflip him out of his grave.

  5. Bernie says

    wow! I hope no gay person needs to call any of these sheriffs for help! They sound like renegade law officers!

  6. Mark says

    yes, he should mix up the metaphors. perhaps the gays are “shoving things down his throat” AND “shoving things up his a**”.

  7. Lorrin says

    The Sheriff and the blonde ditzbag blogger better be careful they don’t end up the ones in jail.

  8. jamal49 says

    So, let the reaction begin. Does this qualify as sedition? Is this how red states will react as sensible judges continue to rule that anti-marriage equality is unconstitutional? I am always wary of the right-wing in this country. Remember, they control most governorships. They control a majority of states legislatures. LGBT people and women are always an election or two away from being relegated to fourth-class citizenship, to having our rights taken away. Reaction in America is still a powerful force. Never, ever take anything, especially your civil rights, for granted. There are still enough hateful people in this country to vote into office politicians who could do great harm to our push for civil equality.

  9. Jenni says

    The real story is that there ARE many LGBT living in these folks area and they will NOT be protected by the likes of these authorities.

  10. JackFknTwist says

    Once again angry old white dudes.
    NThere are no blacks in Utah it seems.
    “The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” ?

    Have they not even understood the title of their little boys klan ?
    “Constitutional” means upholding the Constitution, even those parts of it that mention equality; the equal right to be a teacher, Bot Scout Leader and have every opportunity and legal standing that an angry old white dude has.
    we need to start going to these crypto-fascist meetings and raising out voices.

    Obey the law and the Judges you illiterate clowns.

  11. Nike says

    I fear for the lack of protection the GLBT in that area will get when this is the sheriffs so forcefully hateful against them.

  12. JackFknTwist says

    @ JAMAL49 :

    I’m in total agreement.
    The failure of this bunch of self-proclaimed “Constitutional” Sheriffs to support and uphold the law as interpreted by the judiciary is sedition and all who spoke in support of “rising” up against the constitutional interpretation of the equality protections MUST now be fired – immediately.

    We must never accept laws as defined by self appointed fascists like this bunch of ravers, they are the extreme right wing, excluding from equal protection those whom they dislike.
    We have historic examples of where this leads.

  13. Michael says

    Did you take a good look at that crowd?

    There’s not one guy in there any gay guy would come 20 feet near.

  14. JT says

    Ah, christian love. Or is it muslim love? I can never really tell the two “religions of peace” apart when their adherents start talking.

  15. John Conolley says

    I’m trying to work out how the rearing of their children enters into the issue. And what exactly it is that’s being shoved down their throats.

  16. chris255 says

    OLD WHITE BUTTHURT has-beens. Products of the McCarthy era.

    You can not vote for something that is not constitutional. That is why we have checks and balances in the system.

    I hear Saudi Arabia is nice this time of year if you want a country that rules by religion.

    Not ONE SINGLE reason has been given HOW any two men or women getting married in their own pursuit of happiness in their own contract is harming ANYONE.

    These people are supposed to represent law enforcement? Time to retire and make way for a more informed generation.

  17. Matt says

    This is lawlessness by sherriffs. The federal courts are arbiters of what the U.S. Constitution means, and states are not at liberty to violate the U.S. Constitution, even if they passionately want to. Utah has had its day in court, and it will have its day in the Appeals Court and maybe the U.S. Supreme Court. That is the lawful response.

  18. Homo Genius says

    yeah… most of these people seem well beyond “child bearing” years.. don’t know why they are so concerned about “their kids” who are likely pushing 40

  19. JackFknTwist says

    On a social inquisitive note:

    -as @ MICHAEL above says, these guys are all uniformly ugly.
    Does bitterness, a sense of failure in your life and knowledge that time has moved on without you, … all these feelings twist your visage and body into something best kept in the attic with Dorian Grey’s portrait ?
    Ugly spirit seems to manifest itself in ugly body……I suppose it’s another truth of KARMA.

  20. Burt says

    So… the self-appointed spokesperson for this bigoted group in Utah is a FORMER sheriff from Arizona?

    Maybe he needs to go back to his passel of wives and shut the f**k up..

  21. JackFknTwist says

    This speaker is a “former sheriff”.

    From today anyone who will not support the constitutional law must immediately become “former’ – by immediate firing.

    We will not have sedition.

  22. says

    Once again, our lives and our existence seems to convince them that they’re “freedoms” have been trampled. Our weddings somehow shove something down *their* throats.

    The only silver lining is that it shows that the Religious-Right doesn’t believe in personal liberties, or anything that the constitution exists to protect, actually.

  23. says

    Utah – raising boys that kill themselves at an alarming rate since an old racist looked into a hat and talking stones told him that Native Americans were actually Israelites!

  24. says

    Richard Mack, the guy speaking through most of the clip, is a former AZ sheriff who’s run for office in AZ and TX and lost. His big claim to fame is a lawsuit against the Clinton administration. He has no recent connection to Utah but was just there getting the wing nuts riled up to sell his products.

    So, easy for people like him to encourage an “uprising” where government employees refuse to follow the law and make up their own–he won’t be the stupid sap getting fired. Of course the morons (what a pathetic looking bunch!) in the audience probably don’t recognize they’re being played by an outsider mainly interested in padding his wallet.

  25. Matt N says

    People like this used to say that gay people didn’t need marriage because we could do everything via private contract (umm no).

    So, my response to him would be: put your kids in a private school where you can teach them whatever you want, and start your own scouting group. Your problems are now solved.

    And I’m not sure what federal law has to do with boy scouts or schools.

  26. anon says

    I’m not sure what they think they can accomplish. The BSA is a private organization with nationwide affiliates–how are they going to stop gays from joining the BSA?

    How are they going to stop gay marriages? They take place at the local county clerks offices in front of witnesses. What are the sheriffs (who don’t have political control over country clerks) going to do?

    I don’t think they’ve thought this one through.

  27. ny2.0 says

    I fail to see how the love and commitment of two consenting adults somehow tramples on their freedom. Can someone please explain?

    The religious right in this country love to use buzz words such as freedom, constitutional, patriotic and family without actually knowing the meaning.

    To these folks, whatever they don’t agree with or are completely ignorant about is “unconstitutional.” Thats the GOP base for ya!

  28. says

    Mack is the current GOP prototype. Angry. Ignorant. Reactionary. Blinkered. A mind still stuck in B&W Pleasantville. Selling hate. It’s never about the constitution, or logic, never a consideration given to the actual hurt caused by his actions.

    Pay attention to Utah Echols. This is one of the crossroads you’ll be looking back at in the future.

  29. rroberts says

    Richard Mack, former AZ sheriff, says “The people of Utah have rights, too, not just the homosexuals…We have a right to raise our kids how we want not how you want.”

    Go ahead and raise your kids how you want, Mr. Mack. That’s your privilege, and nobody’s telling you how to raise your kids. But let same-sex couples raise their kids how THEY want. The people of Utah do have rights — they have the right to realize that the Constitution is designed to protect ALL citizens; they have the right to understand that gay marriage won’t make them fall off their flat earth; and they have the right to obey the law even if they don’t like the law.

  30. RonCharles says

    Gosh, Mormons in Utah, the United States Constitution and the rights protected therein do apply to your state and you, too!

  31. gregory brown says

    This “constitutionl” organization holds that county sheriffs are the proper chief administrators and executives in each county with the right and duty to protect citizens from the Federal government. I suppose that extends to opposing encroachments by State governments also. The idea has been fermenting among rightists for a long time. Like the desperate attempt to revive the concept of Nullification, it has just enough steam to generate enthusiasm among marginalized theocrats, racists,and homo-panicked nuts. It’s a natural fir for Utah and similarly cult polluted areas.

  32. says

    The Mormon church openly excluded Blacks from their church (cult) until (I believe) the mid ’70s. They got over that (sort of). Blacks still can’t become hierarchy. Just members.
    Utah homophobes will HAVE to get over that gays exist as human beings with civil rights.

  33. Rocco says

    I never understand why they think we don’t pay taxes, have families, raise children,or go to work every day like they do. It’s bizarre. Then their attitude that they can just ignore laws they don’t like. It defies reason.

  34. Jonster says

    Ha! You just have to laugh at these morons (sorry forgot the “m” in the middle there) who foisted Prop 8 on America after an expose’ was done on their polygamous FLDS sub-morons had their kids taken away by the Feds. I’m sitting here eating crow and laughing my ass off as they try to stop the momentum of civil rights they so valiantly tried to deny the rest of us.

  35. Sharia says

    Islamic Sharia will solve this american dilemma for you. Just be patient. We look forward to the confrontation.

  36. groot says


    What are you talking about?

    Why do religious people always talk about an impending doom?

  37. ratbastard says

    And some wonder why many ‘queers’ don’t have a problem with the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd admendment regarding the right of law abiding citizens to bear arms.

  38. Gregory in Seattle says

    So… an open call for an armed uprising. Isn’t that against the law or something?

  39. Chris says

    They just need to get laid and focus in their hetero marriage…instead of obsessing over gay marriage.

  40. ratbastard says

    There are some religious people obsessed with the so-called rapture,the end times and other assorted BS, in this country primarily fundalmentalist evangelical Protestants. They are geographically located primarily in rural areas and the south and west. Similar non Christian fundalmentalist exist among Jews, Muslims, and Mormons. This type of extreme fundalmentalism fixated with the ‘end times’ is almost non existent among Catholics, who do not obsess over the ‘end times’ and in fact are encouraged to live in the present and think constructively about the future. Not surprisingly the regions of the country most gay friendly and least obsessed with relgious dogma are the heavily Catholic big metro areas on the coasts. Understand the U.S. has an unusually large population of Protestant and Baptist evangelical fundalmentalist, due in large part to the fact we were origionally settled by relgious fanatics basically kicked out of Europe, especially the U.K./Ireland.

  41. ratbastard says

    I agree Chris, they need to get laid. I encourage everyone to get laid as often as possible. It would be a much more sane world.

  42. someguy says

    I’m starting to wish they DID make that fence and lock us all up to die out. At least then in a few lifetimes they could look back and wonder if their attitudes were wrong.

    Sadly, they would wonder and probably say ‘well at least there’s no faggots this way’

    I’m so looking forward to Hell. The only person who hates me more than them, is me, because all I’ve felt in my life is the hate of having faggots like me alive.

  43. auncut10in says

    Let the throat shoving begin. The right wingers want to shove their agenda down our throats. We want to shove our agenda down their throats. Does anyone doubt which group is better at shoving things down throats?? No wonder gay marriage is winning.

  44. TonyJazz says

    Given that the secular ruling for gay marriage is a legal document—not a religious blessing—what in the world is their concern?

    This is about legal rights (taxes, inheritence, etc.), not religious rights.

    They need to take their bigotry back to the churches and stay out of the government….

  45. Tom says

    I will expect something onthe order of this to happen if Idaho ever allows marriage equality. Seriously. Sad though.

  46. Jim says

    Excuse me? Standing room only? Packed house? I don’t think so. A few bigots got together in a small-sized conference room to bellyache. Big deal. This is an uprising? More Utah gays have gotten married in the last week than there were people attending that meeting. Let’s get some perspective already.

  47. woody says

    Yeah… this isn’t going to help their case with the supreme court. Sheriffs refusing to enforce equal rights of a minority. This is way too alabama 1963. Bad move, Utah sheriffs.

  48. Jeff York says

    That looks like a good group of Aryans. Somebody I’d really want to associate with. Do they realize that if they attempted an uprising, they would have the full force of the Feds on them?
    Utah probably wouldn’t do anything.
    Maybe Utah can be the first state to secede. Heavy border patrol. They wouldn’t want any queers to get in.

  49. woodroad34d says

    In the midwest, we used to have rest stops along I-94 or 131 that were the only places to get convenient sex…these people look exactly like the trucker clientele that frequented those places. So “shoving” something down their throats is really just gilding a particularly unattractive Lily, gurrrl.

  50. george says

    With that hair of his, Richard Mack looks like a dandy of sorts. The thing that is is most interesting is how he seems to think that “homosexuals” are not people. We must be aliens.

  51. northalabama says

    a great reminder the separation of church and state is to protect the state, not the church.

    all this crowd needs are white bed linens with hoods, and a bonfire.

  52. Tom Beauchamp-Arnold says

    Apparently Richard Mack wants to follow in the footsteps of the celebrated Lester Maddox.

    Mr. Mack might want to review how things worked out for Mr. Maddox.*

    * In Mr. Maddox’s last run for Governor he garnered a whopping 3% of the vote, as decisive a crushing as any politician could hope for.

    After getting out of politics, Maddox briefly had a comedy club career with a African American former bus boy from his restaurant. Maddox played harmonica while the bus boy played guitar.

    Perhaps in Mr. Mack’s case, he can team up with some glamorous drag queen duo in Utah (or Arizona) and either do close harmony, or perhaps play the “straight man”, if you know what I mean.

  53. mike1969 says

    There is a reason as to why Mack is a former sheriff. Go die off bigots. Your kind is not welcome in the 21st century.

  54. Bill says

    @Timothy : I don’t either – they might try to bite it off. I think most of them should join the hunger strike that one guy started. Their doctors would probably be delighted at the result!

    @JackFknTwist : cut the “angry old white dude” garbage – it is racist. The majority of the “white dudes” I know, regardless of age, are liberals and oppose any sort of discrimination, and “majority” in this case is well over 50%.

  55. Islam Shall Rule says

    The west is getting weaker by the hour! The Mujahadeen shall out-populate the anti-reproducers of the west. The amreekans must be purified by nuclear fire. It is our destiny, our purpose, our calling.

  56. Bill says

    @ “Islam Shall Rule:” You can do whatever you want to the “amreekans” as they probably live on one of Kolob’s moons. You know, Kolob, the crazy planet Mormons supposedly think exists somewhere – “Heavenly Father” took pity on gay Mormons and let them have a nice, lovely moon to live on, and by the time your nuclear warhead reaches it, it will almost certainly not function at all. Interstellar travel is so time consuming. Plus, it will take you quite some time to even figure out where Kolob is, and there is no guarantee that it is even in our galaxy.

    BTW, are you a troll from the Middle East or are you an American troll trying to sound funny?

  57. Mary says

    Homophobes sound sillier by the day. Instead of railing against gay equality, why don’t they start talking about how they plan to adjust to the new reality of a pro-equality America? It’s happening.

    And yes, I notice this obsession male homophobes have about things being “shoved down their throats.” You’d think they’d understand the awkwardness of this analogy. Unless of course, it really IS a Freudian slip!

  58. Mark says

    So homoerotic talking about being forced down one’s throat…well if you are so upset with it just get it done with…I am sure one of your deputies will stick his greasy redneck cock down your throat…but as to having stuff shoved down one’s throat I grew up having to have this kind of backward thinking and breeder agenda stuffed down my throat so get over it already. And as for your pledge of allegiance (which I refuse to repeat) it is supposed to be one nation with liberty and justice for all

  59. Todd says

    These guys and their ilk around the country always think we should live in the shadows or never go out of our house unless we personify their straightness. I say we need to keep shoving our agenda in their faces untill they stop complaining that we exist at all. I wish I could have kids around these guys so I could cover my kids eyes in front of them and tell my kid” avert your eyes Bobby! Don’t look at the hateful bigot! ” Remember to never treatt people as horribly as this heathen”. Then just let him try to tell me I’m wrong in front of my kid.

  60. Mike W says

    From Mirriam-Webster dictionary:

    noun ˈəp-ˌrī-ziŋ

    : a usually violent effort by many people to change the government or leader of a country


    noun si-ˈdi-shən

    : the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government

    I’m waiting for the arrest of these renegade civil servants.

  61. MacTurk says

    Why do the anti-gay militants have such an obsession with oral sex?

    The continued repetition of the “They’re shoving their agenda down our throats” trope is not a Freudian slip, more a Freudian landslide…..

    The other constant with these oblivious loons is the depth of their constitutional ignorance.

  62. says

    I am leading the charge against same-sex “marriage” with my strong ally Doug Mainwaring. Come join us! See my blogspot at Probably the most committed material for the future, ever documented!